The Good Microphone For Ps4 Of 2023

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Good Microphone For Ps4
Good Microphone For Ps4

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: TONOR Microphone for PS4

The TONOR microphone for PS4 is the perfect tool for any streamer, content creator, or singer to get their job done. This PC streaming mic kit is compatible with PS4, PS5, Discord, and Twitch, making it the perfect choice for gamers. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: FIFINE K678 Microphone for PS4

This FIFINE microphone is the perfect solution for recording and streaming audio for various applications. It is ideal for recording and streaming on PC, Mac, and PS4, making it an excellent option for capturing high-quality audio. Read Review

3. Best Connectivity: HyperX Microphone for PS4

The HyperX is the perfect microphone for gamers and streamers looking for superior audio quality for their gaming setup. This microphone is compatible with PCs, PS4, PS5, and Macs and has a Tap-to-Mute Sensor for quick muting. Read Review

4. Best Sound Quality: Mercase Microphone for PS4

The Mercase microphone is the perfect choice for anyone looking to record, sing, game, podcast, stream, or make YouTube and TikTok videos. This high-quality microphone is designed for computers, Macs, smartphones, PS4, and PS5. Read Review

5. Best Efficient: MAONO AU-PM421 Microphone for PS4

The MAONO microphone for PS4 is a professional condenser USB microphone designed to help you capture crystal-clear sound for podcasts, recordings, gaming, streaming, Zoom meetings, instruments, studio recordings, and YouTube videos. Read Review

Are you looking for a good microphone for your PS4? You’ve come to the right place! Several factors must be considered when choosing the right microphone for your gaming console. You need to consider the quality of sound, the comfort level, and the price. The bad news is that finding the right microphone for your PS4 is no easy task. The good news is that we’ve researched for you and compiled a list of the best microphones for PS4.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a professional streamer, you’ll want to ensure your microphone is up to the task. You don’t want to be stuck with a microphone that sounds terrible or is prone to static. To help you find the right microphone for your PS4, we’ve looked at some of the best options today. From budget-friendly choices to premium picks, we’ve got you covered. So let’s look at some of the best microphones for PS4 and find the right one for you.

After extensive study and analysis over a considerable time, We think the good microphone for ps4 is TONOR Microphone for PS4. The USB microphone is a condenser studio mic with a cardioid polar pattern that captures sound with high clarity and minimal background noise. Other options presented here are certainly worthy of your attention, and to assist you in making an informed choice, We have compiled the following helpful buying guide.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 TONOR Microphone for PS4
Our Score:

The TONOR microphone has a large 16 mm sensitive diaphragm. Its wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz enables it to record high-quality sound and capture every nuance of your spacing in a cardioid polar pattern. It can effectively lessen the number of ambient noise patterns. This microphone is equipped with a pop filter and a metal shock mount, which reduces the impact of incidental factors on the recording to the most practical extent. You can have a smoother recording or gaming experience and spare yourself the hassle of computer operations. 

This product has a handbook, a 1.8M USB A to B cable, a foam mic cover, and an adjustable boom arm. This device is ideal for budding podcasters, gamers, or YouTubers. You can quickly shift the volume or turn off the microphone using external volume buttons when necessary. You can skip the hassle of operating the computer and have a more enjoyable time filming or playing games. Unfortunately, its base is a bit loose.

TOP Choice #2 FIFINE K678 Microphone for PS4
Our Score:

The FIFINE microphone for PS4 features a cardioid polar pattern, which enables the USB podcast microphone to record sound that is clear, sharp, and smooth while at the same time suppressing annoying background noise. This microphone for PC produces a well-balanced, crystal clear sound that is reproduced across a comprehensive frequency response and high SPLs. It provides quality sound for studio or on-the-road use, which makes the computer microphone a choice for presentations, podcasts, zoom, skype, recordings, or streaming gameplay on

This product has an easy-to-use plug-and-play Windows and Mac OS connectivity and a 6.56-foot USB output cable for direct integrations with desktop or laptop computers. This microphone with a 3.5mm headphone output has volume settings that can be adjusted. It offers direct monitoring that is free of delay to provide both quality and convenience. Additionally, the podcast microphone for use with a personal computer has a built-in LED light and a quick-mute capability that can be used to signal the operating state of the PS4 USB mic. However, it is not compatible with Xbox.

TOP Choice #3 HyperX Microphone for PS4
Our Score:

The HyperX SoloCast is the ideal microphone for gamers and broadcasters who want to improve the audio quality of their gaming setup while maintaining a high-performance level. This USB condenser microphone is compatible with PCs, PS4, PS5, and Macs, and it has a tap-to-mute sensor for convenient and speedy muting of the microphone. This microphone has a cardioid polar pattern for recording and is an excellent choice for live streaming, podcasting, broadcasting on Twitch and YouTube, and recording for Discord.

This product has a broad frequency response range and an adjustable gain control designed to help you get the best sound quality. This microphone is equipped with stand swivels that can be positioned quickly and easily to accommodate a variety of configurations. You can turn off the microphone by tapping the top of it, and an easy-to-see LED indicator will show you whether you're transmitting or not. Its get started is a breeze because it only requires you to plug it in and use it. The only downside is that it has no adjustable volume to make it work on Xbox.

4 Mercase Microphone for PS4
Our Score:

The Mercase microphone is powerful for recording, singing, gaming, podcasts, YouTube, and TikTok videos. This USB condenser microphone has noise canceling and reverb to provide the highest possible sound quality. You can toggle the noise canceling feature on or off by pressing and holding the mute button for three seconds. It is compatible with PS4s and PS5s, PCs, Macs, and cellphones. This microphone is ideal for producing high-quality audio for any project due to its small size and straightforward installation process.

This product requires no additional hardware or software drivers and features LED lights indicating the power is on or off. You can plug in headphones at any time to monitor the sound and level thanks to the 3.5mm headphone connection that is included. Using this microphone, you will be able to create recordings, podcasts, and videos with sound that is exceptionally clear. You can mute the sound by pressing the "mute" button or quiet it by lowering the volume to its lowest setting. However, sometimes its adapter may not work very excellently.

5 MAONO AU-PM421 Microphone for PS4
Our Score:

The MAONO USB microphone has a professional sound chipset and a 16mm electret condenser transducer. Its premium converter enables high-resolution 192 KHz/24 Bit audio recording directly to your computer. This microphone's innovative capsule design produces a full-bodied sound, crystal clear and rich in texture. Its cardioid mode of a professional studio microphone allows for direct capture of the sound source in front of the microphone. This mode is tailored to eliminate ambient sound and put the attention on the subject at hand, whether that subject is vocals, instruments, or chat.

This product's built-in LED indicator light on the microphone provides information about its condition (green: operating, red: mute). You only need to press the mute button to temporarily switch off the microphone to cough or sneeze without disrupting the call, podcast, streaming session, gaming session, or Zoom conference you are now participating in. It works wonderfully for podcasts, online games, live streaming, videos on YouTube, and Skype calls. However, sometimes its screws may get loose.

The Pyle USB microphone has a straightforward operation that only requires plugging it in and starting it up. You can connect it to the USB port on your laptop, choose it as the source of your audio in the software's settings, and start creating your audio. This product is perfect for recording studio vocals, singing, gaming, streaming, podcasting, and uploading to YouTube. It also works well for desktop recording. This microphone is compatible with the operating systems of a Windows PC, a Mac, and Linux. It is helpful in both domestic and professional settings.

This product includes a gooseneck adjustable pop filter that removes popping sounds to ensure high-precision audio clarity and a straightforward pickup of vocals. It has undergone performance testing in the lab to ensure that it is of stage and studio quality. The accompanying microphone stand can be placed in a freestanding position on virtually any desktop, counter, or table. This microphone contains a back-electret condenser microphone and a characteristic cardioid pickup pattern, making it an ideal addition to recording equipment. The only issue is that sometimes its shock mount does not work very excellently.

7 TECURS Microphone for PS4
Our Score:

The TECURS USB condenser microphone can readily record clean and smooth sounds. It performs excellently in replicating your sound due to its built-in sound chipset, Cardioid Pickup Pattern, 192KHz/24Bit high sampling rate, and 30Hz-20KHz broad frequency response. Because it features a one-press mute design, all you need to do to mute the USB microphone is press one of its buttons at any given time. It comes complete with a tripod stand that allows you to quickly modify the angle and height of the microphone to accommodate your working position at the table. 

This product features a windproof foam cover and a double-layer acoustic filter for superior noise cancellation and sound quality. It is perfect for preventing bursting and improving the quality of recordings by providing a precise vocal performance unaffected by blasting. Because it comes with a gain knob, you will have quick and easy control over the microphone's volume. This microphone comes equipped with a 3.5mm Headphone Jack, which can be utilized to monitor your voice more effectively. Unfortunately, its pop filter is not very excellent.

8 Aokeo Microphone for PS4
Our Score:

One-click mute: lightly touch the "MUTE" button of the microphone to turn on/off the mute mode. When the microphone is in the mute mode, the "MUTE" button will turn red. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom of the microphone, and you can monitor the sound played by yourself and the computer in real time. This is an essential feature if you need to record songs, instrument sounds.

Multifunctional microphone core:Equipped with 192kHz/24bit professional pc microphone chip.Not only makes your voice clear and smooth as running water. Comes with volume adjustment buttons, great for gaming, podcast, studio, streaming.

Quality Assurance: This is a very affordable USB microphone. If you need a versatile entry-level microphone, it's the one for you. This microphone also comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back policy. If you have any questions during use, please contact us as soon as possible. We will give you a solution as soon as possible.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: The compact desk microphone kit is ideal for everything from studio vocals to gaming, singing, streaming, podcasting to desktop recording. Works w/ Windows PC, Mac & Linux operating systems. For home, office and business use

BOOM ARM STYLE: Features a height adjustable boom arm style placement that works on any desktop, counter or table. It has a distinctive cardioid pickup pattern with a back electret condenser microphone, perfect addition to recording equipment

ADJUSTABLE POP FILTER: The pro broadcast mic starter bundle kit features a gooseneck adjustable pop filter which eliminates popping sounds for a crisp vocal pickup and high precision audio clarity. Lab tested for stage and studio quality performance

【Plug and Play, All-in-One Computer Microphone】: All-in-one package, compact and lightweight. This multifunctional podcast microphone comes with a mic gain knob and zero-latency monitoring. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS (Note: Not work with Xbox). When receiving, just unbox, plug in, and enjoy it

【Stable Structure】: Stable, Adjustable, and Portable. This microphone stands with a fully enclosed built-in shock mount to reduce microphone noise caused by vibration. The shock mount is easily angled with its rubberized adjustable knob which makes it easy to remove, set, or turn around at any angle you want, in addition to a foldable tripod, it’s easy to carry and easy to store

【Premium Accessories】: Metal microphone pop filter helps produce pristine sound quality by filtering pops, hisses, and thuds. A shield structure with a metal mesh layer provides better protection for your microphone. This pop filter effectively prevents saliva, and dust from entering the microphones. Extend the service life of microphones

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What to Look For in a good microphone for ps4?

Some of you may be reluctant to select one of the good microphone for ps4, to be honest. The main reason is that you didn’t study that before. There are pretty lots of factors that must be considered when investing in good microphone for ps4. You are expected to count on our expertise in good microphone for ps4 to make the right choice. 

So now we move on to the significant factors related to good microphone for ps4 you must keep in mind:


After you have chosen the mic type you prefer, it is time to think about how you will connect it to your system. There are two options: wireless or wired.
Traditional wired microphones transmit sound signals via a cable. They can be a hindrance to performers' movement, particularly during large productions. A wireless microphone is a good option if you need to be mobile. These wireless microphones use radio waves to transmit signals to the receiver.

Attenuation Switch

Have you ever wondered what those switches at the back of Rode Videomic are for? Attenuation switches are the switches at the back. Attenuation switches on microphones reduce the output of the mic by a specific amount. This is usually between -10dB and -20dB. The microphone will become four to sixteen times more quiet than usual.


This is measured in Ohms (symbol O) and refers to the microphone's ability to receive an audio signal or AC current. Mics with a low impedance (600O and lower) retain better audio quality when used on cables that are longer than 16 feet. High impedance signals that other microphone components may be of lower quality can sometimes indicate a low quality signal.

Polar Pattern/Directionality

Directionality is the way a microphone picks up sounds from its surroundings. One microphone can detect sound in all directions simultaneously. Most other microphones can only pick up one direction at a time. This can be advantageous depending on the circumstances.

Frequency Response

The frequency response refers to the range of frequencies that a microphone can detect, usually 20hz-20Khz. Knowing the frequency range is not enough. What you need is the microphone's responsiveness to certain frequencies. Before you choose a microphone, think about the recording you are going to do. A microphone with a higher frequency, such as a dynamic microphone, may be better suited for recording bass, drums, and other musical instruments.

Type Of Microphone

The energy of sound waves is captured by microphones, which can then convert it into electricity in various ways. You can either use a condenser microphone or dynamic microphone to accomplish this.

Response Flatness

Although it might seem that flat responses are the best, a treble lift is sometimes an advantage. This applies especially to vocals. This can cause the PA system to become more sensitive to howling. The signal from speakers often gets in the microphone, creating a hissing sound. Many dynamic microphones have a treble lift, which lends itself to many vocals.

Maximum Sound Pressure Level

This measurement is often expressed as decibels (dBs), and it is the highest volume the microphone can tolerate without distortion.


How do I connect a microphone to my PS4?

You can connect a microphone to your PS4 by using either a USB microphone or an audio adapter that supports a traditional 3.5 mm audio jack. Depending on which type of microphone you are using, you will need to follow the instructions for connecting the microphone to the appropriate port on your PS4.

Can I use any type of microphone with my PS4?

All types of microphones can be connected to your PS4, but it is important to note that many USB microphones may require drivers to be installed on your PS4 before they can be used. Additionally, some microphones that use a 3.5 mm jack may require an audio adapter to be used in order to connect it to your PS4.

Can I use a wireless microphone with my PS4?

Yes, you can use a wireless microphone with your PS4. The most common type of wireless microphone is a Bluetooth microphone, which can be easily connected to your PS4 by using the Bluetooth settings on your PS4.

Is there any way to adjust the microphone settings on my PS4?

Yes, you can adjust the microphone settings on your PS4 by accessing the Sound and Devices menu in the Settings app. In this menu, you can adjust the volume of your microphone, as well as other settings such as echo cancellation and noise suppression.

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