The Best Hard Drives For Storage In 2024

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Best hard drives for storage
Best hard drives for storage

The Rundown

1. Best Of The Best: Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive HDD

The Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive lets you stream, store and share your videos, photos and music. It provides plug and play simplicity for use with your PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Easily access your files from anywhere with its portable design. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: WD Data Storage Hard Drive

The WD 6TB Hard Drive is a plug-and-play storage device. This USB 3.0 external hard drive offers quick and easy setup and simple maintenance. It's perfect for media playback, video editing, and large file transfers from your PC or laptop computer to your Mac or PC. Read Review

3. Best Speed: LaCie Rugged Mini 2TB External Hard Drive HDD

The LaCie Rugged Mini 2TB External Hard Drive HDD is perfect for taking your work with you wherever you go. It's the perfect size for carrying your most important files and it's built to last with tough and rugged construction, dust resistance and shock-proof. Read Review

4. Best Technology: NEWQ Data Storage Hard Drive

NEWQ Hard Drive is a data storage device that allow you to store your photos, videos and other media with ease. It is compatible with most iOS and Android phones, tablets, and computers. This storage drive is also compatible with PC, Mac OS X and Windows. Read Review

5. Best Quality: HWAYO Data Storage Hard Drive

HWAYO Data Storage Hard Drive is a high-speed storage device with USB 3.0 connection that allows you to transfer and view your data on a computer or laptop with the speed of lightning. With an ultra slim 2.5'' design, this drive combines high performance and sleek aesthetics. Read Review

In this article, we will talk about the best hard drives for storage. Storage is the lifeblood of your PC or Mac. You can't run any programs or operate your device if there is no space to store the data you create or view.

Therefore, having a good storage drive is essential for every user and computer user in particular. Hard drives help you store digital files like images, videos, music, documents, etc. Without them, your device would be unable to read those files and run programs. Hence, a hard drive is essential to any computer or device. While most people tend to get confused when looking for the best hard drive for their devices, we have researched so that you don't have to waste time doing the same thing repeatedly!

After nearly 17 hours of research, we were able to come up with many top products from prominent brands like Seagate, Western digital, Lacie, Newq, Hwayo, Wd_black, Toshiba, Ssk, Suhsai, Wuqioei. Among them, We think the best hard drives for storage is Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive HDD. Portable hard drive with USB 3.0 interface for quick and easy data transfers between computers - perfect for storing photos, music, and videos. This hard drive with a USB 3.0 interface for quick and easy data transfers between computers. Alternatively, if you're looking for another option, you may go with WD Data Storage Hard Drive.

Today's article focuses mainly on giving you guidelines and tips to buy the right product that best suits your needs. Explore with us right here.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive HDD
Our Score:

Easily store and access 2TB to content on the go with the Seagate Portable Drive, a USB external hard drive

This USB drive provides plug and play simplicity with the included 18 inch USB 3.0 cable

To get set up, connect the portable hard drive to a computer for automatic recognition no software required

TOP Choice #2 WD Data Storage Hard Drive
Our Score:
Western Digital

Fast data transfers

Plug-and-play ready for Windows PCs

WD quality inside and out

TOP Choice #3 LaCie Rugged Mini 2TB External Hard Drive HDD
Our Score:

Includes 1-month complimentary membership to Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan. Must redeem by January 31, 2020

Uses USB 3.0 which is up to 4 times faster than USB 2.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)

Password protection built in

4 NEWQ Data Storage Hard Drive
Our Score:

Upgraded 2TB Capacity - The capacity of this harddrive has been upgraded from 1TB to 2TB, it's 2000GB, 2 times larger than the previous version. The common photo stick and USB flash drive for iPhone only have the capacity of up to 512 GB, but we use HDD as the storage device, the capacity reaches 2 TB, which means you can save nearly 500,000 photos or 20,000 short videos

Plug and Play - Using this hard drive is very easy, all you need to do is simply connect it to your phone or other mobile devices, then you can start doing the file transfer directly; No matter whether you're using it on a cellphone, or on a computer, the operations are all similar like using a USB flash drive, copy and paste, that's it

Compatible with phones, laptops, iPad, and Computer - Besides being used on iPhone and Android phone, this hard drive also supports computers, iPad, laptops, Macbook, and other mobile devices; You can connect it to any device and copy the files to this hard drive, or move the files back from the hard drive; So transferring files among them becomes easier and more conveniently

5 HWAYO Data Storage Hard Drive
Our Score:

Simple & Ultra slim, the small, light weight enclosure features massive capacity and high quality and reliability.

Ultra-fast Data Transfers - Works with USB3.0 and USB2.0 to deliver, up to 5Gbps transfer speed, which is about 10 times as fast as USB 2.0

Plug and Play - Without software to install, just plug and play with USB connection.

Western Digital’s StableTrac and Dynamic Cache Technology increase reliability and optimize performance

Designed for gamers, system builders, and creative professionals.

Desktop performance gaming hard drive

Versatile design. Includes USB-C and USB-A cables.

Designed for PC, Mac, and Tablet (check compatibility at Toshiba's Consumer HDD website).

USB-C ready, USB 3.0 compatible.

8 Seagate Data Storage Hard Drive
Our Score:

Easily monitor NAS drive health using the integrated IronWolf Health Management system, and enjoy long-term reliability with 1.2M hours MTBF

IronWolf internal hard drives are the ideal solution for up to 24-bay, multi-user NAS server environments that demand powerhouse performance

Store more and work faster with a NAS hard drive that provides ultra-high capacity 12TB and speeds up to 250MB/s

Specifically built for less wear and tear, little to no noise/vibration, no lags or down time, increased file-sharing performance, lower power consumption, and extra data protection—even in the event of power loss

Five-year limited warranty and two-year Rescue Data Recovery Services included

9 SSK Data Storage Hard Drive
Our Score:

Portable: Small size can be carried at any time, Built-in 3800Mah lithium-polymer battery, also can be used as power bank, charge your phones and other USB devices; Note: When the light is flashing red, it indicates low battery, please recharge it

Centralize all your data: Support IOS, Android, Windows, MAC, all have proprietary client software. Centralize all photos, videos, music and files in one safe place and easily access..With USB Host Port , supports all kinds of USB storage devices, such as USB Disk, Card reader etc. and managed by SSKCloud App/Software

Function expansion: External hard drive and Wireless hard drive two working modes( Please note: Two modes can not work at the same time.) Supports USB 3.0 high speed transmission, Supports wireless relay and bridging function. Please don't forget to contact us if you have any questions. We will do our best to help you and provide solutions.

10 Toshiba N300 8TB Internal Hard Drive
Our Score:

High performance 7200 RPM drive with large cache size

Integrated RV sensors to compensate for rotational vibrations

Built for small office and home office NAS

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Buying Guides For Efficiently Picking The best hard drives for storage

Experts advise that it is necessary to take a close look at the style, functionality, and value of the items you love. The most highly recommended way to know if a product is the best is by its quality checking.

The quality of the best hard drives for storage will be a vital factor, which plays a decisive role in your experience of this product. Moreover, you guys always wanna products with high-quality standards and valuable characteristics, which best suits your desired needs.

So, how can you know if your selected best hard drives for storage is of the best quality? The buying guide section below will present to you some tips for the most efficient purchase. Take a close look at the following guides!


HDDs, or hard drives, contain spinning disks that read and write your data. The faster these disks spin—rated in rotations per minute (RPM)—the faster the drive can access data and transfer it to your computer.


Transfer speed is the feature that most people notice on a daily basis. We evaluated each drive with tests that replicated different real-world uses, and we focused on the drives that consistently outperformed the other contenders. Drives that did well on some tests but failed others were unreliable and not worth purchasing.

Cache Memory

This is a cache that functions much like Computer RAM Memory. It stores important files temporarily so that it takes less time to access them on the disk. The larger the cache size, the faster the hard disk will be. However, the difference is not major, and as such, this should not be the biggest determiner.

Size Of The Disk

I understand that you are buying the hard disk in order to eliminate the need to delete some files when you install a new game or add modifications. Also, at a time when a single game can take up to 100GB, Call of Duty WWII is 90GB; it only makes sense that you select the hard disk that will allow you sufficient storage space.


All hard drives eventually die, and there’s no definitive answer on when that day will come. We recommend replacing your backup drives between the third and sixth years of use, if possible. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get metrics on which hard drive models are more reliable over the long run, and even so, there will always be outliers and failures that occur sooner than expected.

Rotation Speed

Did you know that hard drives store information on spinning magnetic plates? The faster these plates spin, the faster the load and access time. The rotation is measured in RPM (Rotations per Minute), and although we recommend hard disks with 7200RPM, 5400RPM is still a good option.

External Vs. Internal HDD

The main advantage of external hard disks is their portability. Which also makes them perfect backups in case your PC is compromised. Desktop PCs allow you room to add extra hard disks, but if you are using a laptop or other gaming device, you will have to replace your existing hard drive.


What is a hard drive?

A hard drive is a device that stores digital data on a magnetic disk or solid-state drive. It is the primary storage device in a computer and is used to save and store all of your data, including documents, photos, music, and videos.

What are the different types of hard drives?

The two main types of hard drives are Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid-State Drives (SSD). HDDs use spinning disks to store data while SSDs use flash memory chips to store data. SSDs are typically faster and more reliable than HDDs, but also more expensive.

How do I choose the right hard drive for my needs?

When choosing a hard drive, you should consider the size and capacity that you need, as well as the type of drive you want (HDD or SSD). You should also consider the performance of the drive and whether you need extra features such as encryption or error correction.

How do I install a hard drive?

Installing a hard drive can vary depending on the type of drive and your computer. Generally, you will need to open up your computer and connect the drive to the motherboard, plug in the power and data cables, and then format the drive. For detailed instructions, please refer to your computer's manual or manufacturer's website.

What is the difference between a hard drive and an SSD?

A4: A hard drive uses spinning platters to store data, while an SSD uses flash memory. Hard drives tend to be larger in capacity and more affordable, while SSDs are faster and more reliable.


In short, we’ve included all the most outstanding best hard drives for storage found on the market during this time. Simultaneously, the detailed description and useful tips for best hard drives for storage selection are shown with clarity. In case you cannot afford these options, then the Wuqioei 8TB External Hard Drive HDD will be your new buddy. If you want more information about the best hard drives for storage, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always here to support you guys!


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