Can You Find A Hearing Aid With A Metal Detector?

  • 30 Jun 2022 08:24
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Can You Find A Hearing Aid With A Metal Detector?

Hearing aids or hearing devices are pretty small in size to fit the user's ear. Anyone using them has at least once left their device somewhere in the house.

Many people have devised the idea of ​​using a metal detector to find what is lost. So, can you find a hearing aid with a metal detector? The full answer will be in our article below. Check it out now with TheAudioCritic!

Can You Find A Hearing Aid With A Metal Detector?

Can you seek this device with a detector?

The answer is yes. The structure of hearing aids has the presence of many different alloys; therefore, you can use a metal detector for this purpose.

If you accidentally drop your aid on the road, a metal detector can find it for you.

The distance from the machine to the position of the metal object that can be detected is about 20-30cm. So you can safely use a metal detector to search.

Yet, this distance still depends on factors such as technology, materials, and size.

Not only can it be applied to checking or finding lost items, but metal detectors can also be used in various games.

How Metal Detector Works

How it works 

We are no stranger to metal detectors. Professionals often use it for security checks at airports or significant events with many participants.

Here, people will use a fixed version to check if there are weapons or sharp objects hidden on people. The purpose of this check is to be able to check and ensure the safety of the crowd.

Metal detectors are usually composed of four main parts: stabilizer, control box, shaft, and search coil. Some are even more functional, including jacks for connecting to headphones and a touch panel.

Regarding the operation mechanism, when you turn the "on" button on the control panel, it will perform a scan and test in a limited area.

When metal is detected, the machine will emit a signal, usually, a sound, to alert the operator. More modern versions can even indicate the expected depth and shape of the detected piece of metal.

Common Tips To Follow To Find A heading Aid.

From the above sections, you must be looking forward to finding your lost hearing aid somewhere.

However, please do not skip this section because here, we will show you some tips to make it easier to find metal objects in general and aids in particular.

Call the provider

When selling an item to the market, each product supplier comes with a unique tracking code. If the product you bought has not been too long, it is likely still under warranty.

Some purchase warranties, accident prevention, or premium products may include a policy for loss or damage.

However, it would help if you also determined that you may have to make up a decent amount of money to get a new machine.


Check the tracking app.

Check the tracking app 

Today's high-end hearing aid products have integration and remote control, specifically mobile devices. So when you lose your device, you can check the location of the device to be able to locate the area to find.

By pinpointing the right area, you can save time and effort searching by machine. It is best to log in first to locate and track more accurately.

Ask for other help

Hearing aids are almost an indispensable item for those who are using them.

So we need to search as fast as possible. Remember where you last saw it and trace the path you took. 

Also, do not forget to ask the reception or the staff in the area if there is one because they will most likely take it away for you.


Searching for hearing aids with metal detectors sounds strange, but many people have successfully applied this method. If you are still wondering, hopefully, these questions can be more complete answers for you.

Can you find a hearing aid with a magnet?

Basically, in the structure, there is a metal component to attract with a magnet. 

However, when you use magnets to search for aids, you should pay attention to the force of attraction and the type of magnet.

Small magnets will equate to a weak attraction, making it difficult or ineffective in the search process.

Should I change both hearing aid batteries at the same time?

If you are using a rechargeable battery, you can choose when to remove and replace the battery.

However, when you use both batteries at the same time, with the same starting time, there is a high chance that both will run out of power at the same time.

So you can replace both to ensure sound quality and transmission. You can also record when the battery is available to have a battery replacement schedule that suits your work needs. In addition, such a note also helps you easily detect the battery status for a new battery pack.

Should you remove hearing aid batteries at night?

You remove the hearing aid battery at night when not in use to avoid overcharging. Many machines that don't have time to rest become hotter and shorter than average.

When removing the battery, you should also consider the storage location. Find a place that is dry and easy to find enough to store all unused parts.

In addition, when removing or inserting the battery, you must also pay attention to hand hygiene.


Hearing aids are an essential item for people with hearing impairments. A long-term lack of hearing aids can affect balance problems.

When you lose your aids, you need to find a way to see them as soon as possible. 

Hopefully, with this article, you have learned an interesting way to find aid as quickly as possible. Thank you for following this post! 

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