The 10 Smallest Battery Backup Of 2024, Tested By Our Experts

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Smallest Battery Backup
Smallest Battery Backup

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: APC UPS Battery Backup

The APC UPS Battery Backup is the perfect solution for safeguarding your electronic equipment from outages, surges, and other power issues. It offers 7 NEMA 5-15R outlets, including five battery backup and surge-protected outlets and two surge protection-only outlets. Read Review

2. Runner Up: Amazon Basics Standby UPS Battery Backup

The Amazon Basics feature power management software, four surge arresters, and four surge arresters/backup batteries to protect your electronics. Its compact size is perfect for easy integration into any home or office environment. Read Review

3. Best Efficient: APC UPS Battery Backup

The APC UPS Battery Backup is ideal for low-power electronics, such as routers or VOIP phones. It provides 425VA/225W of battery backup power to keep your electronics running smoothly even during a power outage. Read Review

4. Best Quality: Shanqiu Mini UPS Battery Backup

The Shanqiu Mini UPS Battery Backup is the perfect solution for when the power goes out. This small uninterruptible power supply is compatible with routers, modems, security cameras, smartphones, fax machines, fingerprint recorders, DSL, and more. Read Review

5. Best Performance: APC UPS BE850M2 Battery Backup

The APC BE850M2 Battery Backup is the perfect solution for protecting your electronics from unexpected power surges. This UPS system features nine outlets, six of which are UPS battery backup with surge protection outlets and three surge protector-only outlets. Read Review

When it comes to battery backup, bigger is usually better. But what if you don't need a lot of power and are looking for something lightweight and compact? Enter the smallest battery backup, the perfect solution for those who don't need a massive power supply but still need something reliable and efficient. The smallest battery backup is a tiny, powerful device that can provide a reliable backup power source to your devices.

This tiny device can be a lifesaver during a power outage, providing hours of power to keep your devices running. It is also incredibly portable, so it can be taken wherever you go, providing a reliable power source when you need it most. The smallest battery backup is the perfect solution for those who don't need a large power supply but still need something reliable and efficient.

We think the smallest battery backup that is available now is APC UPS Battery Backup. It offers 7 NEMA 5-15R outlets that include 5 battery backup and surge protection outlets and 2 surge protection-only outlets. We also provide you with a Amazon Basics Standby UPS Battery Backup model that you may consider if the top product is not your choice. And bellow is the helpful buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 APC UPS Battery Backup
Our Score:

This uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offers a reliable battery backup power of 600VA / 330W, ensuring your devices stay powered during unexpected outages. With seven outlets, five providing battery backup and surge protection, and two offering surge protection, this UPS offers comprehensive security for your valuable equipment. Additionally, it features a convenient USB charger port (1.5A) for charging cell phones and small portable electronics.

The UPS has a 5-foot power cord and a right-angle 3-prong wall plug (NEMA 5-15P), allowing easy placement and installation. It can also be wall-mounted, providing flexibility in setting up your power backup system. The package includes free power-management software for Windows, while Mac OS users can utilize their native "Energy Saver" settings for efficient power management. With its robust battery backup power, multiple outlets for surge protection, and the added convenience of a USB charger port, this UPS ensures your devices remain operational and protected during a power outage. However, its initial setup process may be a bit tricky. 

TOP Choice #2 Amazon Basics Standby UPS Battery Backup
Our Score:
Amazon Basics

Introducing a compact yet powerful Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to safeguard your home network, IoT devices, and media equipment during power outages. With a 400VA / 255W battery backup, this UPS offers an ideal solution to protect your devices from unexpected power disruptions. It includes six outlets, three surge-protected outlets, and three surge-protected/battery-backup outlets, ensuring comprehensive protection against power surges.

Designed for easy integration, this UPS features a 5-foot cord, a NEMA 5-15P right-angle plug, and a 45-degree offset plug, making it compatible with various home and office setups. Its compact size allows it to seamlessly fit into your living room, home office, or entertainment center without taking up much space. This UPS provides a reliable power protection solution while minimizing the footprint in your environment. Thanks to their robust battery backup, surge protection capabilities, and compact design, your devices will remain safeguarded. However, its battery life could be better.

TOP Choice #3 APC UPS Battery Backup
Our Score:

This APC UPS offers a reliable battery backup power supply of 425VA / 225W, ensuring uninterrupted power for your virtual devices. With six outlets in total, including four outlets providing UPS battery backup and surge protection, along with two outlets offering surge protection only, this UPS delivers comprehensive security for your valuable electronics. 

Moreover, it also comes with a 5-foot power cord and a right-angle 3-prong wall plug (NEMA 5-15P), allowing for easy and convenient installation. It is also wall-mountable, providing flexibility in placement to suit your specific needs. During power outages, this APC UPS is a reliable backup power supply for critical electronics such as WiFi routers, ensuring they remain operational and connected. Knowing that your essential devices are protected from power disruptions and voltage surges offers peace of mind. Nevertheless, it may sometimes produce a beep sound while starting.

4 Shanqiu Mini UPS Battery Backup
Our Score:

Do you need a reliable device to keep your essential devices operational during a blackout? Look no further than this compact solution. It is the perfect choice for individuals who want to ensure an uninterrupted power supply for their router, modem, security camera, smartphone, fax machine, fingerprint recorder, DSL, and other critical devices during power outages. The mini UPS offers two input options: a 12V DC adapter for faster charging and a 5V USB input for slower charging. This versatility allows for easy integration into any home or office setup.

Additionally, it is equipped with a built-in 10000mAh 37Wh battery and a standard USB port, serving as a functional power bank. It provides multiple output options, making it highly versatile and capable of supporting various devices with a current below 2A. Safety is a top priority, and this mini device incorporates innovative protections such as short circuit protection, voltage fluctuation protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, and temperature protection. Rest assured that your devices remain secure and well-protected even during unexpected power outages. Nevertheless, the output only supports current below 2A.

5 APC UPS BE850M2 Battery Backup
Our Score:

This high-performance backup battery power supply boasts an impressive 850VA / 450W capacity, ensuring reliable power backup for your devices. With nine outlets, including six UPS battery backup outlets with surge protection and three outlets providing surge protection only, this power supply offers comprehensive security for your valuable electronics. 

For added convenience, this UPS features two USB charger ports (2.4A shared), allowing you to charge your USB devices conveniently. The 5-foot power cord and right-angle 3-prong wall plug (NEMA 5-15P) make installation a breeze, while the wall-mountable design provides flexibility in placement. The UPS includes free power-management software for Windows PCs, offering enhanced control and monitoring capabilities. Mac OS users can utilize their native "Energy Saver" settings for efficient power management. The only downside of this device is that it may be a bit noisy. 

6 Liebert PST5 UPS Battery Backup
Our Score:

The UPS provides essential protection against damaging surges, spikes, and power outages, ensuring the safety of your valuable devices. It offers the convenience of USB communications, allowing you to receive real-time notifications and execute controlled shutdowns through the free software download. Equipped with eight outlets, including four surge-only outlets and four outlets providing both battery backup and surge protection, the UPS offers comprehensive security for your electronic equipment.

Additionally, it features two outlets specifically designed to accommodate transformer-block plugs, making it suitable for various devices. This UPS safeguards your electrical equipment and provides surge protection for RJ45/11 and Coax data lines. This added feature ensures that your data lines remain secure during surges, preserving the integrity of your network connections. Unfortunately, its provided cable may be a bit short. 

7 Vertiv Liebert PST5 Battery Backup
Our Score:

Equipped with eight outlets, including four surge-only and four battery & surge outlets (with two outlets designed to accommodate transformer-block plugs), this UPS is ideal for safeguarding sensitive home or office equipment from power fluctuations. Including surge protection for RJ45/11 ensures that data lines remain protected during surges. Additionally, this UPS is Energy Star-certified, guaranteeing high performance and environmental friendliness by meeting stringent environmental requirements.

The LCD makes monitoring vital parameters such as estimated run time, load capacity, battery status, input/output voltage, and frequency effortless. Furthermore, the USB communications feature enables real-time notifications and controlled shutdowns through the provided software download. With its versatile features and reliable performance, this UPS is a must-have for individuals seeking to protect their devices and maintain a continuous power supply. However, this device may not support high-power demanding devices such as powerful PCs or high-performance CPUs.

8 Shanqiu Mini UPS Battery Backup
Our Score:

This mini UPS has 24V and 48V Gigabit POE ports (RJ45 at 1000Mbps), plugged into the Lan port, it can transmit the data and power at the same time.

Compact uninterruptible power supply for power outage, compatible with router, modem, security camera, smartphone, LED strip lights, DSL, and can still use the network in case of power outage.

Built-in 10000mAh lithium batterypack with a standard USB output, can be used as a normal power bank as well.

Compatible with LED strip light products, CCTV Camera, LED Panel, Modem, Speak, Car DVR, 12v pump etc. Please confirm the size input port of your devices before you order, if it is not DC 5.5X2.1mm port, you need to buy the proper chord or adapter sperately.

Package content: 1x Mini UPS lithium battery. 2 pcs DC 5.5x2.1mm male to male Power Cable. 1x 12.6V/2A AC/DC Charger. ★★★Please note, if the size of your device input port is not DC 5.5X2.1mm, you need to buy the proper chord or adapter sperately.

Mini uninterruptible power supply back up battery pack can power for most 12V/9V/5V DC equipment, wireless routers, telephone, LED strip,monitor cameras, etc. It can provide hours of operation during power failure.

10 PumpSpy Battery Backup
Our Score:

WHY PUMPSPY: The United States is home to PumpSpy's assembly facility. Our CE-certified uninterruptible power source provides you with an uninterrupted power supply safely, effectively, easily, and reliably. For the best results, charge the battery at least six (6) hours before initial use. The unit charges its battery while connected to power.

DON'T LET A POWER OUTAGE TAKE YOU OFFLINE: PumpSpy's Battery Backup for Router and Modem reliably provides you with the ability to stay connected during a power outage. This back up battery power supply can be used as a dedicated modem and router UPS, providing power during a loss of power. Capacity: 650VA / 360W, Input: 120V, Battery: 12V / 7Ah

VERSATILE AND RELIABLE UPS BACKUP: When the power goes out, our backup power supply provides reliable power for your modem and wireless router so you can maintain a network connection to all of your WiFi-connected devices when you need them most! An uninterruptible power supply with surge protection, this is the ultimate battery backup for any router and modem. Please note that this will not power a sump pump.

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What to Look For in a smallest battery backup?

Actually, when you decide to invest in smallest battery backup for yourself, lots of things to consider! It's harder to choose since the product comes with many types, functions, and features from different manufacturers. That’s why you should find a reliable space to acquire knowledge related to the item. 

We’ve highlighted the essential features of the smallest battery backup below. Along with checking out the list of best models in the list, you should also carefully read the buying guide here:

Device Support

How many devices will need to be connected to your UPS in order for it to work properly? Some UPSes can accommodate up to 12 devices, while others top out at just two. Additionally, some UPSes also provide USB ports, but not all.


Some UPS devices are made for home or business use, while others are built for travel and the outdoors. If you’ll need to take your device with you, you’ll want something with a more portable design that can fit in a handbag easily. You might even want a solar charging port so that you aren’t completely dependent on electricity.

Endurance And Outlets

The lifespan of your UPS depends on its power and how it’s configured. For budget or low-end UPS models, you’ll only be able to power devices that aren’t as powerful. Also, lower-end UPS models won’t let you run your computers and other gear for long. (This is called “run-time” and some manufacturers include this information on the product sections of their websites.) Be sure to research how much power your devices will need in case of a power outage.
Be sure to factor in the number of outlets on your UPS model when making your battery backup plan. Most UPS models include a number of outlets that include both battery backup and surge protection.

On-Battery Runtime

Generally, a UPS will last for a few hours but can be sufficient to start a standby power source or properly shut down the protected equipment. Some run for just a few minutes, while others will provide power all night long. Depending on your needs, make sure the on-battery runtime is ample.


When buying a UPS, the most important factor to consider is its compatibility with the power supply. Before hooking anything up, make sure to check what your devices require and make sure there’s a match.

Sine Wave Inverter

When shopping for an UPS, you'll want to focus on a couple key features. A sine-wave inverter will produce a clean sine waveform, which is the best type for power output. In contrast, some inexpensive models output a simulated sine waveform, which can be problematic for some higher-end gaming laptops and audio gear. Another key feature to look for is line interactive topology, which uses an automatic voltage regulator to compensate for small dips and spikes in the active power coming into your house.


When you're looking to buy an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, you'll need to make sure that your supply has enough output power for the job. In general, the best battery backups can output at least 400W.


What is a battery backup?

A battery backup is a device that stores energy from an external power source, such as a wall outlet, and provides it to connected devices in the event of a power outage. Battery backups are commonly used to provide emergency power to computers, routers, modems, and other important electronic equipment.

What types of battery backups are available?

There are several types of battery backups available. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) provide short-term power to connected devices in the event of a power failure, while Standby Generators provide long-term, off-grid power. Solar batteries are also an increasingly popular option, as they provide energy storage from solar energy generated during the day.

How long does a battery backup last?

The amount of time a battery backup will last depends on the size of the battery and the power requirements of the connected device. Most battery backups are rated for several hours of power, but some can provide power for days.

What types of devices can be connected to a battery backup?

Most battery backups can be used with a variety of devices, including computers, routers, modems, printers, and other electronic devices.

How do I choose the right battery backup for my needs?

When selecting a battery backup, it is important to choose one that is rated to power the devices you need to keep running during a power outage. You should also consider the size of the battery, the number of ports available, and the features that are included.

After knowing the suitable kinds of smallest battery backup and the features you wish, it’s high time for you to start your shopping. Note that you shouldn’t run out to a particular store or start scrolling through online sales just yet. With the development of technology, especially the expansion of sale sites, you can easily find your buddy. 

Remember to check out our site weekly round-up to ensure that the current sales on smallest battery backup perform well in our tests. So you can catch up with them as soon as possible. Would you please give us your feedback for better service? Many thanks!

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