The Best Mountable Monitors For 2024

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Best Mountable Monitors
Best Mountable Monitors

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: ASUS VP229HE 21.5” Mountable Monitor

The ASUS 21.5” mountable monitor is an excellent choice for gamers and graphic designers. Featuring a 1080P Full HD resolution, 75Hz refresh rate, and Adaptive-Sync technology, this monitor offers a smooth and responsive gaming experience. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: ASUS VA279HAE 27” Mountable Monitor

The ASUS 27” mountable monitor is the perfect choice for those who need a high-quality monitor with plenty of features. Enjoy crystal-clear images and vibrant colors with full HD resolution, and reduce eye strain with Eye Care technology. Read Review

3. Best Speed: KOORUI 24N1A 24 Inch Mountable Monitor

The KOORUI 24 Inch mountable monitor is perfect for a high-performance monitor. This monitor features a Full HD 1920 x 1080p VA display and a rich and stunning viewing experience. Read Review

4. Best Technology: CRUA 27" Mountable Monitor

This CRUA 27-inch mountable monitor is an excellent choice for office and gaming needs. Its Full HD (1920x1080P) VA Panel 1800R 75HZ 99% sRGB display brings out the best in your work or gaming experience. Read Review

5. Best Performance: LG 32" Mountable Monitor

The LG monitor is the perfect monitor for any workspace. This 32" UHD (3840 x 2160) display features AMD FreeSync technology, DCI-P3 90% color gamut, HDR10 technology, built-in speakers, and a 3-sided, virtually borderless design. Read Review

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the concept of a mountable monitor is becoming increasingly popular. Mountable monitors offer the convenience of placing your monitor in any position that is most comfortable and suitable for your workspace. Whether you are a professional working in an office, a student studying in their dorm room, or an avid gamer, having the ability to place your monitor in the perfect spot can make a world of difference.

With so many mountable monitors on the market, it can be challenging to determine which is best for your particular needs. Fortunately, we have researched for you and have compiled a list of the best mountable monitors on the market today. Each product has something to offer to help make your workspace more efficient and comfortable, from adjustable monitor arms and wall mounts to desk mounts and monitor stands. Learn more about the best mountable monitors and determine which suits you.

We think the best mountable monitors of 2024 is ASUS VP229HE 21.5” Mountable Monitor. Featuring a 1080P Full HD resolution, 75Hz refresh rate, and Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync technology, this monitor offers a smooth and responsive gaming experience. However, to provide the reader with a wider variety of alternatives, we recommend adding ASUS VA279HAE 27” Mountable Monitor if you are interested in purchasing another appealing one. Here are the buying guides that we specially made for you guys. Follow all the words below for successful shopping!

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 ASUS VP229HE 21.5” Mountable Monitor
Our Score:

The ASUS monitor has a screen size of 21.5 inches and uses a frameless IPS panel for 178 wide-angle viewings, producing highly crisp images. This product has a resolution of Full HD 1080P, and a refresh rate of 75Hz, enabling you to enjoy smooth and free graphics. In addition, it offers an Eye Care feature that lessens the strain you put on your eyes by decreasing the amount of blue light emitted. It has both an HDMI and a VGA port, so it is simple to connect to various devices. It creates a seamless configuration for many shows, resulting in greater immersion.

This ASUS monitor can boost your productivity while providing visually engaging experiences. You can minimize tracing and ensure smooth video playing with the help of Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync technology. You can view the display comfortably due to TÜV Rheinland-certified Flicker-free and Low Blue Light technology. You can examine images and documents in their actual sizes before printing. If you want to double-check that everything is aligned correctly, you can utilize the alignment grid tool. Unfortunately, its cord shroud is a bit small.

TOP Choice #2 ASUS VA279HAE 27” Mountable Monitor
Our Score:

This desktop monitor boasts a 178-degree wide-view angle that minimizes color shift on horizontal and vertical planes, providing superb images from practically any viewpoint. It comes equipped with Full HD resolution and 27-inch screen size. This product boosts display contrast and sharpness by altering the backlighting intensity to achieve the darkest blacks and the brightest whites for the most lifelike graphics possible. It has a contrast ratio of 3,000:1 and a brightness of 300cd/m2.

This item is certified as having a Flicker-free mode and a Low Blue Light mode, which help reduce the risk of eyestrain and other potentially harmful conditions, which are more likely to occur if you spend extended periods in front of a display. This 1080P secondary monitor features HDMI, D-Sub, and VGA ports in addition to a VESA wall mount, making it simple to connect to your desktop computers or laptops. The only drawback is that its display is a bit dim.

TOP Choice #3 KOORUI 24N1A 24 Inch Mountable Monitor
Our Score:

The KOORUI 24-inch monitor covers 99% of the SRGB color gamut and has an 8-bit grey level that can display over 16.7 million different color numbers. As a result, the monitor used in the business may faithfully reproduce 100% of the original colors and show vivid details. In addition, this VA monitor has a broad viewing angle of 178 degrees, allowing you to enjoy crisp, clear, and nuanced images from virtually any vantage point. You can choose the viewing posture that is most comfortable for you and achieve the best possible viewing angle by tilting the screen up to five degrees forward or fifteen degrees backward.

This HDMI monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz (making it compatible with the majority of standard graphics cards) and a resolution of FHD 1920 x 1080p. You may connect the edgeless monitor to Xbox, PCs, laptops, and other devices, and it will transmit images of high quality. Its Flicker-Free technology and the Blue Light Filter allow you to work or play for the entirety of the day without causing any strain or discomfort to your eyes. This enables you to make full use of the time you have available. The drawback is that the monitor does not go into sleep mode unless connected to HDMI.

4 CRUA 27" Mountable Monitor
Our Score:

This curved 27-inch monitor with a high resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels and an ultra-fast refresh rate of 75 hertz (Hz) significantly decreases motion blur, picture stuttering, and ghosting. Its 5ms quick response time ensures a consistent image, providing customers with a fantastic gaming experience. Its flicker-free and filtering blue light technology reduces the amount of blue light, protecting your eyes from potential harm. This monitor's 1800R curvature display allows you to see more content without requiring unnecessary head movement, providing an immersive picture. 

This desktop monitor allows you to connect to as many devices as possible. It is convenient for your gaming console, home office, viewing movies, and enlarging your laptop. This product supports HDMI and VG port links to your device. You can achieve the highest viewing comfort possible because of its fashionable design. It features an ultra-thin profile with three sides, a stable V-shaped base, and a wide tilt adjustment range of -5 to 15 degrees. However, its setting is a little discomfort.

5 LG 32" Mountable Monitor
Our Score:

The LG 32UN500-W mountable monitor offers an incredibly immersive and detailed viewing experience with its 32" UHD (3840 x 2160) display. It utilizes AMD's FreeSync technology, which eliminates screen tearing when gaming and minimizes the amount of lag experienced by the player. This monitor's display also provides a magnificent color spectrum with HDR10, 10-bit color depth, and a color gamut that covers 90% of the DCI-P3 standard. The product has a three-sided design that is virtually borderless, giving it a sleek and contemporary appearance.

 This monitor is an excellent choice for gamers and multimedia professionals alike. You are never left in the dark during games because your ally, Black Stabilizer, can help you attack or defend yourself against foes who lurk in the dark. It provides a professional-grade gaming experience, which results in improved vision and gives you an advantage over the competitors. In addition, it features incorporated speakers, which results in an enhanced audio-visual experience. Unfortunately, its firmware is a bit unstable.

This 27-inch monitor features in-plane switching (IPS) technology and a three-sided ultra-thin bezel design; you can enjoy brilliant graphics and quality that cannot be matched. This computer monitor has HDMI and VGA connections for connecting to video interfaces. You can click this monitor on Xbox, PCs, and laptops, among other devices, and transmit high-quality images. This makes it possible to move between working and playing at any time.

This product has a broad viewing angle of 178 degrees, which enables you to enjoy clear, crisp, and detailed images from virtually any vantage point. Its Flicker-Free technology, Blue Light Filter, 20 million dynamic contrast ratio, and 250cd/m2 (adjustable brightness) deliver long-term visual comfort, reduce eye fatigue, and make the picture more realistic. This monitor allows for installing VESA brackets measuring 75mm x 75mm, allowing you to modify the display's tilt and free up space on your desktop. While it works excellently but it does not have speakers.

7 INNOCN 25G1G  24.5" Mountable Monitor
Our Score:

This computer monitor has a screen size of 25 inches, uses a new generation of VA technology, and provides a resolution of 1920 by 1080 at 99% sRGB. It supports the installation of VESA brackets with dimensions of 75 millimeters by 75 millimeters, which enables you to freely adjust the angle at which the display is positioned while also releasing space on your work surface. This product provides a more excellent color gamut than most conventional monitors, giving deeper colors and distinguishing characteristics and making the game picture more vivid.

This INNOCN PC gaming monitor supports Desktop PCs, Gaming Laptops, Switch, XBOX, and PS game consoles, amongst other gaming devices. This product also utilizes high-standard HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces. This Eye-Care PC gaming monitor saves your eyes from strain, fatigue, and irritation caused by blue light by reducing its intensity. It lets you work on your projects, view movies, or play games for extended periods while experiencing greater comfort. The only downside is that its screen is a little dark.

8 INNOCN 29C1F-D 29" Mountable Monitor
Our Score:

【29 Inch Ultrawide Computer Monitor & WFHD】INNOCN 29" WFHD 2560*1080p ultrawide screen computer monitor provides you top picture/video quality viewing experience, it delivers advanced IPS panel with LCD Backlit Technology, 178° wide viewing angle and 3-side ultra narrow bezel design,1000:1 contrast ratio,16.7m colors, 75hz refresh rate, ∆E<2

【Height & Pivot Adjustable Stand】Height Adjustable, Pivot is adjustable: left/right: 45°, up/down±5",Forward: 5°, Backward: 20°, Pivot: ±90°, Ergonomic design for daily usage

【Endless Creativity and Boost Productivity with INNOCN Monitor】INNOCN monitor focus on color, provide excellent viewing experience when you're working from home, office duty, design, photo/video editing and gaming. All the accessories are included in the package, and you'll have our 7*24 hours online quick technology resolution customer service

Connect easily via HDMI 1.4 or VGA, plus 3.5mm audio out; integrated cable management keeps cords out of the way

23.8" ultra-slim VA FHD panel, 3-side NearEdgeless, 16:9 widescreen monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution

Watch in comfort – the L24e-30 computer monitor has a -5° / 22° tilt angle and is 100x100mm VESA mountable; it also offers ThinkCentre M Series Tiny Support and Nano Support

10 Suevery 27 Inch Mountable Monitor
Our Score:

Broad Compatibility: with vga and 1.4 HDMI port, being able to connect to diverse devices as extender monitor, such as pc, laptop, tablet, phone, gaming devices, easy to set up for online meeting, online class.

AMD FreeSync Support: 1920 x 1080 pixel, Full hd resolution, 16:9 wide screen, 75hz refresh rate, 5ms respond time, which reducing screen tearing or flicker, make you gaming and working more smoothly and efficient.

Warranty Policy: If any quality issues with the monitor, please feel free to contact us for support, returned and replace is free within 30 days, besides, all of our monitors are providing one-year free warranty service.

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What to Look Through Prior to Selecting the best mountable monitors?

You may be aware that purchasing something is not actually an easy action. Your everyday life will be affected if you choose the most fantastic product. What variables, though, will make this acquisition successful? Whether you're seeking for best mountable monitors to meet your needs, you'll be wasting your own time.

Nevertheless, it would be preferable if you weren't so worried. We've enlisted the help of a team of professionals to investigate best mountable monitors, and we've provided accurate data.

There seem to be several important considerations to make. But only a few of them are really concentrated. Here are some crucial reviews while purchasing best mountable monitors:


Resolution is the number of pixels in each dimension that can be displayed on a PC monitor. The higher the resolution, the sharper the picture quality. The most popular resolution is 1920x1080, which offers a good balance between space and picture quality. If you opt for a higher resolution, be sure your graphics card can handle the demand. Those using their monitor for gaming and professional use need to opt for higher resolution monitors. Resolution is often described in shorthand numbers such as "1920x1080", which refers to the number of horizontal lines on the display.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is the width and height of the monitor and how it displays images and videos on screen. Older monitors have 4:3 ratios and are not suitable for widescreen formats. New monitors have 16:9 ratios which offer widescreen format or 21:9 ratios which offer ultra-wide format.

Response Time

Response time is an important feature when buying a gaming monitor because it affects the speed at which action happens on the screen. Lower response times are better and monitors with TN panels tend to have the quickest response times.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the number of times per second the monitor refreshes its image. Refresh rate is measured in hertz, the higher the number the more times per second the monitor refreshes. A higher refresh rate will improve motion resolution which means moving images will appear sharper. 60Hz is the minimum for a good quality monitor experience. But if you’re choosing a monitor for gaming purposes you want to go higher so your gaming experience will be smoother.


When choosing your PC monitor, you’ll need to think about how you plan to use your monitor. If you plan to watch films and TV or edit photos and video, you’ll need a range of ports. You may also consider a monitor with multiple USB ports, enabling you to easily connect game controllers, memory sticks, smartphones and other devices.


A bright screen is important if you’re working in a brightly lit room. The spec is expressed as candelas per square meter, or cd/m². The higher the number, the better. You can also adjust the brightness of a PC monitor with buttons or onscreen controls.

Panel Type

Panel type is the material the monitor screen is made from. The most common type of monitor is an LCD panel. There are different types of LCD panels available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Screen Size

Screen size is measured from corner to corner diagonally. Monitor screen size generally starts from 15” up to 34”. The standard screen size is now 22”. Larger screen sizes offer more versatility, you benefit from larger viewing angles, better designs with more features and greater choice with connection ports. As much as we would all enjoy a large screen, it’s not always practical. You need to consider the space you have available. Most importantly, you need to consider your budget, generally the larger the screen size, the pricier the monitor.


What is a mountable monitor?

A mountable monitor is a type of computer monitor that can be attached to a wall, stand, or other surface for easy viewing. They are typically used in commercial and industrial settings, but can also be found in homes for personal use.

What are the benefits of mountable monitors?

Mountable monitors provide many benefits, including improved ergonomics, space-saving design, and better visibility. They can also be adjusted to different angles for optimal viewing, and can be installed in places that may not be suitable for traditional monitors.

What types of mountable monitors are available?

Mountable monitors come in a variety of sizes, from small to extra-large. Some models have built-in speakers, while others may be compatible with external audio equipment. Additionally, some models are designed to be used in multi-monitor setups.

Is it easy to install a mountable monitor?

Installing a mountable monitor is relatively straightforward, however it is always recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. It is also important to ensure that the mounting hardware is securely attached to the wall or other surface.

The figures we've presented here aren't all of them. Alternatively, we continuously update it as new information becomes available. It's advisable to keep in mind the points we discussed related to buying guide.

We always appreciate your feedback and handle it with the utmost importance. As a result, the most up-to-date data will come to your mind as soon as possible. You are supposed to contact us and give us your reviews as well as problems so that we will try to support you. Hope you have a pleasant shopping experience!

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