Soundbar Vs Speakers: Which Audio System Is Better For You?

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Soundbar Vs Speakers: Which Audio System Is Better For You?

It's time to upgrade your movie and game experience. The critical point is the sound system, which can narrow down to soundbar and speakers.

Soundbar vs speakers: which one is better? A speaker system will improve audio quality. However, it may not match your TV arrangement. Soundbars are more flexible in terms of location, but they don't have as excellent sound quality.

Today, We will come with a side-by-side comparison between these sound systems. Let's read on to discover!

What Is A Soundbar? 

A soundbar is a solitary bar with numerous speakers attached to it. The majority of them are now HDMI or wireless. As a result, you may put them wherever you like around the TV. 

You may also improve the audio quality without worrying about stringing wires or cords throughout your house.

Soundbars are unquestionably superior to your television's built-in speakers. However, almost any loudspeaker will be superior to the built-in system.

A soundbar is a solitary bar with numerous speakers attached to it 

A soundbar is a solitary bar with numerous speakers attached to it 

What Is A Speaker? 

A speaker set resembles a tiny cabinet with two or more speakers inside. Some versions include an extra subwoofer, although they often use a cable to connect to the TV or other devices. 

A speaker frequently features surround sound, making music listening more realistic. These machines come in different sizes, but they are often bulky. You need to figure out which is the best place to position them.

A speaker set resembles a tiny cabinet with two or more speakers

A speaker set resembles a tiny cabinet with two or more speakers


Soundbar vs Speakers Comparison 

The soundbar and speaker share some features in common. They both can provide more excellent audio than your television. You may experience higher-quality sound for TV shows and movies with them.

They can also stream music from your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You may also use voice commands such as Google Assistant or Alexa to operate the device.

In addition to the similarities, soundbars and speakers have distinctive features that are different from each other.

Soundbars are simpler to install. They're also generally a lot less expensive.

A speaker, on the other hand, generally has higher audio quality. It also provides you with more choices and the potential to improve your audio system over time.


Soundbars are considerably simpler to put up than their competitors. Installing a soundbar is as straightforward as plugging it into your device.

A speaker, on the other hand, requires each unit to be connected to an AV converter.

Soundbars are multi-functional devices. In most cases, you just need to attach one cord to your television.

Traditional surround sound systems, though, have a large number of separate speakers. You'll very certainly need to connect each of these units to an A/V converter. Then it would help if you plugged the AV converter into your television.

So, in the first round, the soundbar wins a point thanks to its simple installation.

Soundbars are easier to install

Soundbars are easier to install


Soundbars nowadays come with multiple capabilities, including Bluetooth connectivity and built-in intelligent assistants. 

On the other hand, speakers may provide all of the same capabilities and more if you use the proper AV converter.

An HDMI cable connects most soundbars and AV processors to your TV. Soundbars, though, generally just feature one HDMI connector on the rear. As a result, you can connect most soundbars to your television.

You won't have to plug any other gadgets directly into your TV because an AV receiver includes several HDMI connections. You can connect or disconnect new gadgets a lot easier. 

Furthermore, most AV receivers include additional audio connections on the rear. You can add record players, radio antennae, and other devices.

An AV converter is necessary for the speaker

An AV converter is necessary for the speaker 

Sound quality

A soundbar will provide superior audio quality compared to the built-in speakers. However, most people believe that a speaker system provides a considerably richer, deeper, and louder sound.

If you're watching moves with a lot of dialogue, a set of speakers is a must!

The speaker will include subwoofer and stereo sound, providing far superior audio quality over a single soundbar.

Soundbars with surround sound are available. They are, unfortunately, generally costly and do not give the finest experience.


If you pick a cordless soundbar, you may put it wherever around the TV. Depending on where you put it, it may still obstruct other HDMI ports or render some remotes. 

Yet, the soundbar will undoubtedly look better than a clumsy speaker enclosure.

The speaker often comes with subwoofers, which are generally separate units that lie beneath furnishings. From a visual viewpoint, they aren't very appealing.

Speakers should definitely go in cabinets. Otherwise, they may look weird. Also, concealing speaker cords is a complicated process.

As a result, the soundbar wins in the battle of aesthetics. 

The soundbar has an elegant design

The soundbar has an elegant design


A soundbar is often less costly than a pair of speakers. They aren't upgradeable, though, like a decent quality audio system that will last for years!

Speaker sets are unquestionably the priciest option. An entry-level model, on the other hand, will still be cost-saving if you select it properly. It can also last for years, depending on your care.

You may also update essential features as time passes or purchase better products later on if budget allows.

In terms of cost, the soundbar benefits in short to mid-term. However, a speaker set is the superior option in the long run.

The speaker is more costly but upgradable 

The speaker is more costly but upgradable 

We have compared the two machines in some essential aspects. You can access this video for a visual explanation. 

Now, let's look at this comparison table to summarize their outstanding features.

Soundbar Vs. Speakers Comparison Table
  Soundbar Speakers
Installation Simple Quite complicated
Features  Mostly work with HDMI Mostly work with AV converter 
Sound quality Good Excellent 
Design Compact A little clumsy 
Price Affordable but not upgradable  Pricey by upgradable

Pros And Cons Of Soundbar And Speakers 

Both sound systems have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons to consider.


The soundbar is superior to the TV's built-in loudspeakers in terms of audio quality.

The absence of cables or connections also saves space from substantial speaker cabinets and provides you with more alternatives for installation throughout the room.

Soundbars are handy, but they won't replace the audio quality of a good pair of loudspeakers.  Soundbars also miss surround sound, which is great for movies and video games.

Furthermore, unlike a speaker set, it will not be upgradeable.


  • Good audio quality compared to the built-in system of your TV.
  • Space-saving.
  • Affordability.
  • Easy installation 
  • Nice and compact design.


  • No surround sound.
  • Lack of upgradeability.


The audio quality of a speaker set is far greater than that of the built-in speakers. It also allows you to move around your room more freely.

The drawbacks include the fact that it might be expensive and cumbersome. It necessitates good wire management as well, particularly if you choose a surround sound system.


  • Great audio quality.
  • Adjustable surround sound.
  • Upgradeability.
  • Excellent for video games, music, and movies.


  • Maybe pricey.
  • Bulky design.
  • Complex installation.

Which Should You Choose? 

A good soundbar will not let you down. This sound system is simple to use, offers the best value for money, and is flexible. As a result, they're excellent for those who seek a basic, daily solution.

On the other hand, the sound from a complete speaker system is the best if sound quality is important to you. Many people also love the intricacy and efficiency of a high-definition sound system. 

After all, the most important thing is to decide how involved you want to be with the installation, use, and support of your audio improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users have shown their concern for the soundbar and speakers. Here are some of their frequently asked questions.

1. Does the soundbar produce better sound than speakers? 

A soundbar would be a better choice because it is cheaper and smaller. However, when it comes to audio production, speakers outweigh their competitors.

2. Soundbar vs. Bluetooth speaker: which is better?

A soundbar is superior to a Bluetooth speaker in terms of audio quality. Its scheme is more dependable and consistent, with better performance and intensity. 

However, some high-end Bluetooth devices can deliver a more accurate surround sound experience.

3. Can soundbars take the role of television speakers?

Yes, soundbars may take the place of built-in systems. They provide high-quality audio for your media, resulting in a remarkable watching experience.


Both soundbars and speakers have advantages and disadvantages. They are more expensive than the built-in system of your TV, but they provide superior sound quality. 

To make an ultimate selection, consider your budget, available space in the room, design, and how you want to utilize the sound system.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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