Can Hearing Aids Cause Ear Infections? An Explanation From A Master

  • 30 Jun 2022 06:55
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Can Hearing Aids Cause Ear Infections? An Explanation From A Master

Ear infections from external electronic devices are no longer too strange. Hearing aids are such a tool. It helps improve the hearing of people with hearing difficulties with various designs and materials.

But, can hearing aids cause ear infections? In this article, TheAudioCritic will answer the question and provide information about the signs you can recognize when you have infections.

Can Hearing Aids Cause Ear Infections?

Ear infection

The answer is no. The device doesn’t cause direct ear infections. The condition can happen if you don’t know how to clean your hearing aids properly.

There are many causes of infections, such as bacteria or viruses in the ear. Even allergies or colds can cause diseases.

Viruses or bacteria are responsible for activating swollen or blocked fallopian tubes. It is an opportunity for fluid to build up in the middle ear, causing an infection, especially when there is a lot of water in the ear for too long.

You need to properly store and care for your device as it can increase disease in many cases due to moisture or equipment with harmful bacteria causing disease.

Experts recommend removing hearing aids before going to bed for beginners. It gives your ears space and dries quickly.

Besides, you can also dry your device with a unique UV lamp to remove harmful bacteria and excess moisture.

If you notice signs of internal pain or an infection, stop wearing your aid. 

Ear Infections Symptoms


Let's find out the symptoms you need to be concerned about, which may be related to an infection!

Pain is the first sign when you have a disease, especially an infection. It has a greater intensity of pain when you lie down.

The sensation of pulling the ear with the discharge causing discomfort is also a feature to note. This expression can lead to headaches, trouble sleeping or crying more, and even anxiety and confusion.

Another infection sign is difficulty hearing or responding to sounds, sometimes even fever or loss of balance.

Ear Infections Symptoms

For health-related signs, you need to see a specialist for timely examination and testing. They will help you best diagnose your problem and provide a remedy.

Doctors will use an otoscope and additional tests such as Tympanometry, Acoustic Reflectometry, Tympanocentesis, and several others.

Common diagnoses include otitis with effusion and chronic media.

Acute otitis is also an infection. It is a disease when fluid in your middle tends to become a more severe infection.

Otitis media with effusion is fluid in the middle ear, but there are no signs or symptoms of an infection. In addition, a chronic condition may develop if these symptoms persist, even leading to a ruptured eardrum.

How To Prevent Future Infections?

You can completely prevent diseases, especially ear infections, by doing some of the following:

  • Keep your ears as open as possible and limit wearing aids to let your ears breathe, helping prevent bacterial infection.
  • Ears should not be wetted as there may be a bacterial infection in the water, or a humid environment can also cause an infection.
  • Clean hearing aids after taking them out and before wearing them again.
  • You need to see a doctor as soon as you notice any signs of pain or infection for the fastest and most effective treatment.


Can hearing aids cause infections? Hearing aids are not a direct cause of infections. However, this disease is likely to form and develop when you do not properly clean your ears and devices. 

You need to keep your ears dry, ventilated, and clean with an effective hearing aid device to help prevent diseases.

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