The 10 Best 5ghz Wifi Security Camera, Tested And Researched

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Best 5ghz Wifi Security Camera
Best 5ghz Wifi Security Camera

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: REOLINK E1 5GHz WiFi Security Camera

The REOLINK 5GHz WiFi security camera is a powerful and versatile indoor security camera. Its 5MP Super HD resolution ensures detailed video footage, while its PTZ and auto-tracking features offer accurate automated tracking of objects. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: FOSCAM R4S 5GHz WiFi Security Camera

The FOSCAM 5Ghz WiFi security camera is the perfect security solution for your home. With 4MP (2K) resolution, 33ft night vision, 2-way audio, and AI Human Detection & Sound Detection, this camera will keep your home safe and secure. Read Review

3. Best Quality: REOLINK Argus PT 5GHz WiFi Security Camera

The REOLINK 5GHz WiFi security camera is the perfect home and business surveillance solution. Featuring a 2K resolution and 4MP night vision, this security camera provides clear images and videos day and night. Read Review

4. Best Display: REOLINK E1 Pro 5GHz WiFi Security Camera

The REOLINK 5GHz WiFi security camera is the perfect choice for home security. This 4MP PT Plug-in Security Camera is designed for indoor use and comes with both 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi for a fast and reliable connection. Read Review

5. Best Smart: Ctronics IP66 5GHz WiFi Security Camera

The Ctronics 5GHz WiFi security camera is the perfect outdoor security solution. It offers 4K ultra-high-definition 8MP video recording and two-way audio, allowing you to stay connected with what matters most. Read Review

If you're looking for a reliable, secure, high-speed wireless network camera that won't slow down your network, consider a 5GHz WiFi security camera. With the 5GHz frequency band being less congested than the 2.4GHz frequency band, 5GHz WiFi security cameras are more reliable and faster than their 2.4GHz counterparts. Also, 5GHz WiFi security cameras are more secure since they don't interfere with other wireless networks and devices that operate on the 2.4GHz band.

Whether it's to monitor your home or business, 5GHz WiFi security cameras are an excellent choice for providing you with the highest level of security. They offer reliable and secure connections, as well as high-speed performance. And if you're looking for the best 5GHz WiFi security camera, you've come to the right place. This article will look at the top 10 5GHz WiFi security cameras. We'll be discussing their features, pros and cons, and how they compare to one another. Read on to find out which one is right for you.

Our team spent about 16 hours researching, sifting, and selecting many high-quality models. As an outcome, We think the best 5ghz wifi security camera is REOLINK E1 5GHz WiFi Security Camera. This camera is ideal for baby monitors, pet cameras, and home security. Plus, it features Dual Band WiFi and local storage for added convenience. In addition to the other suggestions on this list, which equally deserve your consideration, we have compiled a helpful buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 REOLINK E1 5GHz WiFi Security Camera
Our Score:

The REOLINK 5GHz WiFi security camera is the ideal product for ensuring the safety of your house and monitoring activities within it. It has a pan/tilt/zoom function that allows for broader coverage and a 5-megapixel Super HD image sensor that ensures clear recording. Its Auto tracking technology and Human/Pet AI give intelligent detection of movements and sounds, making this camera excellent for baby, pet, and home security monitoring.

This product is ideal for any household because of its straightforward installation process and extensive feature set. You can zoom in and out with the E1 Zoom function, providing you with improved focus and detail. You can enjoy a reliable wireless connection thanks to the Dual Band WiFi technology, and with the local storage, you won't need to rely on the cloud to preserve your film. Your family can be heard and spoken to in real time over a microphone and speaker. It would be best if the speaker for two-way communication could be a bit louder.

TOP Choice #2 FOSCAM R4S 5GHz WiFi Security Camera
Our Score:

The FOSCAM 5GHz WiFi security camera is an excellent option for satisfying your requirements for domestic surveillance. Thanks to its cutting-edge AI Human Detection and Sound Detection technologies, you will never miss a suspicious movement, which works together to alert you immediately. In addition, the camera is compatible with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, making it simple to control and monitor the camera through straightforward voice requests.

This product is the perfect solution for your home security requirements because of its reliable performance, dependable security, and detailed installation process. It has a night vision range of 33 feet and a 105-degree super wide angle lens with a diameter of 4 millimeters, producing 4MP FHD and a smooth live video feed day and night. Its powerful 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band WiFi chipset provides a more stable and longer WiFi transmission distance with WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption. The only downside is that it may not offer "motion detection zones."

TOP Choice #3 REOLINK Argus PT 5GHz WiFi Security Camera
Our Score:

The REOLINK 5GHz WiFi security camera is a game-changing addition to any home surveillance system because of its unmatched security and ease. This outdoor-ready 2K security camera has a pan-and-tilt motion detection system, 2.4/5GHz dual-band WiFi, 4MP night vision, intelligent detection, PIR sensor, two-way speak, time-lapse, and it does not require a hub to operate. It is convenient for use in various settings due to its straightforward installation process, which requires neither complicated tools nor cords. 

This product is the ideal component for any home security system because of the cutting-edge technology it incorporates and the sturdy build it has. It comes with a high-capacity battery that could provide a long-lasting working time for the camera. Using it with the Reolink solar panel is a benefit to save the inconvenience of charging manually. This security camera's high resolution of 2560 x 1440 produces more sharp and clear videos than those made by 1080p cameras. While its hardware is excellent, its software is a bit laggy.

The REOLINK security camera is an excellent choice for ensuring the safety of one's residence. This camera provides the reassurance you need by supplying auto tracking, night vision, motion alerts, 4MP PT Plug-in Security Camera, and indoor wifi 2.4/5Ghz wifi connectivity. This camera can pan 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees, allowing it to monitor every nook and cranny of your home. Additionally, it can automatically keep track of the moving person or pet.

This wifi camera can connect to networks operating at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, making it suitable for use indoors. Its two-way, multiple-input, multiple-output, or MIMO antennas guarantee a robust signal for dependable network performance. Maintain compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. Its Voice activation allows you to take control of your hands-free pet camera. Its eight infrared LED lights provide you excellent night vision up to 40 feet away, and it can capture super HD films with a resolution of 2560 by 1440, which is four megapixels. However, its picture quality is not excellent. Overall it works well.

This Ctronics 5GHz WiFi security camera is an advanced security solution that you can use in your home or your business. The camera has a resolution of 4K 8MP, which enables it to produce photographs that are exceptionally clear both during the day and at night. It is simple to set up and use and offers outstanding coverage thanks to its link to the 5GHz WiFi band. Its extra features include auto-tracking, intelligent persons and vehicle detection, and two-way audio, letting you rest easy knowing your property is secure.

In addition, the camera has been given an IP66 certification, which ensures that it is resistant to water, dust, and shock, providing an additional layer of protection. You can have peace of mind knowing that no intruder will be missed thanks to the color night vision that extends to 65 feet. This product is ideal for ensuring your property's safety, whether it be your residence or your place of business. Unfortunately, it has no LAN connection.

6 Imou IP65 5GHz WiFi Security Camera
Our Score:

The Imou 5GHz WiFi security camera is an excellent choice for ensuring the safety of your business or residence. This camera offers the highest possible protection against environmental hazards and interference with wireless connections thanks to its IP65 rating and 5GHz WiFi. Its resolution of 2.5K 4MP assures that you will always obtain a crisp and clear image, regardless of the time of day, and the color night vision, spotlight, and siren provide additional protection.

This product features human detection, so you can be sure that you will be notified of any trespassers that may be there. You can also store videos and photographs on the 32G SD Card, and you may use the feature that allows for a two-way conversation to communicate with others. It automatically activates the spotlight, sounds the alarm on the security siren, records the scene on your smartphone, and sends notifications to your device. The only downside is that the app icons for functions are a bit confusing for some.

The REOLINK 5GHz WiFi security camera is the ideal surveillance device for residential or commercial use. The camera has a resolution of 2K and 4MP, as well as night vision and a spotlight, which provide you with apparent photographs regardless of the time of day. Its wire-free, battery- and solar-powered design makes it simple to install and maintain, while the 2.4/5GHz dual-band WiFi connection provides a reliable connection.

This product is equipped with human and vehicle intelligence detection, allowing you to be notified immediately of any possible intrusions. It is the ideal solution for your requirements in terms of security thanks to its comprehensive feature set and user-friendly installation process. This outdoor camera provides 2K HD full-color photos, allowing you to see more critical details at night. With night vision of up to 33 feet, 6X digital zoom makes it easier to view more information. However, it is not waterproof. Overall it works well.

8 ENSTER 5GHz WiFi Security Camera
Our Score:

【Real-time Motion Detection Alerts & 2-Way Audio】 The wireless security camera features a highly sensitive PIR motion sensor and accurate software pixel analysis technology to double control and reduce false alarms, the wireless security camera system with a 120° detecting angle captures all human movements steadily. Through the built-in microphone and speaker, the owner can remote warnings or communicate with someone who walks into the field of view.

【5Ghz/2.4Ghz DUAL BAND and High Hain Dual Antennas】 The wireless security camera supports both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz, while configured with high gain dual antennas to reduce signal interference and greatly improving WIFI coverage and data transmission rate. The higher transmission rate and better signal, ensure the stability of the camera network, clear and smooth video images, and no lagging.

【5MP High Image Quality & Round-the-clock Monitoring】 5MP pixel outdoor wide-angle camera, high-definition 2560*1920 resolution image, all-round clear. The image quality is much more clearer than 1080P, and the 4x digital zoom can enlarge the monitoring picture. The plug-in power supply provides sufficient power to enable home security cameras to monitor and record video storage 24/7.

9 ENSTER PTZ 5GHz WiFi Security Camera
Our Score:

Pan-Tilt Control And 4X Optical Zoom: Enster wireless pan-tilt camera is equipped with 355° horizontal rotation, 90° vertical rotation, and 4x optical zoom, which can be remotely controlled by a mobile phone without a blind spot. Optical zoom technology makes the image still visible at 4X zoom and finds more details around it.

Smart Detection, Sound&Light Alarm: Wireless PTZ camera supports sound and light alarm. You can set the detection sensitivity (medium, high, low) according to the environment to reduce false alarms. When an intruder is detected, the camera will immediately push the alarm message to the mobile phone and record everything within the detection range, so that you can clearly understand what happened at that time.

2MP Ultra HD And Color Night Vision: The 2MP( 1920*1080P) resolution camera provides super HD image, monitors your property, and protect your family, The outdoor camera is with 6 bright built-in spotlights, even in extremely dark environments, it can display prominent images, extending your night vision by at least 98 feet.

Secure Local Storage, No Subscription Fees: Keep your video recordings secure with local storage (up to 128GB Micro SD card) for playback. Rest easy with our lifelong technical support and two years of excellent after-sales services.

Solar Power & Waterproof Design: With a 6W solar panel and its 10400mAh rechargeable battery, charging is a thing of the past. The non-stop power supply and the waterproof design give you 365-day protection.

Auto Tracking & Auto Focus: The camera can pan (up to 355°) and tilt (up to 90°) to automatically track moving objects and show it in both the wide-angle and close-up views.

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What to Look For in a best 5ghz wifi security camera?

Often buyers are reluctant to buy best 5ghz wifi security camera. When considering a large purchase, certain things should be examined. Our knowledge and experience of best 5ghz wifi security camera will help in making the best options.

Please keep in mind the following criterial before selecting the best 5ghz wifi security camera:

Quality Of Service

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What is a 5GHz Wi-Fi Security Camera?

5GHz Wi-Fi security camera is a type of camera that uses a 5GHz frequency to transmit data, allowing for faster speeds and less interference from other devices.

What are the benefits of a 5GHz Wi-Fi Security Camera?

5GHz Wi-Fi security camera offers faster speeds and less interference from other devices, allowing for better transmission of data and improved security. Additionally, the 5GHz frequency provides better range and coverage.

What are the security risks associated with a 5GHz Wi-Fi Security Camera?

Using a 5GHz Wi-Fi security camera can increase the risk of unauthorized access to your system. It is important to use a secure Wi-Fi password and to enable encryption to protect your system from hackers.

What is the best way to set up a 5GHz Wi-Fi Security Camera?

The best way to set up a 5GHz Wi-Fi security camera is to make sure the camera is in an area with strong signal strength and minimal interference from other devices. Additionally, make sure to use a secure Wi-Fi password and to enable encryption on the system.

When new data becomes available, we routinely adjust the list of best 5ghz wifi security camera. Please do regularly visit our website for the most up-to-date news.

If you have any questions or difficulties with best 5ghz wifi security camera, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll try our best to do everything we can to assist you if you ask!

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