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Vamvo Projector Stand, Portable Projector Tripod Laptop Stand
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1. Best Of The Best: Universal Laptop Projector Tripod Stand

The Universal Laptop Projector Tripod Stand is the perfect accessory to have on hand. It has a universal laptop placement which can be used for any size laptop and adjusts to your desired height. What's more, it's versatile! You can use this stand for anything from presentations to watching movies or simply reading from your laptop. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: Amada Projector Tripod Stand, Foldable Laptop Tripod, Projector Stand

The Amada PGT1 is an all-in-one projector stand, laptop stand and tripod. With three different ways to set up and use our projector stand, the possibilities are endless. Use this sturdy tripod with a height of 42" for movies and presentations, turn it into a standing desk for your laptop with a height of 30" or use it as a music stand for performing, recording or practicing. Read Review

3. Best Connectivity: Projector Stand,Laptop Tripod Stand Adjustable

If you need to have a meeting, conference or presentation in a room without any projector or screen, our projector stand is the answer. Simply mount your projector on the top of the stand and start your presentation. This work stand can also be used as a laptop tripod stand, opening angle is adjustable from 90° to 180°. Read Review

4. Best Easy To Use: Projector Tripod Stand, Foldable Laptop Tripod

With this adjustable projector tripod stand, you can quickly set up and start a laptop workstation in any space. The sturdy design is ideal for laptops, tablets, and projectors. It features an adjustable height of 33" to 51" with a maximum load capacity of 15 lbs. Its foldable design makes it easy to transport or store when not in use. Read Review

If you have a projector, then it makes sense to show that content on the biggest wall in your home. If you don’t have a projector, however, but want to take the experience up a few notches, then it also makes sense to get one. After all, what’s the point of having an amazing house if you can’t use it for something as cool as projecting images? If you’re going to put that much emphasis on using your living room or another space with great visibility and natural light as a projection surface, then why not make things even easier by getting the right accessories beforehand?

Best projector stands are some of those accessories because they help improve the viewing experience quite significantly. With these stands, you can place your projector anywhere in the room without worrying about whether it is at eye level or not. They support most projectors perfectly and don’t cost too much money either. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks:

Our team had to focus on researching for many hours to get such results for readers. This type of study uses customer star ratings and customer interviews on their product experiences. In addition, Universal Laptop Projector Tripod Stand is one of the most wonderful models available, and it comes highly recommended by us. We also show the other fantastic alternatives with a complete guide which is worth your consideration below.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Universal Laptop Projector Tripod Stand
Our Score:
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: This heavy duty portable tripod floor stand features an angle/tilt adjustable device holding tray with a plate size of 14 inch x 11 inch . Its height is adjustable from 22 inch to 35 inch for your convenience
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL: The flexible professional projector mount stand is easy to travel with as it conveniently folds for storage and transport. The foldable tripod leg base and easy telescoping height adjustment makes this stand extremely portable
  • UNIVERSAL PLACEMENT: The cool Pyle foldable device stand supports laptops, recorder, projectors, music notes, books, sound media equipment, etc. It can be used by musicians, DJs, performers, engineers, teachers, and students
  • COLLAPSIBLE FRAME: The slim, light weight and ergonomic desk stand is collapsible and locks in place once set to the desired height. It is made from rugged and durable metal construction while its plate is made from ABS plastic
  • VERSATILE USE: The thin folding computer table can be used for a variety of tasks such as for presentation, recording, reading, and speeches. With the stand’s quick and easy setup it is perfect for home, on stage or in studio, indoor or outdoor use
TOP Choice #2 Amada Projector Tripod Stand, Foldable Laptop Tripod, Projector Stand
Our Score:
  • Multi-functional-Built as a professional projector stand, this tripod is also capable of working as a provisional workstation for your laptops, music book, tablet and so on. This laptop tripod stand allows you to use your projector or laptop for everyday entertainment, conferences, presentations and more.
  • 22lbs Loading Capacity-The tray is 16in(W) x 11in(L) in size and with raised edge for security concerns. This tripod stand can handle heavy loads up to 22lbs, so not only a portable projector can fit, but also a large or standard device. Try it as an outdoor movie tripod stand.
  • Easy to Carry-This laptop tripod stand features a compact and small footprint design. Its foldable frame makes it convenient for storage and carrying around. And with a pre-installed structure, this projector tripod stand is easy to set up in minutes.
  • Pro in Stability-Designed with sturdy metal material and non-slip rubber pads, this projector stand won’t risk your property of tip over or slipping. Even reaches the maximum height, the base with connecting bars will keep a good stability of this laptop stand tripod.
  • Height & Tilt Adjustment-You get a wide height range with this projector tripod stand. The minimum height is 22.44in and the maximum height of this laptop tripod reaches 36in. The top tray can tilt -5° and +45° in direction to make it easier to suit your personal needs.
TOP Choice #3 Projector Stand,Laptop Tripod Stand Adjustable
Our Score:
  • Mult-funcion Tripod Stand: The tray size is 15.04“x 11.14” and supports multiple specifications of equipment, such as laptops, projectors, recorders, music notes, sound media equipment ,etc., podium stand portable,musicians, DJs, engineers, teachers and students. With the convenient setting of the stand, it is perfect for meeting rooms, classrooms, stages, home theaters indoor outdoor,
  • Portable Projector Stand: Foldable design (the tray rotates down, the legs contract, everything folds in), creates a short, compact size,so you can put it in a corner at will, without occupying your space; Detachable design makes the laptop tripod stand easier to carry, and fits perfectly with the zip pocket provided.
  • Durable Construction: The laptop floor stand is made of rugged and durable metal. The bottom is a reinforced tripod structure, which provides great stability and ensures the complete support of the equipment. The supporting lip, sponge gasket and elastic belt of the tray can better ensure the safety of the equipment and prevent the equipment from falling.
  • Easy to install: There are 6 parts in the package, focus on the last picture.No missing accessories, page A+ provides installation steps. It only takes a few minutes to install the projector stand. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Purchase our tall laptop stand with no-risk, any problems of our tripod for projector within 30 days, replacement or refund will be provided.
  • Laptop Stand Adjustable Height:The projector tripod can quickly and easily adjust the height from 17.7 “ to 47.2 ” according to your needs, so you can use your laptop while sitting or standing. When adjusting the height of the stand, please vertically pull the stand joints to adjust the stand. Do not pull the metal piece or the feet of the stand.The tray rotates 300° and can be easily tilted between any angles to provide a comfortable viewing angle.
  • 【Adjustable Tripod for Projector】:Heavy-duty tripod bracket can quickly and easily adjust the height from 17.7''to 47.2''.Tray adjustment of 300°.The tray has raised support lips,and sponge gaskets and elastic bands to protect electronic equipment.Clip-type knobs and elastic bands hold the shelf and tray in place.
  • 【Laptop Workstation】:The rugged laptop desk works well as a portable laptop or notebook computers, projectors, audio equipment.Package Included:stand,tray,gooseneck phone holder,sponge,elastic band. The thin folding computer table can be used for a variety of tasks such as for presentation, recording, reading, and speeches.
  • 【100% Happiness Guaranteed】:The portable projector stand attached installation manual. it is simple and easy to use. you can install the computer/projector floor stand in just a few minutes. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or warranty against manufacturer defects. Just give us a chance to serve you, you will love the high-quality products and fantastic price. risk-free purchase.
  • 【Versatile Use】: With the stand’s quick and easy setup it is perfect for home, on stage or in studio, indoor or outdoor use.The stand supports laptops, recorder, projectors, music notes, books, sound media equipment, etc. It can be used by musicians, DJs, performers, engineers, teachers, and students.
  • 【Durable & Stable】:The laptop stand is designed for rugged metal structure and durable. The tray measures on this laptop tripod is 15.04 ''x11.14''.The design of the tripod provides great stability,ensuring the device is fully supported.
  • UNIVERSAL PLACEMENT: It supports laptops, recorder, projectors, music notes, books, sound media equipment, etc.
  • COLLAPSIBLE FRAME: You can easily fold it up. The top tray is removable.
  • 24 HOURS SERVICES: Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: When adjusted to the lowest height, it can hold up to 120 lb.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Its height is adjustable from 24 inch to 40 inch for your convenience.
  • 【Adjustable Tripod Stand】:Heavy-duty tripod stand can quickly and easily adjust the height from 23''to 63''.Tray adjustment of 180°, tray measures 15.7 by 11.1 inch.So you could sit or stand to use the computer, etc.The tray has raised support lips,and sponge gaskets and elastic bands to protect electronic equipment.
  • 【Durable Use】:The laptop stand is designed for rugged metal structure and durable.The DJ equipment holder is thickened to strengthen the stability of the DJ rack. The design of the tripod provides great stability,ensuring the device is fully supported.
  • 【Multi-Function Laptop Stand】:Laptop tripod stand made from rugged and durable metal construction Aluminum Alloy. This universal projector tripod stand supports for laptops, projectors, recorders, music notes, books, sound media DJ equipment, etc;
  • 【Durable Construction】:Projector stand come with non-slip mat and straps matching to fix product. The bottom is a thick tripod structure, which provides great stability and ensures the complete support of the equipment. The supporting lip, non-slip mat and elastic belts of the tray can better ensure the safety of the equipment and prevent the device from falling.
  • 【Portable Design】:Collapsible design(the handle rotates down, the legs contract, and everything folds in) creates a short, compact size, computer stand is lightweight, package include bag, folds completely for easy is perfect for home, on stage or in studio, indoor or outdoor use.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT AND STABLE: WinisKi projector stand made of extra thick aluminum metal to be more stable, Free Gifts for Sponge Gasket and Elastic Belt to protect equipment from slipping; Height can be changed from 17.6 to 51.4 inch depends on your needs
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Projector tray measures 14.9 by 11.2 inch, supports laptops, recorders, projectors, music notes, books, sound media equipment, etc, can be used by musicians, DJs, performers, engineers, teachers, and students
  • MULTI-FUNCTION LAPTOP STAND: Laptop stand comes with removable mouse tray, gooseneck phone holder, carry bag, sponge gasket and elastic belt, phone holder can 360 rotation, Hook Design is added at the tripod stand bottom to suspend heavy objects and increase stability
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Adjustable legs are perfect for outdoor use to adjust to uneven ground, Non-slip base provides more grip performance; strong yet lightweight aluminum makes it transports easily, easy carry with a durable carry bag in the outdoor
  • EASY ASSEMBLE AND DURABLE: The laptop tripod comes with installation instructions, No extra tool to set up, set up time about 5-10 min, adjustable tray max load 11.1 pounds, Whenever and wherever you have problems or needs, we are always here
  • Adjustable Height, Foldable Tray: Its height is adjustable from 16.5 inch to 45.3 inch for your convenience. You can adjust the stand to any height you want. This portable tripod has a tray size of 15 "x 11". The tray is foldable, durable and easy to carry.
  • Setup Easily: The projector tripod stand is made from Aluminum Alloy (tray is made from ABS plastic), it can be setup easily and effortlessly, solid and strong.
  • Multi-Function Stand: The cool Vamvo foldable tripod stand can be used for Projectors / Laptop /Pad /Photography and so on. And it also fits for different situations, including Home theater, Business meeting, stage, indoor, outdoor etc.
  • Lightweight and Portable: The stand is lightweight and the package includes a carry bag/case, which can help you to carry and store the stand easily, only 0.2 cubic feet.
  • Great for Travel: The flexible professional projector mount stand is convenient for travel as it can be fold easily for storage and transport. The foldable tripod leg base and easy telescoping height adjustment makes this stand extremely portable.
  • [MULTIFUNCTIONAL] The size of the plate of laptop stand tripod is 14.9" x 11", the portable projector stand can be used for projector, laptop, DJ and so on, suit for various scenarios, like home theater, conference, speech, report, DJ, office.
  • [PORTABLE] The projector table stand has a foldable design, you can easily fold it away and take it where you need it.
  • [ADJUSTABLE] The tripod for projector can easily set the height between 17.6 inches and 51.4 inches and it comes with a small gooseneck phone holder, you can adjust the angle of the plate,tripod projector stand give you a comfortable experience.
  • [STABLE] The projector tripod stand is more stable than the bottom tripod bracket. A hook is reserved at the bottom to hang proper weights to make it more stable.
  • [NO SLIP] The stand for projector is equipped with a non-slip mat and two elastic fixing straps. Please lock all the knobs before use
  • 【PORTABLE PROJECTOR STAND】Portable and lightweight design, making it easier to carry outdoors. Assembly in just a few steps, quick installation in minutes, simple to use, perfect projector stand for outdoor movies.
  • 【MULTIFUNCTION LAPTOP TRIPOD】This universal projector tripod stand supports laptops, projectors, recorders, music notes, books, sound media DJ equipment and more; the stand for projector is perfect for home, stage or studio, indoor or outdoor use.
  • 【NEWLY DESIGNED PROJECTOR TRIPOD STAND】We have upgraded this stand for projector in all aspects, including the use of thicker stand, non-slip feet, solid hooks, full angle adjustable tray, built-in level, sponge pad, mouse tray, and phone stand. All the upgrades, only hope to bring better experience.
  • 【DURABLE & STABLE LAPTOP FLOOR STAND】The tripod projector stand is designed with a sturdy metal structure for durability. The newly designed tripod structure provides great stability and ensures complete support for the device.The tray anti-slip pad and elastic band can better secure the device and prevent it from dropping.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE PROJECTOR STAND】Projector stand adjustable tall from 17.6" to 51.4", you can adjust the desired height according to different occasions. Tray measures 14.9" x 11" with 180 degrees rotation, provide a comfortable viewing angle.
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What to Look For in a best projector stands?

Weight Capacity

Projector mount weight must be considered by buyers. There are many sizes available and they can hold projectors of a certain weight. The size and strength of the brackets will determine their weight bearing ability. Projector brackets that are smaller may work well with small- to medium-sized projectors. However, projector stands can be more suitable for larger projectors. Projector mounts designed for smaller projectors can bend or deform under heavy projectors. Make sure the mount you purchase will be able to support your projector's weight.

Type Of Projector Mount

When buying projector mounts, it is important to know what type you are purchasing. This will be determined by whether your projector is going to be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or on a stand. For most people, projector ceiling mounts are the best choice. Ceiling mounts are suitable for rooms of all sizes.
For areas that projector ceiling mounts cannot be used, projection wall mounts work well. This could be spaces with narrow ceilings or false ceilings. Projector stands are an option for users who need maximum mobility or a mobile solution.


An additional tether is available for some units to stop anything falling. You should consider your safety and the integrity of your home when installing projector mounts into walls or ceilings. The plates are equipped with anchors and screws that increase the wall's resistance. Because sheetrock can only be as strong, you should screw these plates into concrete or wooden ceilings. Anchor them if you find beams and studs within the wall.

Build Quality

Projector mounts and brackets should be inspected for quality. The price of the mounts and their quality will determine how durable they are. Mounts that are strong and durable will hold your projector steady for many years. A lightweight bracket might not work well with bulky projectors. The bracket may crack or bend due to weight, which could cause damage to your ceiling or walls. Buyers must be careful about the quality of universal mounts.
Before buying projector brackets, there are some other things buyers should consider. Integrated cable management is a small, but useful feature in projector brackets. The integrated cable management system should allow for the routing of power and display cables in an organized and neat manner. It should also be simple to mount or bracket a projector. It is important that all the necessary hardware and instructions for installation are included. If the user requires professional installation assistance, it should be offered.


Some projectors can also tilt and extend. An extending mount can be used to access vaulted ceilings or other decorative areas.

Fixed Vs. Adjustable Mounts

When buying projector brackets, another thing you should consider is whether or not you would like a fixed model. Your projector will remain in its original position after it has been installed if you use a fixed amount. Fixed mounts can be used in situations where the screen and projector do not need to move.

After installation, an adjustable or rotating mount for projectors allows you to adjust the projector's position. The projector can be tilted, swiveled, or rotated as needed. If you need to adjust the location of your projection screen, adjustable brackets and rotating mounts are the best options. These mounts also allow for greater flexibility in installation. The projector can be tilted and swiveled to align it with the screen. You can choose from fixed or rotating mounts depending on what you need. Consider the flexibility of a rotating mount when buying one. Buyers who require a mobile option can also purchase adjustable projector stands.

Universal Vs. Dedicated Mounts

The second choice for projector mount purchasers is between dedicated and universal mounts. The universal mounts can be used to fit a variety of models and brands. Multiple mounting holes allow for the mounting of multiple projectors. Mounts that are dedicated to a particular brand or model of projector can be mounted with special holes. These mounts may not be able to support all projectors, but they can still hold a lot more than a universal one.

A universal projector mount is more costly than a dedicated mount. A universal mount is more cost-effective if you plan to swap projectors often. The mount can be used with your projector, so you don't need to replace it. A dedicated mount or bracket is an option for buyers who intend to keep their projectors going strong over the years.

Height Adjustment

When buying projector ceiling mounts, height adjustment should be taken into consideration. Telescopic height adjustment is supported by a number of models. As required, you can adjust the distance between the projector and the ceiling. This is ideal for rooms with a projector screen that is very low to the ceiling. The projector can be lowered so that images fit within the borders of the screen. For small spaces, a height-adjustable ceiling mount for projectors can also be useful. The projector can be extended for movie viewing and then retracted. This will prevent the projector from being in the way of people's eyes and also keep them from bumping into it.

There are even extendable projector wall mounts. The arm of these mounts can be extended in order to position the projector at the centerline on the screen. Telescoping wall mounts for projectors might not be as strong as ceiling mounts. If you are in need of an extendable ceiling or wall mount, it is worth looking into. There may be a variety of telescopic adjustment options for different projector mounts. Choose the one that best suits your needs.


What Is A Projector Mount?

To give you better projector image, projector mounts are used to hold the projector in place. They usually have a four-arm system with bolts and bolts. Problem with mounting your projector on a table or desk is the lens angle can cause distortions to the screen or wall behind you. This is a common problem and makes it easier to disturb the projected image.

How Long Do Projector Mount Last?

The type and use of the projector stand will determine how long it lasts. Projector stands that are stored in a dry environment can be used indefinitely.
If stored correctly, stands made of heavy-gauge, cold-rolled steel and powder-coated aluminium are very durable. While tabletop projector stand will eventually wear down sooner than electronic devices, most of them will be able to last as long or even longer than any other projector. The adjustment knobs on frequently used stands can wear down or become stuck over time. The nonstick feet on a tripod projector may wear down.

Is It Hard To Mount A Projector?

Installing a projector is usually quite simple. The first thing you need to do is find the right place. You will need to know the screen height, vertical offset, and throw distance. This may seem complicated. The manual for your projector will make things easier. Mounts are designed to work the same as the original mount. You will attach the mount to your projector, then you can screw it into the ceiling. You will need to locate a ceiling joint, which is usually done using a stud finder.

Is A Wall, Ceiling, Or Tripod Mount Best For Projectors?

The screen size, type, and space available will all affect the outcome. The typical projector for a living room may include options to mount the ceiling or mount on walls, as well as the option of using a locking tripod. The advantages of projector stands include the ability to be more mobile and easier to adjust and maintain, as well as being portable.

What Is The Best Spot For The Projector?

Every projector will have a different screen size and maximum distance. The best place for your projector will vary depending on the device. Your projector should be at least one-third of the height of the intended screen. You will lose screen width if your projector is too high. If you have high ceilings, it is important to purchase a projector mounting with a long arm to allow the mount to drop in line with your screen.

How Far Down Does The Projector Mount Extend From The Ceiling?

This will vary depending on which model you have and whether your height can be adjusted. Projector mounts are approximately five inches in length from the ceiling. Mounts can be extended up to 24 inches depending on the need.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Projector Mount?

The wall mounts protect projectors against damage. The wiring can be run directly through the central pipe of periscope units or through some metal openings in low profile mounting brackets. Safety, wire management and less disruption to the picture are all benefits. This means you don’t need to take a table just to place your projector. It can be left up and used only when it is needed.
You can also create a media room. The projector mounts don't lock down your project permanently. Instead, they have quick hooks that allow you to remove it in just a few seconds. They give you a safe, secure place to store your projector and make it easier for you to get media quickly since they don't require any setup.

Why Do You Need A Good Projector Mount?

For good image quality, a stable and secure mount for the projector is vital. Small wobbles can cause distracting movement of the image on your screen. A projector mount solution that is right for your screen size will ensure the proper positioning.

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