The Best All In One Subwoofer For 2024

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Best All In One Subwoofer
Best All In One Subwoofer

The Rundown

1. Best Of The Best: KlipschSub-100 10” Subwoofer

The Klipsch Synergy Black Label Sub-100 10” Front-Firing Subwoofer is the ideal choice for powerful, low-frequency sound. With 150 Watts of continuous power and 300 Watts of Dynamic Power, this subwoofer will fill your home theater with deep, powerful bass. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer

The Polk Audio 10" Powered Subwoofer is the perfect addition to any home theater system. This subwoofer features Polk Audio's proprietary Power Port Technology for deep, resonant bass, up to 100 watts of power, and a compact design for easy setup and placement. Read Review

3. Best Performance: Rockford Fosgate P500-12P 12" All in One Subwoofer

The Rockford Subwoofer provides an all-in-one solution for adding powerful bass to your car audio system. It features a 12" woofer powered by a 500 watt built-in amplifier and a 12dB/octave low-pass filter, allowing you to get the most out of your low-end frequencies. Read Review

4. Best Sound Quality: Alpine PWE-S8 8-Inch Subwoofer

The Alpine 8-Inch Subwoofer is the perfect addition to any car audio system. With a 32Hz-150Hz frequency response, it can deliver powerful and dynamic bass. It features RCA and auto-sensing speaker level inputs, making it easy to connect to your existing audio setup. Read Review

5. Best Powerful: Rockville RW10CA 10" Subwoofer

The Rockville Slim Low Profile Active Powered Car Subwoofer Sub is the perfect choice for enhancing your car audio system. It boasts 20Hz - 150Hz Frequency Response, an impressive 800 Watts peak power and is designed with a low profile for easy installation. Read Review

In today’s world of high-definition surround sound receivers, subwoofers play an important role for home theaters. If you have a tight space for your theater room or just don’t have enough space in your house, the best all in one subwoofer can be your best friend. The right subwoofer can help you get that cinematic effect and create the right ambience inside your home theater. The best all in one subwoofer save your time and money by eliminating the need to purchase separate components.

Look no further than the best all in one subwoofers on the market! These subwoofers offer a complete package of high-fidelity sound and easy installation, making them perfect for both music lovers and audiophiles.  In this article, we'll take a closer look at the best all in one subwoofers on the market, comparing their features, sound quality, and overall value to help you find the perfect subwoofer for your needs. So sit back, relax, and get ready to experience the ultimate in sound quality with an all in one subwoofer.

After nearly 17 hours of research, We think the best all in one subwoofer is KlipschSub-100 10” Subwoofer. It is a powerful and versatile subwoofer that is sure to deliver an immersive home theater experience. Equipped with a powerful, all-digital amplifier, this subwoofer provides up to 150 Watts of continuous power and 300 watts of dynamic power for a deep and punchy bass response. Or you can check the Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer as the other great option, even if the first option didn't meet all of your requirements.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 KlipschSub-100 10” Subwoofer
Our Score:

What’s in the box: (1) Sub-100 Subwoofer and power cord - connection wires not included

All digital amplifier for high-efficiency and true-to-source sound accuracy

Place your subwoofer in a corner for optimal performance

TOP Choice #2 Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer
Our Score:
Polk Audio

EASY TO INTEGRATE WITH EXISTING SYSTEMS – Hook up this sub to the receiver and upgrade your music sound instantly. Features continuously variable 80-160 Hz crossover and 40-160 Hz (-3dB) frequency response

DOUBLE THE AMPLIFIER POWER TO 100 Watts of Dynamic Power with its in-built 50-watt RMS amp. Sophisticated engineering with best in class resonance-free driver materials make this sub highly durable and FIT FOR EXTENDED USE

LOUDER CLEARER SOUND EVEN AT HIGH VOLUME – Enjoy a thrilling yet balanced music experience with rich, deep sound, even at low frequencies. BLENDS EASILY WITH ANY SPEAKER and plays the most demanding nodes effortlessly without any distortion

TOP Choice #3 Rockford Fosgate P500-12P 12" All in One Subwoofer
Our Score:
Rockford Fosgate

Precision constructed MDF ported wedge enclosure with heat activated vinyl finish, measuring H x W x D1 x D2 15" x 24.76" x 10.91" x 7.71"

The P500-12P is a self-contained amplified subwoofer system featuring a single 12" high output subwoofer in a high output vented enclosure and a built in 500-watt class-D amplifier

Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty when purchased from an authorized Rockford Fosgate reseller

Designed for hatchback, sedan, and SUV applications, the P500-12P can be connected via speaker level inputs for connection to factory systems, or traditional line level inputs for aftermarket systems

Featuring adjustable 12db/Octave low pass crossover, built-in adjustable bass boost EQ, hi-level/low-level inputs, built-in 0°/180° phase switch and includes Remote bass level control

4 Alpine PWE-S8 8-Inch Subwoofer
Our Score:

The Compact Size Measures Just 13.5” L X 9” W X 3” D So It Can Be Installed Under Or Behind A Seat In A Truck, In A Sedan’S Trunk Or In An Suv’S Hatch

Rca And Auto-Sensing Speaker Level Inputs Are Located On The Side Panel, Along With Controls For Phase, Gain, Lp Crossover And Remote Sub Level

32Hz-150Hz Frequency Response, Power Rating: 120W Rms. Rca (0.1-4V) / Speaker Input (1.5-30V/Auto Sensing)

5 Rockville RW10CA 10" Subwoofer
Our Score:

Subwoofer Level Remote Control. Built in Subsonic Filter @ 29Hz. Frequency Response: 20Hz - 150Hz. Sensitivity: 90dB @ 1w / 1m.

Low Pass Filter: 50Hz - 150Hz. Bass Boost: 0 - 18dB @ 45Hz.

Adjustable Input Sensitivity. Soft Delayed Remote Turn-On.

6 Pioneer TS-WX1210A 12" Subwoofer
Our Score:

Subwoofer Features Cellulose fiber cone Urethane surround Frequency Response 20 - 125 Sensitivity 114dB

Enclosure Features Carpet finish

Amplifier Features Class D amplifier Cross Overs 0-12dB Bass Boost Remote knob included

7 KICKER 46HS10 10-inch Subwoofer
Our Score:

Remote Bass Control Included

180 Watt amplifier drives the HS10; 150 Watt amp the HS8

Aluminum Frame

8 Rockville SS8P 8" Subwoofer
Our Score:

RMS Power Handling: 100 Watts. Heavy Duty Mounting Feet. PWM MOSFET Power Supply. Low Level RCA Input. High Level Inputs with Auto Turn-On Technology. Adjustable Input Sensitivity. Soft Delayed Remote Turn-On. Thermal Protection Circuit, Short Protection Circuit. Overload Protection Circuit. Green Power/Red Protect LED. Phase Switch: 0° or 180°.

Specifications: Peak Power 400 Watts. RMS Power: 100 Watts. Impedance: 4 Ohm. Dimensions (L x W X H): 11.4" x 8.3" x 2.8" Inches. Frequency Response: 20Hz - 150Hz. Signal to Noise Ratio: >90dB. Sensitivity: 90dB @ 1w / 1m. Input sensitivity, Low level: 300mV. Input sensitivity, High level: 1.0V

Enclosure is made out of cast aluminum which stays cool at all times. Peak Power Handling: 400 Watts.

9 Rockville Rws12ca 12" Subwoofer
Our Score:

Black texture synthetic Leather front panel. Impedance: 4-ohms. Frequency Response: 38hz-500hz. Spl @ 1W/1M: 96Db.

Magnet motor structure. Super slim sealed MDF enclosure design. Aviation grade black tweet Carpet with embroidered logo.

Vented core magnet motor structure. 2" High temperature aluminum voice coil. 8mm washer & yoke plates. 13.6mm Peak-to-Peak x-max. 70oz.

10 Cerwin-Vega VPAS10 10" Subwoofer
Our Score:

Variable Bass Boost: 0 - +12 dB Variable Low-pass Filter: 85 - 150 Hz

Delayed Soft Remote Turn On Adjustable Input Sensitivity

Power Handling: Peak: 550 watts RMS: 200 watts

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How Can You Choose The best all in one subwoofer Among Numerous Products From Different Brands?

It can take you much time to research the outcome of best all in one subwoofer. It doesn't mean you can’t get the best one for yourself. We are the experts specializing in studying market and products. We will help you with your best all in one subwoofer issues, no matter what time it is!

Please have a closer look at the things below to evaluate and then choose the right best all in one subwoofer for your need:

Wired Or Wireless

A rising number of subwoofers powered by Bluetooth are capable of wireless connectivity. Wireless connectivity eliminates the requirement for long cables between subwoofers and receivers.

A wireless subwoofer is usually equipped with a transmitter that plugs into any receiver's subwoofer outputs.
Low-frequency audio signals are transmitted by the transmitter to the wireless subwoofer from the receiver connected to home theater. The wireless receiver integrated into the subwoofer powers the amplifier, which produces the low-frequency sound.

Maximum SPL

A subwoofer's quality cannot be determined by a single parameter. What makes a subwoofer so capable of producing a sufficient sound pressure level to be considered excellent? Let's first examine the hearing curve of the human ear.
The curve shown in the figure illustrates that different frequencies and sensitivity levels are found within the human ear. Human hearing is identical to this up-and-down curve, which indicates a variable sound pressure level.
The sound of 80dB at 1000Hz is almost identical to 120dB when you listen at 20Hz. This difference amounts to 40dB. The threshold for hearing is 80dB at 20Hz. However, the sound itself is extremely faint and barely audible.
This is why subwoofer parameters must include the maximum sound pressure level. The human ear cannot sense low frequencies and needs to hear a higher sound pressure to feel slight differences. Mix it up if the voice of your subwoofer is too low.

Sealed Vs Ported Subwoofer

When searching for the best subwoofer guide, this is one of the most crucial questions. There are two types of subwoofers depending on whether or not the interior of the cabinet connects with the exterior. The sealed subwoofer is, like its name, a closed cabinet. Low-frequency output occurs because of the compression within the box. This subwoofer has a simple structure and a better transient response. It also provides clear, crisp hearing. Low-frequency speakers have a lower cutoff frequency than others. You will need to use a bigger cabinet, and a higher-calibre speaker if you wish to achieve a lower frequency of low-frequency diving. The speakers are also more sensitive and efficient than any other type of speaker.
The hole is accessed by the ported subwoofer, which leads the radiation wave through it. The port is generally circular in shape and has one. Some subwoofers can have multiple ports, which allows users to adjust their output energy and enhance the listening experience. A subwoofer port may even have a bar design to allow for greater integration and aesthetics.

Subwoofer Box Material

Subwoofer boxes are currently made from plastic or wood. Some high-end models will also use metal. Wood speakers used to be considered superior to plastic speakers at first, though this is not the case anymore. Some well-made speakers are better than those made from rough wood. When choosing speakers, it is important to weigh the components. A large wooden speaker will perform poorly if it is too light.

Diaphragm Material

Material refers to what is used in the manufacture of the diaphragm. The tweeter's diaphragm materials are plastic, metal, and silk. There are many diaphragm materials for the woofer, including paper, polyethylene, wool, and aluminum-magnesium alloy cones.
They have different prices and properties. It is difficult to determine who is better or worse. Choose paper or wool pots if you enjoy orchestral music. Polyethylene cones are best for metal music. Paper cones and wool cones shouldn't be used in humid environments. They absorb moisture easily and can change the sound quality.

Subwoofer Size & Number

If manufacturers don't want to disclose the maximum sound pressure, most can refer to the third parameter.
The Frequency Response element explains that subwoofers must have sufficient power to produce high frequencies and push air around enough to be heard by the ear. The maximum sound pressure that a subwoofer can achieve is directly related to its size and quantity. The unit's configuration is the best way to determine the subwoofer's strength.

Frequency Response

This is the "dive" index for the subwoofer's low frequency. This parameter indicates how low the subwoofer's output can reach. Subwoofers capable of reaching this frequency can typically be heard by humans at 20 Hz. However, subwoofers with the ability to achieve such low frequencies are more costly.
Don't worry too much about the frequency limit. It is generally acceptable to use a subwoofer at 160-200Hz. Why? Why? Because the frequency above 120Hz is where most of the midrange woofers are. This indicator can't be altered and is established when the subwoofer has been designed, manufactured and shipped to the factory.
If you are able to find a subwoofer that has a dive of around 20Hz for a reasonable price, it is difficult for consumers.
Some entry-level subwoofers with low-end features have a dive of 40Hz or less. The frequency that is too low can cause serious distortion. It is a sign that there are not enough dives. The foundation may not be reliable and all parameters will become meaningless.

Active Vs Passive Subwoofer

There are two types of subwoofers: passive and active. The active subwoofer is currently the most common in home theatres. Subwoofers require a lot power. Many receivers don't have sufficient driving power. Independent passive subwoofers can be found in professional audio more frequently. This is a rare feature in consumer audio. An active subwoofer has a built in power amplifier module. The active subwoofer is currently the most popular home theatre component.


What is an all-in-one subwoofer?

An all-in-one subwoofer is a single unit that combines a subwoofer, amplifier, and speakers into one convenient package. It is an easy and cost-effective way to add powerful bass sound to any audio system.

What are the benefits of an all-in-one subwoofer?

An all-in-one subwoofer reduces the cost and setup time of having to purchase and install multiple components. It also helps to reduce clutter and free up space in your home entertainment system, as all the components are in a single unit.

What type of connections does an all-in-one subwoofer have?

Most all-in-one subwoofers have RCA connections, allowing them to be connected to a variety of audio sources. Some models may also have digital inputs such as USB or optical.

What size all-in-one subwoofer should I get?

The size of the subwoofer you need depends on the size of the room you will be using it in. Generally, a larger subwoofer will produce deeper bass and be better suited for larger rooms. You should also consider the power rating and frequency response of the subwoofer when making your decision.

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