The 10 Best 4tb Hdd Of 2024, Researched By Us

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Best 4tb Hdd
Best 4tb Hdd

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Seagate Portable 4TB Hard Drive HDD

It features a USB 3.0 connection for fast file transfers, and a compact design that makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. With Seagate's reliable hard drive technology, you can rest assured that your data is secure and accessible. Read Review

2. Runner Up: WD 4TB Elements Portable HDD

The WD 4TB Elements Portable HDD is the perfect solution for extra storage. Whether you need to store your photos, videos, music, or files, this external hard drive provides plenty of storage space to keep your important data safe. Read Review

3. Best Efficient: Seagate IronWolf 4TB Hard Drive HDD

The Seagate IronWolf 4TB Hard Drive HDD is the ideal storage solution for up to 8-bay, multi-user NAS environments. This powerful HDD delivers powerhouse performance with incredible reliability and durability. Read Review

4. Best Technology: Western Digital 4TB Hard Drive HDD

This Western Digital 4TB Hard Drive HDD is perfect for gamers, system builders, and creative professionals. It provides desktop performance for gaming and offers a data transfer rate of up to 150Mbps. Read Review

5. Best Quality: Seagate FireCuda Hard Drive HDD

The Seagate FireCuda Internal Hard Drive HDD (ST4000DX005) is the perfect solution for building a large-capacity storage vault. Featuring 4TB of storage, this hard drive offers tremendous capacity for all your data-intensive applications. Read Review

Are you looking for a new hard drive with massive storage space? Look no further than the best 4TB HDD options available today. With the increasing demand for digital storage, a 4TB hard drive is the perfect solution for those who need ample space to store their large files and media. Whether you're a content creator or need extra space for your files, these hard drives offer plenty of room for all your needs.

But with so many options available, choosing the best one for you can be overwhelming. That's why we've researched and tested the top 4TB HDDs on the market to give you a comprehensive guide to the best options available. From speed to reliability, we'll break down everything you need to know to make an informed decision and find the perfect hard drive to suit your needs.

After spending hours researching and assessing, we have identified the best 4tb hdd as Seagate Portable 4TB Hard Drive HDD. This drive is USB powered and features a sleek, lightweight design, making it perfect for transporting your data wherever you go. You can also check out the WD 4TB Elements Portable HDD. We've developed a buying guide and additional good alternatives to help you find the perfect one.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Seagate Portable 4TB Hard Drive HDD
Our Score:

Even while on the move, the Seagate Portable Drive allows you to conveniently back up your important documents and photos from the previous day. Thanks to its USB 3.0 plug-and-play feature and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, storing pictures, songs, videos, and documents becomes a seamless experience. With this versatile Seagate device, you can also enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Designed to be an exceptionally hard drive, this drive offers a generous 4TB storage capacity, ensuring ample space to store and access your content wherever you go. It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, providing flexibility and convenience for different operating systems. Backing up files is a breeze; you must drag and drop them onto the drive. No additional software is required, as this portable hard drive is automatically recognized when connected to a computer. However, it has a hard plastic shell without drop protection, which should be handled carefully to prevent accidental drops or damage.

TOP Choice #2 WD 4TB Elements Portable HDD
Our Score:
Western Digital

This external hard drive provides an excellent solution for expanding your storage capacity and freeing up valuable space on your devices. It has a high-speed USB 3.0 interface, allowing fast data transfer rates while remaining compatible with USB 2.0 devices. The WD Elements portable hard drive is specifically designed to improve PC performance.

This portable hard drive is straightforward, thanks to its plug-and-play functionality tailored for Windows PCs. All you need to do is connect the drive to your computer, which will be ready to use without requiring additional software or complex installation processes. Despite its small and lightweight design, the industry offers an impressive storage capacity reaching up to 5TB. This makes it the perfect companion for users on the go, providing ample space for storing videos, music, photos, and files while remaining highly portable. However, it may require reformatting for Mac OS.

TOP Choice #3 Seagate IronWolf 4TB Hard Drive HDD
Our Score:

This hard drive is specifically designed to meet the demands of a NAS enclosure, making it a perfect fit for a user seeking top-notch performance and reliability. With an impressive storage capacity of up to 4TB and a cache size of up to 64MB, the IronWolf drive allows you to store more data and work faster than ever. One of the key advantages of the IronWolf drive is its ability to deliver exceptional performance while minimizing wear and tear. It is engineered to operate seamlessly within a NAS enclosure, resulting in little or no vibration. 

Additionally, the IronWolf drive eliminates lags and downtime, providing uninterrupted access to stored data and maximizing productivity. This drive excels in file-sharing performance, enabling seamless collaboration. Whether a small office or a large organization, this hard drive offers the speed and efficiency required to handle simultaneous access and sharing of files. With the IronWolf drive, you can experience smooth data transfers and quick access to stored information, enhancing overall workflow efficiency. Nonetheless, it may make a bit of noise sometimes.

4 Western Digital 4TB Hard Drive HDD
Our Score:

The hard drive is a high-performance storage solution designed for many users. With data transfer rates of up to 150Mbps, it ensures fast and efficient file access, making it ideal for demanding gaming and multimedia applications. It delivers the reliability and optimized performance needed to excel in content creation and other demanding tasks.

Western Digital's StableTrac and Dynamic Cache Technology further enhance the reliability and performance of this hard drive. StableTrac technology secures the motor shaft at both ends, reducing vibration and maintaining precise tracking during read and write operations. This ensures stable performance, especially during intense gaming sessions or resource-intensive tasks. Dynamic Cache Technology optimizes the drive's performance by allocating cache dynamically based on the user's usage patterns. However, it's worth noting that the drive may get a bit hot while operating. 

5 Seagate FireCuda Hard Drive HDD
Our Score:

Designed to meet users' needs requiring ample storage space, this hard drive provides spacious room for storing a vast amount of data, including documents, multimedia files, and backups. Accessing data becomes faster and more efficient with 7200-RPM speeds and a SATA 6Gb/s interface. The high rotational speed ensures quicker read and write operations, reducing latency and improving overall system performance. The SATA 6Gb/s interface offers a fast and reliable connection to the motherboard, facilitating seamless data transfers.

This hard drive features a large 256MB cache to achieve new performance heights. The cache is a temporary storage space where frequently accessed data and applications are stored for quicker access. By loading applications and files faster from the stock, you can experience enhanced responsiveness and improved productivity. With maximum sustained transfers at 255MB/s, this drive delivers impressive data transfer rates. Whether transferring large files or streaming high-definition media, users can expect efficient and seamless performance. It may be a bit more pricy than other conventional hard drives. 

6 Western Digital 4TB Hard Drive HDD
Our Score:
Western Digital

Built for 24/7 surveillance, this hard drive is the perfect solution for users seeking reliable and high-performance storage in surveillance systems. Its robust design and advanced features ensure seamless recording and playback of surveillance footage, making it an ideal choice for security applications. Featuring AllFrame technology, it provides better performance and improved video playback. AllFrame technology reduces frame loss, optimizes video streaming, and enhances system responsiveness. This ensures that critical surveillance footage is captured and stored accurately, without any dropped frames or gaps in the recording.

Designed to support up to 64 HD cameras, this hard drive offers ample storage capacity for surveillance systems of varying sizes. You can confidently connect many high-definition cameras, capturing and storing high-quality video footage without compromise. The storage space allows for extended retention periods, ensuring valuable footage is available when needed. Engineered for compatibility, this hard drive is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of surveillance systems and DVR/NVR platforms. However, its user guide could be better. 

Designed for compatibility with PC, Mac, and Tablet devices, this hard drive is a versatile storage solution that caters to many users. Its flexible design and cross-device compatibility offer seamless data transfer and storage across multiple platforms, ensuring convenient and hassle-free usage. The hard drive comes formatted in exFAT, a file system that enables easy file sharing and compatibility between different operating systems. This compatibility simplifies data-sharing, allowing for smooth collaboration and file exchange between other devices.

This hard drive is equipped with USB-C readiness and USB 3.0 compatibility and provides fast and efficient data transfer speeds. The USB-C port allows high-speed connectivity and ensures faster data transfers when connected to USB-C-enabled devices. Additionally, it is USB 3.0 compatible, enabling backward compatibility with older devices that support USB 3.0. You can enjoy rapid file transfers and quick access to your data, regardless of your device. The only minor drawback of this device is that it may sometimes work slowly. 

8 LaCie Rugged Mini HDD
Our Score:

Password protection built in. Maximum speed is 130 mb per second

Includes 1-month complimentary membership to Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan. Must redeem by January 31, 2020

For Mac compatibility this Hard Drive requires reformatting. Refer to Application Guide for more details

9 SanDisk Professional 4TB Hard Drive
Our Score:
SanDisk Professional

Three modes of brightness to adjust the LED lights

High-capacity, enterprise-class Ultrastar 7200RPM drive inside

USB-C (10Gbps) drive for fast backup with up to 250MB/s read and 250MB/s write (1 MB/s = 1 million bytes per second. Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending upon host device, usage conditions, drive capacity, and other factors.)

Mac Ready, Apple Time Machine compatible; easily reformatted for Windows

Stackable, anodized aluminum enclosure offers premium durability

10 MaxDigitalData 4TB Hard Drive
Our Score:

Enhanced for Video Stream, Optimized for Surveillance

Durable, Heavy Duty, Designed for 24/7 Operation

Estimate Record : 112 Days (30FPS, 720P)

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Our buying guide to pick best 4tb hdd for you need

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the variety of choices when it comes to purchasing best 4tb hdd? Visitors didn't even know if a better option was available. We have a few suggestions which will make things easier and thus save you time and effort.

Review them out below to see whether the item you're looking for is right for you!

Size Of The Disk

I understand that you are buying the hard disk in order to eliminate the need to delete some files when you install a new game or add modifications. Also, at a time when a single game can take up to 100GB, Call of Duty WWII is 90GB; it only makes sense that you select the hard disk that will allow you sufficient storage space.


HDDs, or hard drives, contain spinning disks that read and write your data. The faster these disks spin—rated in rotations per minute (RPM)—the faster the drive can access data and transfer it to your computer.

Cache Memory

This is a cache that functions much like Computer RAM Memory. It stores important files temporarily so that it takes less time to access them on the disk. The larger the cache size, the faster the hard disk will be. However, the difference is not major, and as such, this should not be the biggest determiner.


Transfer speed is the feature that most people notice on a daily basis. We evaluated each drive with tests that replicated different real-world uses, and we focused on the drives that consistently outperformed the other contenders. Drives that did well on some tests but failed others were unreliable and not worth purchasing.

Rotation Speed

Did you know that hard drives store information on spinning magnetic plates? The faster these plates spin, the faster the load and access time. The rotation is measured in RPM (Rotations per Minute), and although we recommend hard disks with 7200RPM, 5400RPM is still a good option.

External Vs. Internal HDD

The main advantage of external hard disks is their portability. Which also makes them perfect backups in case your PC is compromised. Desktop PCs allow you room to add extra hard disks, but if you are using a laptop or other gaming device, you will have to replace your existing hard drive.


All hard drives eventually die, and there’s no definitive answer on when that day will come. We recommend replacing your backup drives between the third and sixth years of use, if possible. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get metrics on which hard drive models are more reliable over the long run, and even so, there will always be outliers and failures that occur sooner than expected.


What is a 4TB HDD?

A 4TB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is a type of computer storage device that stores up to 4 terabytes of data. It is used to store large amounts of data, such as photos, videos, music, and documents.

What is the difference between a 4TB HDD and a 4TB SSD?

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive, which is a mechanical drive that stores data on a spinning disk. SSD stands for Solid State Drive, which uses flash memory chips to store data. HDD is typically cheaper than SSD but is slower and has a shorter lifespan.

What types of devices can a 4TB HDD be used with?

4TB HDD can be used with a variety of devices, such as desktop and laptop computers, gaming consoles, and external storage drives. It is compatible with most operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

How do I install a 4TB hard drive?

Installing a 4TB hard drive is a relatively straightforward process. First, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate hard drive for your computer. Once you have the hard drive, you can either install it internally or externally (using a USB connection). If you are installing the hard drive internally, you’ll need to open up the computer and connect the hard drive to the motherboard. If you are using an external connection, you’ll need to connect the hard drive to a USB port on the computer. Once the hard drive is connected, you’ll need to format it using the operating system on your computer.

How much data can a 4TB HDD store?

A 4TB HDD can store up to 4 terabytes of data, which is equivalent to 4,000 gigabytes. This is enough data to store over 1 million photos, hundreds of hours of video, and millions of documents.


The website has a buying guide for best 4tb hdd for your needs. It will assist you in determining what to purchase and how much was to purchase! If the above options do not meet your needs, consider Toshiba X300 4TB Hard Drive as an alternative.

Whether any of this makes it sound daunting or if you want more information, please give us a call, our members of the team are always happy to chat and brainstorm ideas with you!

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