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DJTECH SOUNDGRAPH6102 2-Channel 31-Band Graphic Equalizer
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1. Best Of The Best: DJTECH SOUNDGRAPH6102 2-Channel 31-Band Graphic Equalizer

DJTECH’s SoundGraph6102 is a high-quality 2-channel 31-band equalizer that features LED illuminated faders, making it a welcome addition to any touring rack or for home studio. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Rolls EQ570 Audio Equalizer

The Rolls EQ570 Audio Equalizer is a rack-mountable audio equalizer that provides a variety of different facilities to adjust your audio. Designed for professional and semi-professional environments, this EQ is an excellent option for versatility and quality. Read Review

3. Budget Pick: Audiopipe EQ-909X 9 Band Equalizer

Audiopipe EQ-909X is a 9-band parametric equalizer with a frequency range from 50Hz to 16KHz. Get the best sound quality of your car audio system, even if you don't have a subwoofer. Read Review

4. Best Performance: Behringer ULTRAGRAPH PRO FBQ3102HD High-Definition 31-Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer

The Behringer ULTRAGRAPH PRO FBQ3102HD high-definition 31-band stereo graphic equalizer is a powerful and versatile audio processor that provides precise control of the sound. Read Review

In the digital age, we consume a lot of music. It’s available to us at almost every moment of the day and it comes in a variety of different formats. Regardless of how or where we listen to our music, most people agree that the quality has been steadily declining over the last decade or so.

If you’re like most people, you probably listen to your music on headphones fairly often as well. If you do, you know that even high-end headphones can sound tinny and unbalanced from time to time. This is when a dedicated home stereo equalizer comes in handy. A home stereo equalizer is a nifty bit of audio equipment that helps balance out the frequency response on your speakers and headphones so they sound their best (i.e., more balanced).

Depending on your needs, there are a number of different types of home stereo equalizers to choose from as well. Among the top models, we trust DJTECH SOUNDGRAPH6102 2-Channel 31-Band Graphic Equalizer is the greatest of the best. If you were unsatisfied with the previous product, you might substitute Rolls EQ570 Audio Equalizer.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 DJTECH SOUNDGRAPH6102 2-Channel 31-Band Graphic Equalizer
Our Score:
DJ Tech
  • 12-digit LED output metering & input gain control allows easy adjust levels.
  • Outstanding reliability is guaranteed with the high-quality LED illuminated faders, detent potentiometers and illuminated switches. The DJ Tech SoundGraph6102 puts all your music's best attributes in the spotlight.
  • The SoundGraph6102 features the high quality 2-Channel 31-Band equalizer with LED illuminated faders, making the SoundGraph6102 a welcome addition to any touring rack or for home studio.
  • High-quality components like the ultra low noise audio operational amplifiers for outstanding sound performance & the balanced inputs and outputs with 1/4 inches TRS & XLR connectors.
TOP Choice #2 Rolls EQ570 Audio Equalizer
Our Score:
Bellari Audio
  • Power supply included
  • Input Impedance: 47k
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz to 154kHz
  • THD: .003% @ 1KHz
  • Output Impedance: 47 ohms
TOP Choice #3 Audiopipe EQ-909X 9 Band Equalizer
Our Score:
  • Audiopipe 9 Band Equalizer
  • Additional Sweepable High And Low-Cut Filters For Each Channel Remove Unwanted Frequencies E G Floor Rumble Hiss Etc
  • Dedicated Mono Subwoofer Output With Adjustable Crossover Frequency
  • Revolutionary Fbq Feedback Detection System Instantly Reveals Critical Frequencies And Can Also Be Used As Audio Analyzer
  • Ultra-Low Noise 4580 Operational Amplifiers For Highest Signal Integrity
  • Professional 31-Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer For Live And Studio Applications
  • Constant Q circuitry 20mm center detent sliders Selectable boost/cut range of 6dB or 12dB Balanced XLR and 1/4" Unbalanced RCA input and output connections Adjustable high-pass and low-pass filters Variable input level controls Signal clip level indicators Ground lift switch Internal power supply Selectable line voltage switch Rugged, all-steel chassis 2U rackspace required
  • Package Includes: (1) RockvilIe REQ20 19" Rack Mount Pro Dual 10 Band Graphic Equalizer EQ w/VU Meters, (1) RockvilIe RCDR10B 10' Dual RCA to Dual RCA Pro Audio Cable 100% Copper
  • Features Of REQ20: Dual 10 Band Graphic Equalizer (20 Bands Total), Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz, Dual VU Meters Level Monitor, Blue LED on each Equalizer Slide Control, Stereo RCA Line Input, Stereo RCA Line Output
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display, Bass/Midrange/High EQ Controls, Separate Left/Right Channel Volume gain control, Signal to Noise Ratio: >88dB, Input Power: AC ~ 110V 60H/220V 50Hz, 110/220V Switchable, Front Panel Power Switch, Removable Rack Mount Brackets, Dimensions: 17"(19" w/brackets) x 9" x 2.2", Weight: 5 lbs
  • Features of RCDR10B: RockvilIe RCDR10B Black Dual Mono Right Angle RCA to Straight RCA Patch Cable, Dual RCA to Dual RCA, Nickel-Plated for Rugged Durability and Efficient Signal Transfer, 100% Copper Conductors for Enhanced Signal Clarity, OFC Spiral Shields for Effective EMI and RFI Rejection and Flexibility, Length: 10 Ft, Color: Black
  • Intelligent Computer Control: 7 segment music equalization / 15 segment microphone equalization.
  • Professional Digital Effector: Anti howling system, eliminate interference sound, and listen to heavenly sound quality.
  • Distribution of CD ROM Installation Software: Installation is more convenient, debugging is more professional, just for you who are pursuing sound quality, put the CD into DVD and install it directly.【If there’s any problem,please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are very happy to help and strive for good customer service】
  • 3 Microphone Channel Connection: 3 microphone channel design, using 6.35 hybrid wiring, connection is more convenient, interface technology is good.
  • 7 Rows of Quick Freezing Heat Dissipation Openings: Ventilation heat dissipation openings are arranged at the top of the machine, which can rapidly dissipate heat and protect the inside of the machine and prolong its service life.
8 Audio-Technica AT-PEQ30 Phono Equalizer
Our Score:
  • achieves excellent noise resistance by adopting a metal enclosure
  • Included components: Phono Equalizer, AC Adapter
  • aluminum machined front panel and gold-plated contacts
  • mm/mc input can be switched with the front switch
  • full-scale nf type phono equalizer circuit that realized low noise by high sound quality fet input
  • superior riaa characteristics and high performance created by precision components
  • Manufactured in China
  • Variable subwoofer output control, main/ DVD input selector
  • Brand of Quantum
10 Peavey PV231EQ 2 x 31 Equalizer
Our Score:
  • Peavey 2 X 31 DJ EQ
  • Peavey 2 X 31 DJ EQ
  • Peavey 2 X 31 DJ EQ
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What to Look For in a equalizer home stereo?

The equalizer home stereo is a product type that many customers feel hesitant to select because of the challenges in evaluating its features. It comes to trust! When studying a significant purchase, many factors must be considered. Our equalizer home stereo knowledge will help you make an ideal decision.

Our article here will highlight some outstanding items and provide solutions to FAQs and guides to buying. You should keep in mind some main criteria of equalizer home stereo below:


You can achieve finer control with more bands. Every band corresponds to a specific frequency, however, it is important that you know which frequencies each one represents, since it may vary depending on your equalizer. The definition of a middle-range in an equalizer may differ from the one used by another.


These controls control lower and higher frequency that could disrupt music. You can reach more frequencies if the decibel range is larger.


Some frequency ranges can be amplified, passed or reduced by audio filters. This is done by using a frequency-dependent amplifier circuit. An audio equalizer can adjust your music and remove or modify certain sounds with the filters.

Parametric Equalizers

These equalizers are a step beyond the more standard graphic equalizers. They allow for more adjustment in terms of bandwidth control and primary frequency.

Sound Processors

The equalizer also has a higher end part that adjusts its settings based on noise in your car.

Spectrum Analyzer

They are used on higher-end equipment as they provide real-time measurement of the audio signal. These allow you to see the frequencies of your frequency.

Adjustment Range

Decibels are often used to measure ranges. The higher the range, the greater the ability to reduce or increase certain ranges.

Bipolar Switching

The unique system uses twice the number of quadrants than traditional systems to increase voltage output.


What Is Equalization?

Equalization, from a musical perspective, is the act of changing the frequencies and sounds of a song. You've likely heard most of these frequencies at one time or another. Sound frequencies can be described as terms such as bass and treble. There are many instruments that can be found in any musical composition. The music might sound fantastic to the casual listener, but it could sound off for professionals. Audio equalizers are used to remove or filter certain frequencies in order to create a perfect harmony.

Do I Need To Equalize With Expensive Speakers?

You don't have to buy the most expensive speakers to use your audio equalizer. You can get just as much value from middle-range speakers as you will with high-end ones. Be careful with equalizing. If you aren't careful, your equalizer could cause damage to your speakers. You could damage your speakers if you have accidentally set the output level to the wrong place. You can check for damage by playing the sound through your speakers at a higher volume. The speaker may be damaged if the volume is too low. Modern speakers are capable of handling short-term distortion. Listen carefully.

Should I Use The Presets?

Presets are great for novice users. The presets allow you to choose between rock and metal as well as any other musical style. These are not meant to be used for guidance when first using an equalizer.

What Is The Physical Size Of The EQs?

Although this may sound obvious, I have seen many people make the same mistake. If you have a rack case or console, make sure it has sufficient space for the new EQs. Make sure you measure the equipment before buying. Then compare the measurements to your rack/console. Engineers these days are working on a tight budget and needing minimal equipment so any additional weight or size can be problematic.

Do I Need An Audio Equalizer?

It's a difficult question that will be influenced by how obsessed you are about music. While the average person won't think about equalizing music, audiophiles may. A newbie should take it slow, particularly if creating or recording music or mixing songs. A slight tweak can make a huge difference in the sound and it may not be for the best.

What Is My Budget?

Graphic equalizers are available for purchase from $50 to $25,000, depending on the number of channels and features included. The price of graphic equalizers will rise significantly if you require more channels than 8. You will also need to have the ability to adjust all your parameters (high pass, low pass, volume, etc.) using your console without having to move faders. Expect to spend between $200 and $25,000

Will This EQ Be Rack-mounted Or Used On A Console

You can buy all of the PMQs listed above in rack-mountable 1U or 2U models. You can purchase multiple units of this type at one time, but it will cost more. However, you could order a customized-fitted box and put them all together. There are two types of MBCs: analog or digital. Make sure that your console can support an analog model. Although not essential, it is best to purchase equipment that works well together.

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