The Best Internal Hard Drive For Music Production In 2024

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Best Internal Hard Drive For Music Production
Best Internal Hard Drive For Music Production

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Western Digital 2TB Internal Hard Drive

The Western Digital Hard Drive is the perfect storage solution for everyday computing. With a 7200 RPM Class, SATA 6 Gb/s, 256 MB Cache, and 3.5" size, this internal hard drive is designed to provide reliable performance for your PC. Read Review

2. Runner Up: Seagate BarraCuda Hard Drive

The Seagate 2TB Internal Hard Drive HDD is a reliable and efficient storage solution for your desktop PC. It features a 2.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s connection, a 5400 RPM speed, and a 128MB Cache for faster loading and boot-up times. Read Review

3. Best Quality: WD_BLACK 6TB Internal Hard Drive

With up to 10TB of storage capacity, you can store all your data with ease. It also features Western Digital's StableTrac and Dynamic Cache Technology to increase reliability and optimize performance. Enjoy peace of mind with an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty. Read Review

4. Best Economical: Toshiba MK3276GSX Internal Hard Drive

This Toshiba Internal Hard Drive is the perfect solution for all your storage needs. With a whopping 320 GB storage capacity, the SATA interface, a 5400 RPM rotational speed, and an 8 MB buffer, it offers lightning-fast transfers. Read Review

5. Best Performance: HWAYO 500GB Internal Hard Drive

The HWAYO Hard Drive is a great way to increase your storage capacity for your Xbox 360 S Slim console. With 500GB of storage, you can install your favorite game discs directly to the hard drive for faster loading and a smoother gaming experience. Read Review

Are you a music producer looking for the best internal hard drive to store and produce your music? Look no further! You can easily store and make music with the right internal hard drive. An internal hard drive is essential to any music production set-up, as it is the storage location for all your recorded music and audio files. With the right internal hard drive, you can rest assured that your music production will remain uninterrupted, with reliable, consistent performance. The type of internal hard drive you choose for music production will depend on your needs.

Some internal hard drives are designed for general multitasking, while others are tailored to specific tasks such as music production. Choosing the best internal hard drive for music production can be challenging, with many options. However, we've researched for you. This article will provide an overview of the best internal hard drives for music production, their features, and how to choose the right one for your needs. With the right internal hard drive, you can take your music production to the next level.

After extensive study and analysis over a 16 hours, We think the best internal hard drive for music production is Western Digital 2TB Internal Hard DriveWith a 7200 RPM Class, SATA 6 Gb/s, 256 MB Cache, and a 3.5" form factor, this hard drive is designed to provide reliable and consistent performance for all your computing needs. However, it is not the only thing on our list. You can consider Seagate BarraCuda Hard Drive as an alternative if you're still undecided. Other suggestions on this list are worth considering, and we've put up a helpful shopping guide to help you decide!

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Western Digital 2TB Internal Hard Drive
Our Score:
Western Digital

The Western Digital 2TB 7200 RPM hard drive is an excellent option for dependable day-to-day computing because it offers a high rotational speed. It is an internal PC hard drive with a 7200 RPM Class, a SATA 6 Gb/s interface, and a 256 MB Cache for the highest possible speed and durability. Its dimension of 3.5 inches is just suitable for fitting into most typical desktop PCs.This no-touch ramp load technology provides safer drive protection when you move the drive from one position to another, ensuring less wear to the recording head and media. 

This product is an excellent option for satisfying your day-to-day computing requirements due to its large storage capacity and dependable performance. You won't lose a single file when you transfer all of your essential information to your new WD drive if you use the tool Acronis True Image, which can be obtained for free from the Western Digital Support website and is used to create backup images of your data. Unfortunately, it can be a little noisy after a while of use. However, the write/read sequential speed is a bit low.

TOP Choice #2 Seagate BarraCuda Hard Drive
Our Score:

The Seagate BarraCuda 2TB internal hard drive is the ideal storage solution for your desktop PC because it provides two terabytes of space. This storage device features a SATA 6Gb/s interface and spins at 5400 revolutions per minute (RPM), allowing it to transport data and respond promptly and quickly. It also included a 128 MB cache to ensure the highest possible performance. In addition, it is easy to set up and install because the packaging does not cause any aggravation.

This device has a high storage capacity of 2 terabytes, allowing you to save all your information, images, music, videos, and more. It enables you to construct a powerful gaming computer or desktop setup with several storage capacities and physical configurations. The SATA hard disk option of choice for virtually all PC applications, including video editing, photo editing, gaming, and music and video playback. You can have complete faith in the technology of the internal hard drive, which is backed by 20 years of innovation. The only issue is that it does not work with Tivo Bolt.

TOP Choice #3 WD_BLACK 6TB Internal Hard Drive
Our Score:

The WD Black 2TB 7200 RPM hard drive is a durable and reliable storage option built to satisfy the needs of high-performance gaming. The product features a speed of 7200 revolutions per minute. It has a spindle speed of 7200 RPM, an interface capable of 6 Gb/s SATA, and a 64 MB Cache. These features allow for improved data transfer rates and quick access to data that has been stored. This hard drive has a form factor of 3.5 inches, so it can easily be installed on most desktop computers.

This product is the best choice for gamers and professionals who need a dependable hard drive for their desktop computers, whether for business or gaming. In addition, the WD Black offers performance optimized for intensive gaming, multitasking, and multimedia, allowing you to enjoy a more immersive experience. However, it may be a bit noisy. Other than that, it works well.

4 Toshiba MK3276GSX Internal Hard Drive
Our Score:

The Toshiba 320 GB Internal Hard Drive is a robust and reliable storage solution for any PC. You won't have to worry about running out of space to keep your data, photographs, videos, and other media, thanks to this device's enormous 320 GB storage capacity. The SATA interface makes installation quick and straightforward, while the rotational speed of 5400 RPM and the 8 MB buffer ensures data can be transferred at breakneck speeds.

This hard drive is the optimal means by which you can expand the storage capacity of your personal computer and ensure the safety and integrity of all of your vital data. You'll be able to accomplish blazingly fast file transfers with a maximum seek time of just 22 milliseconds, an average track-to-track seek time of just two milliseconds, and a total average seek time of just 12 milliseconds. The only issue is that it takes a lot of CHKDSKing to get it to work properly.

5 HWAYO 500GB Internal Hard Drive
Our Score:

The HWAYO Internal Hard Drive is the ideal accessory for gamers who want to take the performance of their Xbox 360 system to the next level. This internal hard drive has a storage capacity of 500GB, providing plenty of space for storing an extensive library of games, demonstrations, and other stuff downloaded through Xbox LIVE. You now have access to a generous 500 GB of additional storage space, allowing you to grow your collection of entertainment options with the ability to keep games, demos, high-definition movies, music, and more.

This device is simple to install and grants immediate access to game discs, which results in a reduction in the amount of time required to load games. The Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 Slim console models are also compatible with this hard drive. You can download movies in both standard and high definition, television series, video game trailers, and other media. While it is a great unit, it does not have backward compatibility.

6 Generic 500 GB Internal Hard Drive
Our Score:

The Generic 500 GB Internal Hard Drive is an excellent choice for laptop and Mac users looking for additional storage capacity. It has a storage capacity of 500 GB, an 8 MB cache, 5 400 RPM, and a SATA interface that is 2.5 inches in size. The device is developed to provide dependable performance and the largest possible storage capacity. It works wonderfully for storing massive files, images, videos, and other media.

This product ensures quick and effective data transfers thanks to its powerful 5400 RPM speed. Because it is compatible with most laptops and Macs, this hard drive is an excellent option for any user. The 8 MB cache contributes to smoother operation and improved computer performance. When it comes to storing large files and making backups, this hard drive is a fantastic option. The only drawback is that the Drive is a bit hard to install in Windows 10. 

7 Seagate SkyHawk Internal Hard Drive
Our Score:

The Seagate 6TB Internal Hard Drive is the ideal choice for any surveillance system that requires a storage solution. It has a maximum workload rating of 180 terabytes per year, three times more than the workload rating of desktop drives, ensuring dependable performance in write-intensive surveillance systems. This device has a SATA 6GB/s interface, 256MB cache, and drive health management, making it a reliable and high-performance option for storing your essential data. It has a capacity of up to 10 terabytes, holding up to 10,000 hours of high-definition video.

The SkyHawk is intended to ensure that your data is safe and safeguarded at all times by utilizing cutting-edge technology in the areas of vibration tolerance as well as power management. Its rotational vibration (RV) sensors help preserve performance in RAID and multi-drive systems with at least four terabytes in capacity. You can benefit from your surveillance setup because the SkyHawk is compatible with any DVR, NVR, or security camera system. Unfortunately, it does not work with the camera system.

8 TOMSENN 500GB Internal Hard Drive
Our Score:

Install game discs directly to the hard drive to enjoy faster game loading

Expand your entertainment collection with a generous 500GB of additional space to save games, demos, high-definition movies, music and more

Download games, demos, and extra content from Xbox LIVE.

Massive capacity to accommodate large gaming libraries

Ramp loading and drive stabilization technologies for reliability

High Performance with 7200 RPM and large cache size

10 OEM Seagate 500GB Internal Hard Drive
Our Score:

2 Year Oemgenuine Warranty

Bulk OEM Packaged - Only the Drive is sent. Any screws or cables needed are sold seperately

Capacity: 500GB / Speed: 7200RPM 2.5" Laptop Drive

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What to Look For in a best internal hard drive for music production?

Actually, when you decide to invest in best internal hard drive for music production for yourself, lots of things to consider! It's harder to choose since the product comes with many types, functions, and features from different manufacturers. That’s why you should find a reliable space to acquire knowledge related to the item. 

We’ve highlighted the essential features of the best internal hard drive for music production below. Along with checking out the list of best models in the list, you should also carefully read the buying guide here:

External Vs. Internal HDD

The main advantage of external hard disks is their portability. Which also makes them perfect backups in case your PC is compromised. Desktop PCs allow you room to add extra hard disks, but if you are using a laptop or other gaming device, you will have to replace your existing hard drive.


HDDs, or hard drives, contain spinning disks that read and write your data. The faster these disks spin—rated in rotations per minute (RPM)—the faster the drive can access data and transfer it to your computer.

Size Of The Disk

I understand that you are buying the hard disk in order to eliminate the need to delete some files when you install a new game or add modifications. Also, at a time when a single game can take up to 100GB, Call of Duty WWII is 90GB; it only makes sense that you select the hard disk that will allow you sufficient storage space.


Transfer speed is the feature that most people notice on a daily basis. We evaluated each drive with tests that replicated different real-world uses, and we focused on the drives that consistently outperformed the other contenders. Drives that did well on some tests but failed others were unreliable and not worth purchasing.

Rotation Speed

Did you know that hard drives store information on spinning magnetic plates? The faster these plates spin, the faster the load and access time. The rotation is measured in RPM (Rotations per Minute), and although we recommend hard disks with 7200RPM, 5400RPM is still a good option.


All hard drives eventually die, and there’s no definitive answer on when that day will come. We recommend replacing your backup drives between the third and sixth years of use, if possible. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get metrics on which hard drive models are more reliable over the long run, and even so, there will always be outliers and failures that occur sooner than expected.

Cache Memory

This is a cache that functions much like Computer RAM Memory. It stores important files temporarily so that it takes less time to access them on the disk. The larger the cache size, the faster the hard disk will be. However, the difference is not major, and as such, this should not be the biggest determiner.


What is an internal hard drive for music production?

An internal hard drive for music production is a hard drive inside a computer that is specifically designed to store and access large audio files for music production purposes. It is typically larger than the standard hard drive in a computer and has a higher storage capacity.

How do I install an internal hard drive for music production?

Installing an internal hard drive for music production is relatively simple and can usually be done with a few simple steps. First, shut down the computer and disconnect all cables. Next, open the computer case and locate the hard drive bay. Insert the hard drive into the bay and secure it with screws. Finally, reconnect the cables and power up the computer.

What is the best type of internal hard drive for music production?

The best type of internal hard drive for music production is a Solid State Drive (SSD). SSDs are more reliable and faster than traditional hard drives, making them ideal for audio production. They are also more resistant to physical damage, making them a better choice for long-term storage of large audio files.

What is the best internal hard drive for music production?

The best internal hard drive for music production depends on your budget and storage needs. Generally, SSDs (Solid State Drives) are the best choice for music production because they are fast, reliable and provide low latency. Additionally, hybrid drives (SSHDs) can be a good option if you need more storage space, as they combine the performance of an SSD with the capacity of a traditional HDD.

How much storage space do I need for music production?

The amount of storage you need depends on the size of your projects and the type of music production you are doing. Generally, you should aim for at least 500GB of storage space if you are working with large projects or creating high-quality recordings.

After knowing the suitable kinds of best internal hard drive for music production and the features you wish, it’s high time for you to start your shopping. Note that you shouldn’t run out to a particular store or start scrolling through online sales just yet. With the development of technology, especially the expansion of sale sites, you can easily find your buddy. 

Remember to check out our site weekly round-up to ensure that the current sales on best internal hard drive for music production perform well in our tests. So you can catch up with them as soon as possible. Would you please give us your feedback for better service? Many thanks!

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