How To Extend Hearing Aid Battery Life? Helpful Tips To Follow

  • 02 Jul 2022 14:30
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How To Extend Hearing Aid Battery Life? Helpful Tips To Follow

Hearing aids are now more popular than ever before. With many outstanding benefits, it is loved by many people. Therefore, one of the frequently asked questions is: 'How to extend hearing aid battery life?'

To help you get the correct answer as well as some information on this topic, we have created the helpful article below. Let's scroll down and discover the answer!

How To Extend Hearing Aid Battery Life?

Take new batteries

Take a new one

After a period of use, the batteries may wear out and no longer keep the original quality. You should buy yourself a new battery pack when you detect these signs.

The new battery not only helps extend the use time after a single charge but also helps you have a better experience. 

The incoming sounds are smoother without interruption. A good one will also help other components in the machine operate smoothly, increasing the machine's life in general.

Keep the ab build-in

Many people often have the habit of accidentally peeling off the protective layer on the battery when not in use.

As soon as you remove the sticker layer, the battery activates and gradually drains into the environment.

In addition to leaving the cell in a well-ventilated place, keeping the tag on until you use it is an excellent method to preserve the battery.

For single-use batteries, when the cell starts to activate and gradually drains, you will only have to throw it away by the time you discover it. 

For rechargeable batteries, you're lucky because you can recharge. If you leave it for too long, it will likely be damaged and must be thrown away.

Consider the room temperature.

Consider the room temperature 

Batteries are a specific product to maintain, but not everyone takes care of them properly. Although they are all at room temperature, each room has a temperature difference.

Many people know batteries will discharge faster at high temperatures. So they avoid high temperatures to reduce wear. 

Some people store batteries in the refrigerator to minimize the discharge of electricity. However, the typical deep cold environment has a temperature and must maintain a specific humidity.

When you leave the batteries in the refrigerator, it is easy to damage the battery due to moisture and steam condensing.

So you need to choose a cool, dry place to store unused batteries without being too fussy about avoiding unexpected consequences.

Open the door

Many people do not have just one hearing aid. With the unused ones, some people put them away. But not everyone removes the battery before storing it.

The cell will discharge when you leave it in the device for a long time without using it. It converts energy into liquid form with the appearance of leaking water. 

This water or moisture will affect the functions of other components, corrode and even damage the whole machine.

Buy a dehumidifier

Buy a dehumidifier

Do not just remove the cell or dry your hands when using it. If you want the cell to last long, it should be cared for and stored correctly. Many experienced people are often careful to use desiccant packages, but that is not enough.

A dehumidifier will not only help you clean and ensure your machine stays dry, but it will also provide a place to store your belongings. You can use it as a place to store new machines or dehumidify after a long day of use.

A familiar air environment also has very high humidity in the fall. Letting the hearing aid dry naturally on rainy days will take a long time.

Keep the hand clean to change batteries.

Clean the hand 

It may sound unreasonable initially, but using dirty hands to change the batteries will affect its life. Soil or dirt, moisture, and water on the hands affect the quality of the battery. Dirt quickly gets into the openings and affects battery function. 

Therefore, you should pay attention to washing and drying your hands thoroughly before replacing the battery for your hearing aid.

5-minute rules

As noted above, we do not recommend removing the seal before use. If you use it immediately, it is not a good thing. 

After removing the product label, you should let the batteries breathe for about five minutes before inserting them into the machine. This time helps the battery get used to and adapt to the external environment.

A 5-minute standby time can also help extend battery life. So, try to wait patiently and use it properly to maximize its energy.


The above information has helped you find tips on how to extend hearing aid battery life. Not only has it given you practical tips, but TheAudioCritic has also thoroughly explained the reasons behind each method.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment in the section below so that we can help you answer as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading!

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