The 10 Best Split Screen Monitors, Tested And Researched

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Best Split Screen Monitors
Best Split Screen Monitors

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: ASUS TUF Gaming Monitors

With a refresh rate of 200Hz, ASUS TUF Gaming Monitors are engineered to give you the smoothest gaming experience. ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Technology with 1ms response time and ASUS RGB lighting with 127% sRGB ensures that you'll be able to enjoy high-quality visuals. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: ViewSonic Elite XG340C Monitors

The ViewSonic Elite XG340C Monitors are the ultimate 4K gaming monitors with a 1440p UWQHD resolution, 1ms response time and 180Hz refresh rate. The Immersive 1000R curved viewing experience with panoramic images and AMD FreeSync Premium Technology automatically corrects frame rates and eliminates tearing picture to play the game super smooth. Read Review

3. Best Quality: SAMSUNG Odyssey Ark Monitors

Samsung's Odyssey ARK is a 55-inch 1000R Curved Display with 4 corner speakers and 2 center woofers. This display offers an amazing 165Hz refresh rate, virtually eliminating lag so you can see ultra-smooth action, and sound that is clear and immersive. Read Review

4. Best Reliable: LG 27MP450-B Monitor

The LG 27MP450-B Monitor is a Full HD IPS display with near bezel-less tri-edge design for wide viewing angles and rich colors. Read Mode and Flicker Safe protect your eyes and reduce eye strain from the LED backlight. AMD FreeSync manage refresh rate, reduce screen tearing for smooth visuals, and the monitor features low input lag for more responsive gameplay. Read Review

5. Best Design: INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor

INNOCN 29" Ultra-wide-screen monitor is a high definition computer monitor that gives you top-notch picture/video quality viewing experience, 3-sided Virtually borderless for ultra-wide viewing angles, Height and swivel adjustable stand for you to have the most comfortable view. Read Review

When you’re working in front of a computer, it can be difficult to see everything that’s on the screen. That’s why it can be important to have a monitor that’s easy to read and doesn’t get in the way. A split screen monitor enables you to see two different things at once.

For example, you could keep your chat window open while reading an article on another screen. This way, you won’t have to switch back and forth between programs every time you want to check something. Read on for more info about split-screen monitors, and our recommendations for the best ones out there.

After nearly 20 hours of research, we were able to come up with many top products from prominent brands like Asus, Viewsonic, Samsung, Lg, Innocn, Dell, Hp, Sceptre. Among them, We think the best split screen monitors is ASUS TUF Gaming Monitors. Designed for those who demand the best gaming experience, the ASUS TUF Gaming Monitors feature a super-fast 200Hz refresh rate, ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Technology enables 1ms response time to eliminate ghosting and tearing, and a 127% sRGB Color Gamut delivers superb contrast and color. Alternatively, if you're simply looking for another option, you may go with ViewSonic Elite XG340C Monitors.

Our article today focuses mainly on giving you guidelines and tips to be able to buy the right product that best suits your needs. Explore with us right here.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 ASUS TUF Gaming  Monitors
Our Score:

127% sRGB color gamut delivers great contrast and color for gaming performance.

Connectivity ports include DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI (v2.0) x2, USB Hub 3.0

FreeSync Premium delivers a seamless, tear-free gaming experience by enabling VRR (variable refresh rate) by default.

TOP Choice #2 ViewSonic Elite XG340C  Monitors
Our Score:

VESA DISPLAYHDR 400: Witness the next evolution in open-world storytelling with realistic, contrasting visuals from a peak luminance of 400 nits and detailed HDR in-game enhancement

ULTRA-SMOOTH GAMING: AMD FreeSync Premium technology automatically calibrates frame rates and eliminates screen tearing for ultra-smooth gameplay

LESS CABLE CLUTTER: In addition to fast data, audio and video transfer, USB C cable also provides quick 65W charging for smartphones and tablet-class portable devices

TOP Choice #3 SAMSUNG Odyssey Ark  Monitors
Our Score:

INCREDIBLE 4K GAMING REFRESH RATES: Ark’s 165Hz refresh rate virtually eliminates lag for ultra-smooth action; Identify enemies with the help of a 1ms response time, precise mouse movements, and blur-free frames with minimized ghosting

MULTI VIEW: Ark’s Multi View feature allows users to utilize up to 4 screens at once, all on the 55” wide screen; Plus, built-in apps like YouTube and Samsung TV Plus offer a Smart TV experience so gamers can play, stream and browse all on one screen****

HDR10+ GAMING: From gloomy shadows to sun-scorched scenes, the 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio enables enhanced color expression and depth; HDR10+ automatically adapts games in real-time to show you every detail that could lead to victory

4 LG 27MP450-B Monitor
Our Score:

Computer monitor features a Full HD IPS Display with a three-side, virtually borderless design for wide viewing angles and rich colors

AMD FreeSync technology helps eliminate stuttering and tearing in videos and games with compatible video cards

Reducing blue light to help lessen eye fatigue, Reader Mode provides optimal condition for reading

Uni-body design with ultra-narrow bezel and tilt adjustment is the ideal screen for a desktop setup, or mount with 75 x 75 mm bracket sizing

OnScreen Control software allows you to control various display settings with a single mouse click

5 INNOCN  Ultrawide Monitor
Our Score:

【3-Side Virtually Borderless】Ultra narrow bezels, much wider viewing area, ideal productive tool for editing, creator

【Endless Creativity and Boost Productivity with INNOCN Monitor】INNOCN monitor focus on color, provide excellent viewing experience when you're working from home, office duty, design, photo/video editing and gaming. All the accessories are included in the package, and you'll have our 7*24 hours online quick technology resolution customer service

【USB C, DP and HDMI Ports】 This USB C computer monitor have richful interfaces: 1 x DP 1.4, 1 x USB C 65W Power Delivery, 1 x HDMI 2.1, 1 x 3.5MM Audio Jack. We cancelled the traditional DVI/VGA ports and adopt much powerful USB Type C and DP interface, you can directly connect your USB C devices such as laptop, Mac, Phones, Tablets and more, It's much more convenient

【29 Inch Ultrawide Computer Monitor & WFHD】INNOCN 29" WFHD 2560*1080p ultrawide screen computer monitor provides you top picture/video quality viewing experience, it delivers advanced IPS panel with LCD Backlit Technology, 178° wide viewing angle and 3-side ultra narrow bezel design,1000:1 contrast ratio,16.7m colors, 75hz refresh rate, ∆E<2

【Height & Pivot Adjustable Stand】Height Adjustable, Pivot is adjustable: left/right: 45°, up/down±5",Forward: 5°, Backward: 20°, Pivot: ±90°, Ergonomic design for daily usage

PERFECT FOR DUAL MONITOR USAGE with powerful multitasking split screen features – PBP/PIP and easy to use embedded split screen software

34-INCH ULTRAWIDE MONITOR with WQHD resolution (3440 x 1440p).Wall-Mount (Size mm) 100.0 x 100.0

AMD FREESYNC synchronizes the refresh rate of your graphics card and widescreen monitor to reduce image tear and stutter

FORM & FUNCTION: With ultra-slim bezels design, Full HD (1920x1080p) resolution, and premium IPS panel, this monitor looks as good as it performs

INCLUDED IN THE BOX: LCD Monitor, Power Cable, HDMI Cable

FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: The VX3276-MHD supports laptops, PCs, and Macs with HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA inputs

8 LG 29WN600 Monitor
Our Score:

AMD FreeSync. Display Position Adjustments-Tilt

HDR 10 Compatible

Ideal Size for Home Offices

SRGB 99% Color Gamut

3-Side Virtually Borderless Design

29” Ultra wide Full HD (2560 x 1080) IPS Display

9 INNOCN Ultrawide Monitor 43.8"
Our Score:

【USB Type C, DP and HDMI Ports】44C1G widescreen monitor delivers powerful USB C power delivery connectivity and have richful interfaces: 1 x DP, 1 x USB C, 2 x HDMI, 1 x 3.5MM Audio Jack, you can directly connect your USB C devices such as Laptop, Mac, Phones, Tablets, Gaming Console( like Switch, PS5/4/3, XBOX Series etc) . It's much more convenient


【Excellent Split Screen Monitor for Productivity】 Equipped Split Screen technology which can enhance the productivity for multi-tasking such as data analysis, photo / video editing etc, you will not go wrong with any details, produce more fun and innovative things with INNOCN monitor. We provide 1-year product quality service and 7*24 hours quick solution for any product/order issue. Buy at ease!

【32:9 Ultrawide Monitor 44" & IPS】 Premium ADS panel delivers double FHD 1080p resolution 120hz monitor for content creation and gaming, 32:9 aspect ratio bring more wider visual than ordinary 16:9 monitor, +29% viewable area than 34 inch wide monitor, capture game details more clearly for quick response. Tilt / Swivel / Height Adjustable meet different viewing visions

【AMD FreeSync Premium & HDR 400 Technology】 INNOCN 44C1G ultrawide computer monitor adopt high dynamic range (HDR) technology with professional color gamut (96% DCI-P3) delivers high contrast 1000:1 and color performance that meets the Display HDR 400 and AMD FreeSync Premium, bring smooth images and video viewing experience

10 Dell U4320Q Monitor
Our Score:

Display Type: LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix

Diagonal Size: 42.5" (107.9cm)

Panel Type: IPS

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What to Look For in a best split screen monitors?

Actually, when you decide to invest in best split screen monitors for yourself, lots of things to consider! It's harder to choose since the product comes with many types, functions, and features from different manufacturers. That’s why you should find a reliable space to acquire knowledge related to the item. 

We’ve highlighted the essential features of the best split screen monitors below. Along with checking out the list of best models in the list, you should also carefully read the buying guide here:

Response Time

Response time is an important feature when buying a gaming monitor because it affects the speed at which action happens on the screen. Lower response times are better and monitors with TN panels tend to have the quickest response times.


When choosing your PC monitor, you’ll need to think about how you plan to use your monitor. If you plan to watch films and TV or edit photos and video, you’ll need a range of ports. You may also consider a monitor with multiple USB ports, enabling you to easily connect game controllers, memory sticks, smartphones and other devices.

Screen Size

Screen size is measured from corner to corner diagonally. Monitor screen size generally starts from 15” up to 34”. The standard screen size is now 22”. Larger screen sizes offer more versatility, you benefit from larger viewing angles, better designs with more features and greater choice with connection ports. As much as we would all enjoy a large screen, it’s not always practical. You need to consider the space you have available. Most importantly, you need to consider your budget, generally the larger the screen size, the pricier the monitor.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the number of times per second the monitor refreshes its image. Refresh rate is measured in hertz, the higher the number the more times per second the monitor refreshes. A higher refresh rate will improve motion resolution which means moving images will appear sharper. 60Hz is the minimum for a good quality monitor experience. But if you’re choosing a monitor for gaming purposes you want to go higher so your gaming experience will be smoother.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is the width and height of the monitor and how it displays images and videos on screen. Older monitors have 4:3 ratios and are not suitable for widescreen formats. New monitors have 16:9 ratios which offer widescreen format or 21:9 ratios which offer ultra-wide format.


Resolution is the number of pixels in each dimension that can be displayed on a PC monitor. The higher the resolution, the sharper the picture quality. The most popular resolution is 1920x1080, which offers a good balance between space and picture quality. If you opt for a higher resolution, be sure your graphics card can handle the demand. Those using their monitor for gaming and professional use need to opt for higher resolution monitors. Resolution is often described in shorthand numbers such as "1920x1080", which refers to the number of horizontal lines on the display.

Panel Type

Panel type is the material the monitor screen is made from. The most common type of monitor is an LCD panel. There are different types of LCD panels available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


A bright screen is important if you’re working in a brightly lit room. The spec is expressed as candelas per square meter, or cd/m². The higher the number, the better. You can also adjust the brightness of a PC monitor with buttons or onscreen controls.


What is a split screen monitor?

A split screen monitor is a computer monitor that has two or more sections for displaying different applications at the same time. It allows users to view multiple programs, documents, or windows simultaneously, which can be useful for multitasking or comparing different information.

How do I set up a split screen monitor?

Setting up a split screen monitor is typically easy and requires minimal setup. Most monitors come pre-configured with multiple display sections, which can be adjusted by using the monitor's on-screen display menu. If your monitor does not come with a split screen feature, you can use software to configure the display.

What are the benefits of using a split screen monitor?

Split screen monitors can help improve productivity by allowing users to view multiple applications, windows, or documents at the same time. This can be useful for multitasking, comparing information, or collaborating with others. Additionally, split screen monitors can save space on desks and in offices, as they take up less space than two separate monitors.

Are there any drawbacks to using a split screen monitor?

One potential drawback of using a split screen monitor is that each display section may have a lower resolution than a single monitor. Additionally, depending on the software used, the display may experience lag or stuttering when running multiple programs at the same time.

Can I connect multiple monitors to split screen?

Yes, you can connect multiple monitors to split screen. Depending on your video card, you may need an adapter to connect the monitors. Once the monitors are connected, you can adjust the settings in your computer's display settings to split the monitors into multiple different screens. This will allow you to view multiple documents or applications at once, increasing your productivity.

After knowing the suitable kinds of best split screen monitors and the features you wish, it’s high time for you to start your shopping. Note that you shouldn’t run out to a particular store or start scrolling through online sales just yet. With the development of technology, especially the expansion of sale sites, you can easily find your buddy. 

Remember to check out our site weekly round-up to ensure that the current sales on best split screen monitors perform well in our tests. So you can catch up with them as soon as possible. Would you please give us your feedback for better service? Many thanks!

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