The 10 Best Work From Home Desks For Small Spaces Of 2023, Tested By Our Experts

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Best Work From Home Desks For Small Spaces
Best Work From Home Desks For Small Spaces

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Coleshome 31 inch Home Office Desk

The Coleshome 31-inch desk is perfect for any home office or workspace. It offers a modern and stylish design that will blend in with any decor. This desk is made with durable materials and is sturdy enough for everyday use. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: JOISCOPE 40 inches Home Office Desk

The JOISCOPE 40 inches home office desk is the perfect addition to any home office or study. This desk is crafted from durable materials and features a wooden storage shelf, a two-tier industrial design, and a splice board. Read Review

3. Best Easy To Assemble: 4NM 31.5" Home Office Desk

The 4NM 31.5" computer desk is the perfect solution for small space offices. This desk features a convenient storage bag to help keep your home office organized and a simple assembly folding design for easy setup. Read Review

4. Best Unique: Homieasy 47 Inch Home Office Desk

This Homieasy 47 Inch desk is the perfect desk for any small space! With its L-shaped design, it fits perfectly in corners to maximize space. The desk is sturdy and durable, making it an ideal choice for your home office. Read Review

5. Best Convenience: Cubiker 47" Home Office Desk

The Cubiker 47" desk is the perfect blend of practicality and style. The sleek, modern design features a spacious 47" tabletop and a storage shelf and bookshelf to store all your important documents and supplies. Read Review

Working from home has become a popular choice for those looking to become more productive with their time and for those who want to save money by avoiding the cost of renting an office space. However, finding a suitable desk for a small area can be challenging when furnishing a home office. Finding a functional and aesthetically pleasing desk can be challenging, especially with limited square footage. Fortunately, many options are available today to help make the most of a small space.

The best work-from-home desks for small spaces provide ample and adjustable storage to fit users' needs. From adjustable corner desks with drawers to floating wall-mounted desks, there are plenty of options for those who need to maximize their space. Additionally, there are a variety of materials, colors, and designs to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect desk to fit any style and budget. This guide explores some of the best work-from-home desks for small spaces to find the perfect one for your home office.

Our team had to focus on researching and sifting through 16 hours to get such results for readers. As a result, We believe the best work from home desks for small spaces is Coleshome 31 inch Home Office Desk. This sturdy desk features a simple yet stylish design, with a smooth desktop and a spacious drawer that is perfect for organizing all necessary supplies. If you're seeking additional options and more in-depth advice, check out the following buying guide & FAQs.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Coleshome 31 inch Home Office Desk
Our Score:

The Coleshome 31-inch desk is ideal for the space in the small corner, providing ample leg room and storage space. You can be surprised that the little desk offers sufficient space for working. Thanks to the dedicated computer desk, you can efficiently work and study wherever, including the office, home, or classroom. It has a simple yet contemporary design, with a smooth tabletop and a roomy drawer ideal for storing all your essential materials neatly tucked away and out of sight.

 This desktop is waterproof and resistant to scratching, making it very simple to clean. Its legs, which have a high thickness, can support heavy-duty items without buckling or breaking. The melamine veneer tabletop is dust-free, heat-resistant, and waterproof; a moist cloth is all you need to wipe the table. Because the desk is constructed from long-lasting materials, it can readily withstand the wear and tear of regular use. However, it would be best to have more support on the bottom.

TOP Choice #2 JOISCOPE 40 inches Home Office Desk
Our Score:

The JOISCOPE 40-inch computer desk is perfect for those looking for a stylish, modern, small, functional desk to complete their home office or study. It has adequate space for all work-related necessities, including a sturdy wooden storage shelf and a two-tier industrial modern laptop table with a splicing board. This top shelf gives additional storage space, making it ideal for storing books, papers, or files, while the splice board lends an air of originality and chicness to the overall appearance.

This work surface features a straightforward design that makes it ideal for use in a home office or study setting. It features a multi-purpose storage function and provides a two-layer shelf, saving you space in your living quarters. The solid metal frame ensures durability and stability, and the adjustable feet make it easy to tailor the height to your preferences and requirements. Additionally, it offers storage options that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, the screws with the bolts are a bit short.

TOP Choice #3 4NM 31.5" Home Office Desk
Our Score:

This 4NM 31.5-Inch desk is perfect for small office spaces. It comes with a carrying bag and has a simple construction process, allowing you to set it up and get to work quickly. Its surface is spacious enough for working on a laptop computer or writing, and the legs fold up neatly out of the way when the desk is not in use. This desk is an excellent addition to any tiny office area, whether you work from home or need a place to study. It is suitable for any scenario.

The product is an excellent choice for home offices and study spaces because it is created from long-lasting materials that sustain constant usage. This makes the desk a versatile piece of furniture. The 4NM computer desk has available folding capabilities. It only takes a few seconds to either fold or unfold it. The fact that it folds up into such a small footprint helps you make better use of the space that you have available. While it is a sturdy desk, it may be a bit heavy.

4 Homieasy 47 Inch Home Office Desk
Our Score:

The Homieasy 47 Inch desk is an excellent choice for corner locations with limited floor space simple contemporary desk has an appearance reminiscent of an industrial charm. It can easily be tucked into a corner to maximize space. The shelves under your desk provide adequate space for your books and files, while storage bags free you from the hassle of dealing with dirty tiny items. This desk offers a spacious workstation that can be utilized for various home office pursuits, including gaming, studying, and writing.

This work surface is resistant to scratches, waterproof, and simple to clean. The L-shaped computer desk features a premium metal frame and high-quality MDF Board as its primary building materials. The desk frame is constructed out of heavy-duty steel that has been powder coated, which provides both stability and longevity. You can maximize the use of the limited space in the corner of the room by fixing the shelving units on either the left or the right side, depending on the working environment. However, after extended use, the USB plugs may not work correctly. Other than that, everything works very well.

5 Cubiker 47" Home Office Desk
Our Score:

The Cubiker computer desk with top shelves and a bottom bookshelf is an appropriate workplace for home office activities. It gives adequate space for your computer, monitor, printer, and other home office activities such as writing and studying. When you put your screen on it, the clever design of the top shelf not only helps you keep your head up and makes your desktop look much neater. The method of bottom bookshelf provides a substantial amount of space for storing books, files, and various office and household necessities.

The desk's metal frame and various desk boards offer stability and longevity. Also, the desk's adjustable leg pads provide even more strength, ensuring you enjoy using this desk for your work. This desk comes with a complete installation manual as well as installation videos to aid you in putting together the desk more quickly and efficiently. Once you've completed the assembly process, you'll like this desk with shelves (15-25 minutes). Although the monitor shelf may not be very deep, this desk is still excellent overall.

The desk features three preset buttons that allow you to adjust the height to any level between 27.6 and 47.3 inches. The ingenious design of the upper shelf, which combines a pair of drawers, helps you keep things tidy and organized and keeps your head in the ideal position when you lay your screen on the desktop. The lift system is durable steel that supports up to 176 pounds. The desktop is delivered to you already packaged in the splicing board, and it features a cable management tray and two hooks.

This item of FEZiBO furniture is a modern interpretation of the traditional roll-top desk. It combines elements of history with colors reminiscent of the past. The design of the two drawers contributes to an overall improvement in the decor, enables one to create more room for a neat and orderly way of life, and makes it simpler to organize one's belongings. However, the front of the desk is a bit unstable, but it does not affect your work efficiency.

7 ODK 27.5 inch Home Office Desk
Our Score:

This desk measures 27.5" and is ideal for use in bedrooms and other spaces with limited space. When gaming, working, or studying, ensure that your monitor, printer, and other devices are neatly organized, provide close-up comfort, and have adequate area for your arms. You can raise the screen of your computer display using a monitor shelf to improve your visibility and lessen the strain on your neck and back. Using the storage shelf under the desk, you can keep your books, binders, and files organized and within easy reach.

This compact computer Office desk has a bottom shelf and is supported by a durable steel frame in the shape of an R. This makes it capable of supporting big weights. In the meantime, the bottom adjustable leg pads ensure that the table will remain sturdy even when placed on uneven ground. This desk has easy-to-understand installation instructions, numbered pieces, and all required instruments. You won't have to go through any hassle to assemble the computer table, so you can focus on having fun doing it. Unfortunately, the main surface of the desk doesn't extend under the monitor shelf. Overall the desk is perfect for small places.

8 Tangkula 28" Home Office Desk
Our Score:

Detailed Instructions & Water-proof Surface: The package comes with detailed instructions to help you complete the installation faster. This desk has been painted to provide good water and stain resistance. With just a soft cloth, you can easily bring back its luster.

Premium Material & Solid Construction: Made of solid material, there is no doubt that the top of the table is not only wear-resistant, but also with a natural charm. Our corner table has a reliable triangular structure and solid connections. More, the anti-slip foot pads protect your floor as well as increase the stability.

Space-saving Corner Desk: The right-angle edge of the triangular desk fits snugly into the corner. You can place this corner table on the left or right side of the room as you wish. It will help you free up valuable floor space and make your room less crowded.

9 Weehom 39 inch Home Office Desk
Our Score:

Stability - This computer desk sturdy desk makes with durable steel leg construction and white-colored carbon fiber laminated top,thick four metal legs ensure stability and design of adjustable leg pads,makes the table keep stable on an uneven floor.

Computer Writing Desk Dimension-39.4 * 19.9 * 29.3 Inches (L*W*H), White Desktop, Black Frame.

Easy to assembly - Finish the assembly following the clear installation manual. All accessory and detailed instructions are included.

10 Dekhaoxe 31.5 inch Home Office Desk
Our Score:

【Universal Wheel with Lock】Flexible Moving & Multifunctional Uses- Due to the high-quality rubber wheels, it can move freely and work as an computer desk with wheels in office, an adjustable mobile laptop desk at home and a mobile laptop stand desk, rolling cart in room.

【Multifunctional Movable Desk 】It is used for simple dining table, laptop table, study table, service table, writing desk or computer workstation with adjustable height. Suitable for office, living room, study, lounge or bedroom, small apartment.

【After-sales service】If you receive any damage or defect, please contact us immediately. We will provide you with a 100% refund or resend quality products, so please feel free to contact us.

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What to Look For in a best work from home desks for small spaces?

We're sure you've purchased something and afterward regretted it. We are all concerned about the items we purchase. The easiest method to prevent these concerns is to conduct a thorough study before purchasing the best work from home desks for small spaces.

That is also why we decided to introduce this post in order to provide you with advice on how to avoid buying errors when selecting the best work from home desks for small spaces.


Most computer desks arrive either as assembled or ready to assemble. Mostly the variants like the ones made of metal and processed wood will come as ready to assemble. Whereas the premium ones will come as assembled. After the pandemic, there has been a spike in demand for computers for online classes. However, the ready to assemble tables no matter how skillful they are put together won't be able to match up to the visual appeal of pre-assembled computer tables.


Ergonomics according to google refers to the application of the principles of psychology and physiology to design and engineer products that are appealing to the end-users. So, by applying the same principles here, a computer desk should have a pull-out keyboard tray, shelves that are elevated, an option to adjust the height, etc. It will be ideal for the users.


Computer desks come in a wide range of sizes, and the best option for you will depend on your space and the items you plan to keep on the desk. If you have a large computer setup with a sizable monitor and many accessories, you’re going to need a larger desk. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the height of the desk, which can affect whether it’s comfortable to work at for long periods of time. A desk height between 28 and 30 inches is generally recommended.


When choosing a computer desk, one of the most popular shapes is the hutch desk. Choose a desk that can be easily accommodated in your room, and based on where you put it, choose one of the following shapes: L-shaped corner desk, U-shaped desk, or rectangular desk.


There are a variety of different computer desks out there, some of which are more feature-rich than others. Some features you may want to look for include cable management systems, height-adjustable desktops, integrated electrical outlets or USB plugs, and special storage compartments for computer accessories.


A computer desk can make a big impact on the look and feel of the room it inhabits. Style preferences vary, as does the preferred atmosphere of a workspace. Some people may want an ornately carved, bohemian-style desk that can act as a beautiful design statement and liven up the room. Others may want a minimalist desk that draws as little attention as possible.


Many computer desks have built-in storage, including drawers, cabinets, and shelves. If you have a keyboard or tower for your computer, you may want to look for a desk that offers special storage for these items. Similarly, people who have a lot of paperwork often benefit from desks with built-in filing drawers.


Computer desks are commonly made out of wood, MDF, or particle board. Wood desks are typically expensive, MDF and particle board desks are less expensive to produce, but not as durable, and metal desks are a popular middle ground. If designed well, these desks are sturdy and long-lasting, but usually cost and weigh less than solid wood.


What type of work from home desk is best for a small space?

The best type of work from home desk for a small space is one that is adjustable in height, is lightweight, and can be easily moved around. A wall-mounted desk or a foldable laptop desk can both be great options for a small space.

What should I look for when choosing a work from home desk for a small space?

When choosing a work from home desk for a small space, look for one that is lightweight, adjustable in height, and can be easily moved around. Additionally, consider the size of the desk and make sure it is not too large for the space.

How can I make the most of a small space for a work from home desk?

To make the most of a small space for a work from home desk, consider using adjustable shelves and wall-mounted shelves to maximize the space. Additionally, use a foldable laptop desk or a standing desk to free up more space in your work area.

Are there any other furniture pieces I can use in my small space for work from home?

Yes! Apart from desks, there are other furniture pieces to consider. A floor lamp is a great option for small spaces, as it adds lighting without taking up much room. Additionally, floating shelves can provide extra storage without taking up floor space. If you need extra seating, you can also consider a corner chair or ottoman.


Finally, the best work from home desks for small spaces may be readily used and offers a range of options to meet your needs. When looking for another kind of best work from home desks for small spaces, which we recommend  DLisiting 31 Inch Home Office Desk, all of these characteristics are significant. 

We've combed through all of this data in order to assist you in making the best decision possible. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help you discover the best work from home desks for small spaces in the comments section below!

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