A Detailed Guide On How to Adjust Anti-skate on Turntable

  • 03 Jul 2022 22:45
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A Detailed Guide On How to Adjust Anti-skate on Turntable

There is no denying that a turntable's anti-skate is essential to setting up the turntable process. Whether you are an expert or the first time you adjust your turntable, you will need to know what this part is and how it should work.

Today, TheAudioCritic will discuss “how to adjust anti-skate on turntable.” You will learn why they are essential to your turntable and vinyl records. 

Let’s get into the details!

How to Adjust Anti-skate on Turntable?

How to tweak anti-skate on turntable. 

Stick to the following steps, and you can adequately adjust the anti-skate on your turntable.

Step 1: Ensure You Have a Right Balanced Tonearm

This first step deals with balancing the tonearm and setting the tracking force.

In most cases, the manufacturer would integrate their turntables with the adjustable weight at the arm's end, known as a counterweight. 

This step aims to balance any additional weight from some factors, such as a cartridge or stylus assembly variations.

If you need to balance out the tonearm, you will need to begin with the anti-skating at 0 and counterweight at 0 grams too. After that, adjust the weight until you see the tonearm floats freely. Then, your tonearm will be now balanced.

When it comes to adjusting the tracking force, you must rotate the counterweight's knob until it hits the manufacturer's recommended weight for the cartridge. If you are unsure about this offhand, we recommend going with two to three grams.

Step 2: Tweak the Anti-skate Feature

Once the force has been tweaked, it is time to calibrate the anti-skate feature. 

In most instances, modern models will have a slider or knob that allows you to adjust utilizing the included screwdriver, your own screwdriver, or even your fingers if it is manual, not electronic.

You need to match the adjustable anti-skate slider or knob to the tracking force number you are utilizing with the balanced tonearm. For instance, assuming the tracking force is two grams, you'll need to tweak the knob to two as well.

Step 3: Check Out the Outcome

Now that you have calibrated your anti-skate feature, it is time to play a record while checking playback sound quality for any issues.

If you are still facing any issues, it is essential to return to the previous steps and try one or more times until you feel that it sounds good!

What Is Anti-skating of Turntable?

What is anti-skating of turntables? 

The anti-skating is one of the important features on most turntables, preventing tracking issues when you listen to the record.

Anti-skate and tracking force issues are typically caused by a stylus that is being pulled towards the record's center and out of the groove during playback.

The anti-skate feature will stop it from occurring by using a countering force to a tonearm when it's in motion.

This great feature is also needed when listening to your favorite music on the vinyl setup. The fact is that it will help lower wear and tear on your turntable's needle, allowing your turntable to last longer.

In addition, it also prevents playback problems such as pops in or skipping audio during playback. You can also expect it to prolong your records' life by lowering the chance of harming them with tracking problems.

Last but not least, it will help reduce distortion while improving sound quality by maintaining the audio balance between the right and left channels.

Do All  Record Players Come with Anti-skate?

Many turntables and record players do not come with the anti-skate feature. 

Many turntables and record players with cartridges attached do not come with the anti-skate feature. 

Although there's no manual method to adjust it, these turntables with cartridges don't require anti-skate as the tonearm and cartridge are one unit and should balance together.


What Is Anti-skating Of Turntable?

Turntable anti-skating is a function utilized in turntables to prevent skating of the tonearm. 

What Is Skating?

Regarding turntables, skating is a force created by the friction between the record player's surface and the stylus. This force will push the tonearm towards the turntable's center. 

You'll need to avoid it as it can have a lot of effect on the playback of your record and your overall listening experience.

Where Is Anti-skate on Turntable?

The anti-skate control may differ depending on the turntable model, but it is typically at the foot of the tone-arm in the form of an adjustable and tiny-counterweight knob. 

Some tonearms do not let you set the anti-skate. For example, the Rega Planar 1 will handle this job for you.

What If My Turntable Does not Have an Anti-Skate Feature?

If you own a record player or turntable with no adjustable anti-skate feature, it means that your device’s anti-skate is in-built and comes pre-adjusted.

The Bottom Line

Generally, anti-skating is an essential part of turntables and record players, which you should consider when purchasing one. 

This small device should help you in recording stay in place and reduce the needle's force, which will determine how much wear a record’s grooves. 

Moreover, it should help with sound quality as it will eliminate vibrations due to uneven weight distribution.

If you have any inquiries about the specifications or other features, don't hesitate to ask us. We are available to solve any queries related to your turntable.

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