The Best Surround Speakers For 2024

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Best Surround Speakers
Best Surround Speakers

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: SAMSUNG SWA-9200S Surround Speakers

The Samsung SWA-9200S Surround Speakers are a great way to get the ultimate surround sound experience. You can easily connect to optional Samsung speakers for full, immersive sound with easy wireless connectivity. Read Review

2. Runner Up: Bose Surround Speakers

The Bose Surround Speakers are designed to bring an immersive experience to your home theater system. These speakers feature a revolutionary, ultra-compact design that allows them to fit into tight spaces while providing powerful, full-range sound. Read Review

3. Best Efficient: Polk SR2 Surround Speakers

The Polk SR2 Surround Speakers offer an immersive audio experience that brings your movies and music to life. Each speaker has a powerful custom-tuned 3" driver that delivers a big sound, taking your listening experience up a notch. Read Review

4. Best Technology: Klipsch Surround Speaker

The Klipsch Surround Speaker is a powerful sound bar providing an immersive surround sound experience in your home. It features one 3" full-range driver per speaker to offer clear vocals and dynamic soundtracks. Read Review

5. Best Quality: LG Sound Bar with Surround Speakers

The LG Sound Bar with Surround Speakers is the perfect addition to any home theater system. This 9.1.5-channel sound bar delivers best-in-class sound with six-channel wireless rear speakers, up-firing height channels, and a subwoofer. Read Review

Are you looking for the best surround sound speakers? Then you've come to the right place! Surround sound speakers provide an immersive experience that can take your movie and gaming nights to the next level. You can transform your living room into a personal theater with the right components. You can put yourself right in the middle of the action. But with so many speakers, knowing which ones are the best can be difficult. That's why we've created this guide to the best surround sound speakers on the market.

We'll help you narrow your choices and find the perfect speakers to meet your needs and budget. From high-end models to budget-friendly options, we'll cover it all. So whether you're looking for something to complete your home theater setup or want to upgrade your sound system, we've got you covered. Read on to learn more about surround sound speakers and find the perfect fit for your home.

We think the highly recommended product for the best surround speakers is SAMSUNG SWA-9200S Surround Speakers. This surround speaker gives an immersive sound experience and is widely compatible. You can also see a Bose Surround Speakers. You may explore the following if you need more alternatives and in-depth guidance.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 SAMSUNG SWA-9200S Surround Speakers
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With the Samsung Wireless Surround Sound speakers, you can quickly achieve room-filling sound by connecting optional Samsung speakers wirelessly. This wireless solution allows for seamless connectivity of 2.0 Ch 2 front-firing rear speakers to compatible Samsung soundbars. However, they won't work with non-Atmos soundbar systems from Samsung; these speakers are exclusively compatible with Samsung's Q600B, Q60B, S60B, S61B, and S50B Soundbars.

On top of that, you can immerse yourself in a truly immersive surround sound experience that transports you right into the heart of your favorite movies, shows, and sports. The pairing process is simple and hassle-free—plug in the speakers and pair them with your soundbar to enjoy all the action of your preferred entertainment in clutter-free surround sound. Plus, you can forgo messy cables and wires while still enjoying wireless sound with the Samsung Wireless Surround Sound system, designed specifically for Samsung Sound Plus soundbars.

TOP Choice #2 Bose Surround Speakers
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Bose's smallest speakers focus on your home entertainment experience rather than the speakers themselves. These compact speakers are specifically designed to bring music, movies, and TV shows to life with their full immersive surround sound capabilities. Also, setting up the system is quick and effortless—plug the adapters into a power source and wirelessly connect the receivers to the soundbar, allowing you to enjoy your entertainment within minutes. 

Furthermore, they are compatible with the Bose Soundbar 500, Bose Soundbar 700, and SoundTouch 300 soundbar models. Despite their compact size, these speakers deliver impressive audio performance that enhances your overall entertainment experience. Standing less than 4 inches tall, they seamlessly blend into any home setup while providing exceptional sound quality. Additionally, both bass modules have a wireless range of 30 feet, giving flexibility in speaker placement and ensuring optimal sound distribution throughout the room. Unfortunately, its volume control feature could be better. 

TOP Choice #3 Polk SR2 Surround Speakers
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Polk Audio

Listen to your music as it was meant to be heard through these high-quality speakers. These surround speakers have custom-tuned 3" drivers that deliver exceptional sound, elevating your movies and music to new heights. Their built-in amps make a remarkable difference in your room, filling it with rich, immersive audio. It effortlessly connects to your soundbar in minutes, eliminating the need for unsightly speaker wires running across your room. 

Moreover, the wireless setup lets you position your speakers wherever you desire without compromising audio quality. For an enhanced cinematic experience, add the Polk React Sub to your React Soundbar, transforming your setup into an impressive 5.1-channel system. Plus, setting up and integrating these surround speakers is a breeze. Each speaker is clearly labeled as left or right, guaranteeing precise placement and balanced surround sound. Nevertheless, the remote control can be a bit difficult to operate. 

4 Klipsch Surround Speaker
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These high-quality speakers are designed to enhance your listening experience greatly. With its automatic decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 audio, this system provides discrete surround sound, enveloping you in a truly immersive audio environment. Whether you're watching movies or listening to dynamic soundtracks, they ensure crystal-clear vocals and dynamic audio thanks to its impressive one 3" full-range driver per speaker. 

Moreover, its versatile placement options allow you to customize your setup to suit your space. You can place these surround speakers on a tabletop, utilize speaker mounts, or conveniently mount them to a wall using the 1/4-20" inserts. No matter where you choose to position them, they seamlessly integrate into your home theater system, enhancing your audio experience with their exceptional sound reproduction. Plus, its power is sourced through a corded electric connection, ensuring a reliable and consistent power supply. Unfortunately, it may sometimes not sound well in large rooms. 

This great system allows you to Immerse yourself in best-in-class 9.1.5-channel sound, complete with six-channel wireless rear speakers that include up-firing height channels and a subwoofer, elevating your audio experience to new heights. Adding a center up-firing speaker enhances voice clarity and surround effects, creating a captivating and immersive soundstage. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology brings multidimensional sound into your room, enveloping you in a powerful and moving audio experience that flows all around you, including overhead. 

Enhancing the audio quality further, it features Meridian Horizon, which intelligently up-mixes two-channel sound to deliver a more immersive listening experience. The newly designed speaker driver, chamber, and subwoofer contribute to improved sound pressure and bass quality, ensuring every detail is faithfully reproduced. Furthermore, it is seamlessly designed to enhance the performance of LG TVs, allowing you to control it with your LG TV remote effortlessly. Additionally, you can enjoy the convenience of voice control with Google Assistant or Alexa and access a range of streaming services through Airplay2, Chromecast, and more. Nonetheless, its subwoofers may sometimes unpair from the bar but quickly reconnects.

6 Bobtot Surround Sound Speakers
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The Bobtot sound system offers a remarkable 5.1 Channel Surround Stereo Sound that provides an immersive audio experience in two modes: 5.1 and 2.1 channels. You can effortlessly switch between these modes using the included remote control or the front panel, allowing for versatile enjoyment. With the convenience of the remote control, each speaker's volume and the subwoofer can be independently adjusted, providing the flexibility to fine-tune the audio to personal preferences. The system's Pro surround function enhances the audio experience by offering advanced audio effects that elevate entertainment.

With a peak power output of 800 watts, these home theater surround speakers deliver exceptional sound performance. Moreover, the 6.5-inch subwoofer, featuring a built-in receiver, produces deep and powerful bass while maintaining professional sound quality and clarity. The result is a clean and natural audio output that fills the room, replicating the immersive experience of a cinematic environment. Designed to be versatile and compatible with various devices, the Bobtot surround sound system also supports multimedia connectivity. However, its on/off buttons are on the back, which may be inconvenient for some. 

7 Klipsch RP-502S Surround Speakers
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The state-of-the-art capabilities of the speaker system ensure a top-notch listening experience. Equipped with dual 1" titanium LTS vented tweeters, these speakers deliver crystal-clear highs and detailed sound reproduction. The hybrid Tractrix horns enhance the audio experience, providing a wide, accurate sound dispersion that fills the room with immersive sound.

For powerful and impactful bass, the speaker system features dual 5.25" spun copper cerametallic woofers. These woofers are engineered to deliver deep and precise low frequencies, adding depth and richness to your audio playback. Whether listening to music or enjoying your favorite movies, these speakers ensure a dynamic and engaging soundstage. Moreover, it is designed with wide dispersion surround technology, which enhances the spatial audio experience. This technology ensures that sound is evenly distributed throughout the room, creating a more enveloping and immersive listening experience. Nonetheless, it may be a bit heavy. 

8 Bobtot Surround Sound Speakers
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Multiple Application: The speaker's system is widely used for numerous scenarios such as TVs, game console, DVD, PC, laptops, smartphones and projectors. It's very suitable for watching movies, watching football games, or having parties with friends or family at home.

5.1 Channel Surround Stereo: Stereo system speaker has two modes of 5.1/2.1 channel, switch via remote control or front panel of the subwoofer. Pro surround function provides you with more advanced enjoyment.

All Function Remote: This system not only has button control via the front panel but also comes with remote control for more detailed operation. Such as via the remote, you could independently control the volume of each speaker and the subwoofer, or turn on/off the LED light.

9 Definitive Technology Surround Speaker
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Definitive Technology

PATENTED TECHNOLOGIES - Apart from patented BDSS, this speaker module also features patented Linear Response Waveguide that extends off-axis dispersion for total sonic immersion and deliver great sound everywhere in the room

TOP-NOTCH SPEAKER SERIES - The Definitive Technology Dymension series includes a range of high-performance center-channel, floor-standing, bipolar tower, surround sound, and on-wall speakers to deliver the best-in-class audio through any home audio system

SURROUND SPEAKER FOR HIGH-DEFINITION AUDIO - The Definitive Technology Dymension DM95 On-Wall Speaker features a 5.25" mid/bass woofer and a rigid aluminum oxide tweeter that delivers dynamic, immersive, room-filling sound for your home theater

SWITCHABLE CROSSOVER: The RP-500SA II Dolby Atmos surround sound speaker features a switchable crossover that changes between Atmos and Surround modes, for optimized performance in any configuration.

ON-WALL OPTIONS: On-wall elevation or surround setups are a snap via an easy-to-use keyhole mounting system - delivering the perfect angle for enhanced sound effects.

ALL-NEW CERAMETALLIC WOOFERS: Updated for absolutely flawless sound reproduction, minimum distortion, and maximum efficiency.

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What to Look For in a best surround speakers?

A valuable product is determined by many factors (included below). The process of researching the best surround speakers is pretty significant because of these features related to the products. However, rest assured that we are here to support your challenges.

Having a closer look at the following factors would benefit you a lot. These are the most important things among various ones you need to consider:


To ensure that the unit will not block the screen, or interfere with the remote control or display of your TV's remote, check its dimensions. You should also check that the design of the unit matches your TV.


In large rooms, a soundbar with an external subwoofer (or dedicated soundbar) can be more effective than one without it. A subwoofer that is well made will enhance low-end sound quality and add a cinematic vibe to your system. A sub that is poorly designed can cause a drop in sound quality. A soundbase is a great option if you need bass, but aren't able to fit an external sub. They include an integrated subwoofer.

Wired/wireless Speakers

Some soundbars allow for wired and wireless connection to other speakers. Some soundbars only support a subwoofer. However, a few models offer "surround sound" connectivity, which allows you to connect other speakers to the rear of the room to replicate 5.1. You can purchase these speakers separately or as a bundle at an extra cost.

Number Of Channels And Speakers

A soundbar with just 2.1 channels may be enough to enhance the audio quality of your TV. A 5.1 and 7.1 models might offer better sound quality when you watch TV/movies or listen to audio. Dolby Atmos is available on 5.1.2 and 7.1.2 models. This technology allows for a richer experience. It involves placing speakers higher than the roof, to create sound from above.

Ease Of Set-up And Use

It is easy to hook up the soundbar with your TV or other device and get started using it immediately. This can be gauged by looking at the manual or reading some user reviews.

Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an important soundbar feature that allows you stream music from compatible phones, tablets and computers to your soundbar. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to stream music from your Spotify account or access cloud music libraries.

Additional Features

You might also want these features in your soundbar:
There are special sound modes for various audio types, such as watching movies, listening to music, or gaming. You can adjust the treble and bass settings depending on what you are watching/listening too.
Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for voice-controlled music.
Front-panel displays that display important information, such as volume levels. Make sure to check if this display is able to be switched off when it's not in use so that it does not become distracting.


Soundbars typically only require one cable to connect with your TV. HDMI is the best choice. Make sure that your soundbar is equipped with all necessary ports for connecting to Blu-ray players and USB storage. You should check if your soundbar has a pass-through function that transmits 4K HDR video from your 4K HDR TV.


What are the benefits of having a surround sound system?

A surround sound system will provide a much more immersive experience when watching movies and playing video games. It will also provide a clearer and more accurate audio reproduction for music listening.

How do I set up a surround sound system?

The first step is to connect the audio/video receiver to your TV. You then need to connect the speakers to the receiver. Depending on the type of system, you may need to connect the speakers to the receiver using speaker wires or wirelessly. Finally, you will need to set up the receiver to correctly process the audio signals and distribute them to the speakers.

What are surround sound speakers?

Surround sound speakers are a type of speaker system that creates a multi-directional audio experience. They are typically used in home theater systems and provide a more immersive audio experience than traditional stereo systems. The surround sound system is made up of multiple speakers that are placed strategically around the room in order to create a more realistic soundscape.

What types of surround sound speakers are available?

There are several types of surround sound speakers available on the market. The most common types are 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 surround sound systems. These systems feature five, six, or seven speakers, respectively, and a subwoofer. Some high-end systems may also feature additional speakers, such as rear satellite speakers or ceiling speakers.

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