The 7 Best External Storage For Gaming Pc Of 2024

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Best External Storage For Gaming Pc
Best External Storage For Gaming Pc

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Seagate 8TB External Hard Drive

Upgrade your storage game with the Seagate 8TB External Hard Drive. This sleek, high-capacity device effortlessly enhances your digital space, offering seamless access and secure file storage. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Toshiba Canvio External Hard Drive

Spend more time completing levels and less time scrambling to make room for the newest game releases. You don't have to choose because the Canvio Gaming 4TB model can contain up to 100 titles, so go ahead and expand your game library. Read Review

3. Best Compatible: WD_BLACK 2TB Hard Drive

Elevate your gaming experience with the WD_BLACK 2TB Hard Drive. This portable powerhouse combines capacity and style for gamers seeking both performance and reliability. Read Review

4. Best Design: UnionSine 4TB External Drive

The UnionSine 4TB External Drive is the perfect solution for your data storage needs. Its double anti-interference shielding layer ensures fast and stable transmission of data, no matter what device you're using. Read Review

5. Best Durable: ADATA HD770G External Drive

Illuminate your data storage experience with the ADATA HD770G External Drive. Designed for durability and style, this external HDD protects your data with military-grade precision and adds a touch of RGB flair to your setup. Read Review

Are you looking to expand your gaming PC's storage capabilities? Do you need to store more games, media, and other files? If so, consider the best external storage options for gaming PCs. External storage provides a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way to expand your capabilities without purchasing a larger internal hard drive or replacing your existing one. With so many external storage options available, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for you.

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the best external storage for gaming PCs. We will discuss their features, advantages, and disadvantages to help you choose the best external storage for your gaming needs. We will also provide an overview of the different types of external storage available and tips on choosing the right one for your setup.

After lots of research based on customer feedback, We think the best external storage for gaming pc is Seagate 8TB External Hard Drive. With an impressive 8TB capacity, it effortlessly accommodates your ever-growing collection of files. We have provided you with a detailed buyer's guide and many other good choices to help you decide which is best for your requirements.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Seagate 8TB External Hard Drive
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Seagate's Expansion desktop drive is a game-changer for users seeking substantial storage expansion. With an impressive 8TB capacity, it effortlessly accommodates your ever-growing collection of files. Setting up is a breeze – just plug in the power supply and USB cable, and you're good to go. 

The USB 3.0 interface ensures lightning-fast data transfer speeds, enhancing efficiency. Drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the file-saving process, making it a user-friendly experience. Furthermore, it includes Rescue Data Recovery Services, offering an added layer of security and peace of mind.

The only downside is that navigating the setup with Mac systems might be quite hard the first time. But you can get more information on YouTube or the Website to understand more. Despite this, the Seagate 8TB External Hard Drive is a reliable and spacious storage solution for both PC and Mac users.

TOP Choice #2 Toshiba Canvio External Hard Drive
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The Canvio Gaming portable external hard drive is specifically designed to fulfill your gaming requirements, allowing you to spend more time winning. It is compatible with your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC gaming systems, and it includes a firmware-customized "Always On" mode that is always ready to respond to your next gameplay. 

Prepare for the next game release with the Canvio Gaming portable external hard drive, which allows you to carry up to 100 games in a sleek portable container and makes extending your game library easier than ever. It will increase your gaming capabilities by making more room on your console for gameplay. However, this HD backup Windows program download is only compatible with Windows 10 and 11, so you need to check it carefully. Overall, this hard drive is a stylish and functional choice for gamers looking to expand their digital arsenal.

TOP Choice #3 WD_BLACK 2TB Hard Drive
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WD_BLACK's 2TB Hard Drive is a compelling choice for gamers who demand both storage capacity and style. With available capacities of up to 5TB, this hard drive ensures you can house your cherished classics and still have room for the latest gaming titles. The 18-inch USB Type-A to Micro-B cable has a SuperSpeed interface of up to 5Gbps, ensuring swift data transfers. It is also compatible with Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, allowing you to play, store, and archive games seamlessly across different consoles.

Moreover, it boasts a sleek metal top covering, providing performance and sophistication to your gaming setup. The premium build quality reflects WD_BLACK's commitment to delivering products that meet the high standards expected by gamers. Nevertheless, one important thing to note is that the storage capacity is subject to factors like file size, formatting, and other programs, but this device provides ample space for even the most voracious gamers.

4 UnionSine 4TB External Drive
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The UnionSine 4TB External Drive is a powerhouse in the world of external storage. Boasting ultra-fast data transfers through a USB 3.0 thickened copper core cable, this drive achieves a theoretical read speed of 125MB/s-137MB/s and a write speed of 103MB/s. The use of the JMicron 578 noise-free solution in the motherboard ensures a quiet working environment, perfect for those who value concentration during their tasks.

The extensive compatibility range spans PS4 and Xbox One to Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android, making it a viable solution for various platforms. The aluminum anti-interference layer wrapped around the hard disk chip enhances heat dissipation and safeguards your data. Plus, the double anti-interference feature ensures stable and undisturbed transmission thanks to an added signal shielding layer.

However, it's worth noting that the format can occasionally fail, but it is not a big deal. With the package including a USB 3.0 cable, user manual, and a three-year manufacturer's warranty, UnionSine delivers both quality and peace of mind.

5 ADATA HD770G External Drive
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The ADATA HD770G External Drive seamlessly combines robust construction with eye-catching aesthetics. The chamfered edges and RGB strips create a visually stunning centerpiece, pulsating with life as the RGB lighting dances across the surface. Meeting MIL-STD-810G 516.6 standards, this drive can endure from up to 1.22 meters, ensuring the safety of your stored data.

The triple-layer construction provides unparalleled protection, featuring a shock-absorbing silicone casing, sturdy buffer, and cushioned mounting for the hard drive. It even surpasses the highest-level IP68 standard, easily guarding against dust and water. This external drive doubles as backup storage for game consoles, enhancing its versatility.

However, one minor drawback is that it may slow down game downloads slightly. This is a small trade-off considering the robust protective features and the overall reliability of the ADATA HD770G External Drive. Overall, this drive is an impressive choice for those who prioritize style and substance in their external storage solutions.

6 Fantom Drives 4TB
Our Score:
Fantom Drives

The Fantom Drives 4TB External Hard Drive excels in both performance and versatility. Preformatted for Windows, it can be easily adapted for Mac use, requiring no software installations. With USB 3.2 Gen 1 technology, transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps become a reality, and the included USB cable ensures a hassle-free experience.

The hard-bodied aluminum casing not only provides sturdy protection for your drives but also acts as a heat sink, keeping temperatures cool. Its compatibility extends across various platforms, including Windows, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox. The USB 3.0 technology allows for transfer rates up to 10 times that of USB 2.0, catering to those working with large audio and video files.

Yet, it's important to note that the Fantom Drives 4TB can sometimes be quite noisy. While this may be a concern for those in noise-sensitive environments, the drive's exceptional features and performance outweigh this minor inconvenience.

7 Silicon Power External Drive
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SP Silicon Power

The Silicon Power External Drive is a stylish and slim external storage device perfect for carrying your important files wherever you go. The flexible cable-carry design allows the rubber stripe to adapt effortlessly to the back or front of the drive. Meeting the rigorous USA military-grade shockproof drop test and IPX4 water-resistant standard, this device shields your precious data from accidental drops and unexpected water splashes. The unique surface also protects against fingerprints, scratches, and friction-induced damage.

In seconds, you can seamlessly transfer large files, from HD videos to high-resolution photos. The SP Widget Software ensures that your files are organized to suit your workflow, streamlining your digital life. One minor issue is that some users might find it quite hard to use initially. However, this can be easily overcome with a short learning curve, considering the device's numerous benefits.

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What to Look For in a best external storage for gaming pc?

You may know that best external storage for gaming pc is a kind of product many customers are hesitant to pay for. It is not due to its quality but the fact that there are many factors you must consider. Nevertheless, all your worry is not a problem for us. Our knowledgeable staff will help you with the right decision.

Tech-evaluated and high-rated products are available in our list of eligible items. Here are some indispensable things you shouldn’t ignore:


External hard drives are workhorses when it comes to capacity. The storage size of external hard drives is exponentially larger than solid-state drives, and current capacities for consumer external hard drives — currently reaching up to 12 TB — are anticipated to continue growing. Solid-state hybrid drives also offer maximum capacity points at affordable prices while solid-state drives are only affordable at lower capacities. High-capacity SSDs continue to be expensive.


External hard drives (SSD+HDD) provide peak performance for booting and high read/write performance for computing that requires enhanced multitasking capabilities. SSHDs can provide near-SSD performance when booting, launching, and loading. HDDs usually provide ample performance for the majority of PC platforms available today.

Battery Life

External hard drives are the most power-efficient. Solid-state hybrid drives come in at a close second for power efficiency, since they frequently spin down more often than hard drives. External storage on a laptop computer will not impact battery life by more than about 10%. The processor power and LCD screen are most responsible for draining the battery.


Solid-state drives are viewed as more durable than traditional hard drives. They don't have moving parts, so they can withstand higher extremes of shock, drop, and temperature.


If the data on your external hard drive is sensitive, encryption is a good idea. Many drives are compatible with software encryption solutions, and those are fine for most people. Some drives ship with strong casings to prevent physical tampering. While Kingston’s Ironkey flash drives don’t offer the same storage capacity as full-scale drives, they have a secondary security layer embedded in the printed circuit board (PCB), dipped in resin. This design makes it hard for anyone to physically access the memory chips inside the drive.


Without any moving parts, solid state drives are the thinnest of all available storage options. They're especially good for thin and light PCs and more complicated, industrial designs. For standard notebooks, solid state drives are available in 7 mm heights. HDDs are available in standard 7 mm and 15mm designs.


Out of the box, external hard drives are formatted for a specific operating system. For example, an external drive formatted for Windows 10 may have problems working with MacOS, and vice versa. Some hard drives are formatted specifically for Linux, too.

This setup isn’t irreversible, however. You can reformat a hard drive or partition it to have different capabilities. But if you want to avoid the hassle, make sure the external drive is compatible with the target operating system.


What is external storage for gaming PCs?

External storage for gaming PCs is a type of storage device that can be connected to a gaming PC to expand its storage capacity. It usually takes the form of an external hard drive, solid state drive, or flash drive.

What are the advantages of using external storage for gaming PCs?

External storage for gaming PCs provides additional storage capacity and can be used to store large amounts of data, such as game libraries, high-resolution textures, and save files. It also allows for easy data transfer between gaming PCs and other devices.

What types of external storage are available for gaming PCs?

The most popular types of external storage for gaming PCs are external hard drives, solid state drives, and flash drives. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider your specific needs before purchasing.

What should I consider when buying external storage for gaming PCs?

When buying external storage for gaming PCs, you should consider the size and speed of the device, as well as the number of ports it has. You should also make sure the device is compatible with your gaming PC.

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