The 10 Best Projector For Bedroom Of 2024, Researched By Us

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Best Projector For Bedroom
Best Projector For Bedroom

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1. Best Of The Best: AuKing Mini Projector

The AuKing mini projector is a powerful, high-performance multimedia projector perfect for home theaters and entertainment. Featuring 9500 lumens and has stunning picture quality and sharp, vibrant colors. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: TMY Projector

The TMY projector is the perfect solution for all your home entertainment needs. This upgraded projector offers 9500 lumens, with a 1080P full HD resolution and 100" projector screen, providing a stunning visual experience. Read Review

3. Best Technology: HOMPOW Projector

The HOMPOW projector is a powerful, full HD 1080P projector with 9500 lumens for stunningly clear and vivid images. It features Bluetooth connectivity for easy streaming from your laptop, smartphone, TV stick, Xbox, or PS5. Read Review

4. Best Display: FANGOR F-506 Projector

The FANGOR projector is the perfect way to bring your home theater experience to the next level. Featuring 1080P HD resolution and a maximum projection screen of 230”, this projector delivers vivid, crystal-clear images and vibrant colors. Read Review

5. Best Quality: HAPPRUN Projector

The HAPPRUN projector is perfect for any movie night or outdoor event. It features native 1080P resolution for an immersive viewing experience. With 9500L of brightness, you can enjoy the best picture quality outdoors. Read Review

Are you looking for the best projector for your bedroom? Do you want to enjoy watching movies or playing video games in the comfort of your bed? Projectors are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a great way to protect your favorite movies and TV shows, play video games, and even make presentations. But with so many projectors on the market, finding a suitable model for your room can be challenging. This article will explore the best projectors for your bedroom, considering brightness, resolution, and other features.

We'll start by looking at the different types of bedroom projectors available and the factors you should consider when choosing. We'll then provide our top picks for the best projectors for a bedroom and offer advice on setting up your projector. Finally, we'll give some tips on how to get the best picture quality from your projector. So, let's get started and explore the best projector for your bedroom.

Following extensive study and analysis, We think the best projector for bedroom of - year is AuKing Mini ProjectorWith 9500 lumens and Full HD 1080P compatibility, this projector is perfect for any home theater setup. You can connect to your laptop, smartphone, pad, TV Box, or other device via HDMI, USB, VGA, or AV connections. However, it is not the only thing on our list. We also show a complete buyer's guide; several options are available to help you find the most suitable one.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 AuKing Mini Projector
Our Score:

The AuKing portable projector provides you with pictures that are crisp, clear, and detailed. It has the most recent 9500 Lumens and supports 1080p Full HD quality. Its big projection screen, which measures 200 inches, creates an immersive watching experience. It used the most recent color reproduction technology. As a result, every detail shown on the screen is meticulously brought back to life, resulting in a viewing experience that is authentic and rich in color. You can enjoy music that is both powerful and remarkably clear because of the twin stereo speakers that are built right in. 

This product has a projected size of 30 by 200 inches and a projection distance that ranges from 3.2 to 16.4 feet. As a result of the solid cooling mechanism that efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the bulb, the lamp has a lifespan of up to 55,000 hours and can be used for more than 15 years without needing to be replaced. It connects to smartphones, computers, tablets, USB drives, and TV boxes through HDMI, VGA, audio/video (AV), and USB interfaces to play massive games. While it works well, it is a bit hard to clean.

TOP Choice #2 TMY Projector
Best Bang For The Buck
TMY Projector
Our Score:

The V08 bright projector provides a native 720P resolution (1280x720) with 1080P Full HD support. Due to the most recent advancements in 3LCD color calibrating and adjusting technology, you are presented with dynamic and color-lively picture quality. This mini projector comes with a projection screen that is 100 inches in size and is designed specifically to fulfill your requirements. Its screen has a unit that lets you set up your home theater almost anywhere, so you can enjoy watching movies, television programs, pictures, slide presentations, and playing video games.

This product has projection lengths ranging from 1.5 to 6 meters, and it provides a display area that may be as little as 32 inches or as large as 220 inches. It offers superb playback of movies, TV programs, and video games and is easy to set up. Its uniform lighting system delivers the best visual experience by guaranteeing no dark regions around the picture's margins. This portable projector is ideal for various input sources thanks to its HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, 3.5mm headphone port, TF card slot, and included AV and HDMI cables. Unfortunately, its built-in audio is not very excellent.

TOP Choice #3 HOMPOW Projector
Our Score:

This Full HD projector displays an image that is clearer, brighter, and more prosperous thanks to its 1920 by 1080 pixels resolution, its brightness of 9500 lumens, and its dynamic contrast ratio of up to 10000 to one. You can have an exceptional listening experience even if you do not connect any external speakers thanks to the projector's built-in dual HiFi stereo surround speakers. Through the use of Bluetooth, the projector allows you to connect headphones, speakers, and other pieces of audio equipment. As a result, you can recreate the cinematic surround effect in your home.

This product has a projection display that ranges from 50-300 inches at a projection distance of 5.41-18.4 feet. It also has a 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio, a 50-100% zoom capability, and 15° keystone distortion correction, making it ideal for home theater and outdoor movie screenings. This item is compatible with various electronic devices, including TV Boxes, TV Sticks, Laptops, Tablets, USB Flash Drives, and more, thanks to its built-in HDMI, AV, and USB interfaces as its 3.5mm headphone jack. The only issue is that its setup is a bit of a challenge.

4 FANGOR F-506 Projector
Our Score:

The Fangor-506 1080p projector produces clear, detailed HD pictures with a native resolution of 1920*1080 and a contrast ratio of 10000:1. It combines a cutting-edge high-refraction glassed lens with six layers of glass to provide the greatest possible video experience. Its most recent WiFi connection capability is compatible with mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. It is unnecessary to use a converting cable or do anything else that is cumbersome; all you need is an initial WiFi connection. You can connect your smartphone with the Portable home Bluetooth projector anytime you want to use it.

This product features HDMI, AV, VGA, and SD Cards ports. As a result, you can use it with laptops, personal computers, Chromebooks, tablets, MICRO SD Cards, and USB Flash Drives. Its built-in stereo surround speaker and 1080p high-definition projector have recovered every particular sound effect, allowing you to take delight in the many noises different scenarios have to offer. You can connect your suitable Bluetooth speaker to your device wirelessly and anytime if you use Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the cord cable is a bit short.

5 HAPPRUN Projector
Our Score:

The projector is an incredible technology that enables you to view high-definition movies. It boasts a native resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, an excellent brightness of 9500 lumens, and a high dynamic contrast ratio of 10000 to 1; combining these qualities results in crisper visuals, brighter, brighter, and more vibrant. You can watch movies anywhere thanks to the technology of Bluetooth, which allows you to couple the devices together so that you don't have to worry about tripping over cords or getting tangled in them. 

This product's display ranges from 40 to 200 inches and can project 6.8 to 16.4 feet away. You and your family can enjoy watching movies on a screen that is 200 inches in size with this portable outdoor movie projector. Its built-in keystone correction and scaling features make it a snap to set up and find the ideal location for the screen. Its built-in strong twin speakers and the most recent Bluetooth 5.1 chip combine to provide the highest quality sound effects and an outstanding experience for the auditory senses. However, its keystone does not lock.

6 GROVIEW Projector
Our Score:

The GROVIEW projector has original 1080P resolution, high brightness (15000lux 490ANSI lm), and high contrast (12000:1) supplied by the LED light. LCD technology will allow you to make evident and detailed photographs. The portable projector creates a viewing experience similar to a movie theater's and supports 4K super HD content. It has dual-band WiFi with 5 and 2.4 Gigabits per second, enabling seamless and rapid smartphone synchronization and high-quality gaming and streaming video. By mounting the HD projector on the wall, you can make your living room or bedroom seem more like a movie theater.

This product is adaptable for various streaming channels, TV sticks, computers, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, and USB sticks, among other electronic devices. Your viewing experience will be improved thanks to the firm, clear, and dramatic audio provided by the WiFi Bluetooth projector equipped with built-in 5W dual stereo speakers and an SRS sound system. Because it has Bluetooth connectivity, the 1080P projector can be easily connected to Bluetooth speakers without using cumbersome cords or wires. The only downside is that it has no timer.

7 Lolieo Projector
Our Score:

The Lolieo projector has a resolution of 1920 x 1080P, a brightness of 380 ANSI, and a contrast ratio of 15000:1. It is a movie projector that uses a mirror image digital restoration technology to bring the picture up to 18 million color gamut and 100% RGB signal ideally. It also uses a highly refractive 7-layer glass lens and an LED diffuse reflection eye protection light source. You will have a silent viewing experience due to its cutting-edge cooling system and heat suppression technology, which reduce 85 percent of the noise.

This product assures exceptional picture performance, delivering screens ranging from 35 to 240 inches and projected lengths ranging from 3.8 to 16.5 feet. Its LED light source has a lifetime of around 60,000 hours, and the portable projector can survive for more than 16 years, making it more durable than other projectors. It has an efficient cooling system that keeps the projector running at a consistent temperature without allowing it to overheat. You can connect an external speaker device to experience the cinema-grade setup anytime. However, it may not be compatible with a Type A power supply.

8 Dxyiitoo Projector
Our Score:

🎁【Wide Compatibility & Application】 The projector is equipped with multiple ports, including HDMI, USB, USB-SM, HDMI, AV, and 3.5mm audio jack, which can be easily connected to a variety of media devices, such as TV boxes, DVD players, smartphones, tablet, HDMI-enabled devices, wired headsets, wireless headsets, Bluetooth speakers, etc to play videos, TV shows, photo sharing, etc.

🎁【100,000 hours LED life, 3 years after-sales service】Dxyiitoo projector is suitable for home theater, Christmas parties, small meetings, activities, yoga, games, and other scenes. Adopt brand-new LED technology and intelligent ecological technology to show clear picture quality with low power consumption, 100,000 hours of LED lamp bead life can be used for a long time. we have professional technical support and reliable customer service. and provide 3 years after-sales service.

🎁【Native 1080P & 9500 lm】The 2021 upgraded Dxyiitoo projector is native 1920x1080p resolution, compatible with 4K. The image quality of 9500 lumens and the ultra-high contrast ratio of 10000:1 provide clearer, brighter, and more colorful images with delicate and wonderful image quality. The screen display supports up to 300 inches, which keeps your viewing distance to protect your eyes and bring you the ultimate home theater viewing pleasure.

9 Sainyer Projector
Our Score:

👍【Upgrade Built-in Android OS】Great News! We listened to our customers suggestions, added the HDMI port to our projector and upgraded our internal Android System to 9.0 version. All updates have been successfully made since March 01, 2023. Sainyer X8 is the NEWEST Smart Projector on the market! Unlike traditional projectors which need hassle of additional adapters, X8 Android OS Projector is more compact and easier to access your favorite movies, tv shows and games via its Built-in Android OS.

👍【Ultra Fast and Stable 2.4G+5G WiFi】Sainyer WiFi projector equips with the latest 5G +2.4G WiFi which is ideal working for iOS and Android Smartphone Screen Mirroring. The upgraded Ultra-Fast 5G WLAN guarantees you to enjoy the no lagging watching experience while you Miracast your Smartphone games, Tiktok or other phone videos via our video projector.

👍【Max 300” Giant Display and ±45° 4D Keystone, ZOOM】The equipped latest short throw projection technology allows you to enjoy the Max 300” giant display by Sainyer X8 Projector. With its advanced diffuse reflection imaging technology, it can better protect you and your family’s eyes. Meanwhile, the mini projector is also upgraded with 4D keystone and ZOOM function which supports up to ±45° keystone adjustment and 100%-50% ZOOM display adjustment without moving the projector from here to there.

10 VOPLLS Projector
Our Score:

[Native 1080P Full HD Resolutions & 18 Million Color Range]: With 1920*1080P Native resolution, 450ANSI brightness and 12000:1 contrast, VOPLLS 1080P projector can display sharp and detailed HD images even on screen corners. Adopted innovative high-refraction 6 layers glassed lens and diffuse deflection eye-caring light source, VOPLLS full HD projector provides brighter, more vivid, and color-vibrant image and videos without being overpowered by the area’s ambient.

[Digital Keystone Correction & Zoom Function]: With user-friendly 4-Point and ±50° vertical keystone correction function, you can adjust four corners of the image easily to get optimal projection effect in any placement direction. With zoom function of VOPLLS video projector, it can shrink the image size from 100% to 50% through a remote without frequently moving our mini projector. It's time to say goodbye to the venue or angle restrictions and immerse ourselves in a wonderful movie night.

[Projector with 5G WiFi & Bluetooth 5.1]: Our WiFi projector supports 5GHz&2.4GHz dual-band WiFi. 5G WiFi means higher wireless rates - guarantees no lagging and offers smoother and faster experience while gaming or online video streaming. VOPLLS bluetooth projector is featured with Hi-Fi stereo speakers and Bluetooth 5.1 function, which not only provides original audio fidelity with crystal clear sound quality, but allows you to connect it to Bluetooth headsets/speakers.

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Buying Guides For Efficiently Picking The best projector for bedroom

Experts advise that it is necessary to take a close look at the style, functionality, and value of the items you love. The most highly recommended way to know if a product is the best is by its quality checking.

The quality of the best projector for bedroom will be a vital factor, which plays a decisive role in your experience of this product. Moreover, you guys always wanna products with high-quality standards and valuable characteristics, which best suits your desired needs.

So, how can you know if your selected best projector for bedroom is of the best quality? The buying guide section below will present to you some tips for the most efficient purchase. Take a close look at the following guides!


You should consider how easily the projector must be carried. There are many sizes and weights of portable projectors. Some can be small enough to slip into a pocket or large enough to mount on a wall. You can take a portable projector with you to work, as well as a gaming or entertainment projector, to your friend's home or backyard to set up for movie nights. Make sure the projector is both appropriate in size and weight. You should ensure that your projector has enough battery life if you are far from power outlets.

Light Source

Projectors are moving away from lamps being used as light sources and using lasers and LEDs. At the moment there is a benefit to each option.
For longer periods of time, LEDs and lasers retain a greater percentage of their original brightness. While all light sources eventually lose their brightness, lamps lose the most in 500 hours. Then, they slowly decline over time. The brightness of LEDs and lasers will decrease more slowly over the course of their lifetimes.


Projector brightness is not uniform. Brighter isn’t always better.
The ambient lighting level, size and material of your projector screen will all affect the brightness. You should buy a professional seller if you are installing a projector in a permanent location, such as at your home, to ensure that you get the best image brightness and the correct screen material.


Although projectors have the ability to scale images either up or down it is best not to do so as this can cause distortions. Any projector resolution above and beyond WUXGA (1.920 by 1.200 pixels) should be matched to the source that you intend to attach it most frequently, which is a computer or other electronic equipment.
The calculation for projectors that have 4K ultra high definition (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) is slightly different.

Contrast Ratio

The ratio of brightness from the brightest white to the darkness of black a projector produces is called the contrast ratio. However, the rating of the projector will not usually be affected by it. A higher contrast ratio, which is the difference between how bright a projector can produce and how dark it can display, produces vivid, striking colors, and more detail in shadows. This is most important in video, film, and two-dimensional photos that are photorealistic.
Contrast ratings can only be used to measure in dark rooms. They don't give any information about ambient lighting. Unusually dark blacks in the projector will result in lower contrast. A brighter projector will perform well in home theaters, but not in living rooms or offices.

Projection Tech

Projectors can be either LCD-based, or they use a Texas Instruments DLP chip (Digital Light Processing), along with a laser or LED or LCOS light source.
DLP projectors with single-chip DLP chips could be subject to the so-called "rainbow effect." Sometimes, tiny, bright flashes with rainbow-like colors may appear, especially in dark scenes. Some DLP projectors have a minimal effect, while others can produce a distracting result, especially when there are bright areas against shady backgrounds. The rainbow effect is not a problem with LCD projectors, which are safer if someone in your household has sensitive eyes. There are many DLP projectors that produce excellent images.

Connection Methods

Many home projectors have multiple connections options. Most new models have HDMI connectivity. This is a good thing because HDMI supports 1080p video. Standard, larger projectors come with full-size HDMI ports. However, smaller projectors like pico and palmtop have micro or mini HDMI ports. These ports require separate cables that are usually included with each projector.
Component video, composite video and S-Video all make up the most common connections on large projectors. We're also seeing more projectors that offer direct USB connection to computers via a USB cable. A growing variety of projectors now have USB Type-C ports. The majority of USB-C ports can be used to transfer data or video using the DisplayPort protocol. Most USB-C ports support USB Power Delivery (USB PD), which means that a plugged in projector can supply 100 watts of power to charge a device or to charge it using a USB-C cable (assuming the device is capable of charging over USB-C).


What type of projector should I buy for my bedroom?

The type of projector you should buy for your bedroom depends on your budget and the size of the room. If you are looking for a budget projector, then a basic LCD projector is the best option. If you have a larger room, then a DLP projector with higher brightness and better color accuracy would be a better choice.

What features should I look for in a bedroom projector?

When looking for a bedroom projector, you should consider features such as brightness, contrast ratio, resolution, lamp life, and connectivity options. Aim for a projector that has a brightness of at least 2000 lumens, a contrast ratio of 2000:1 or higher, a resolution of 1080p or higher, a lamp life of at least 5000 hours, and at least one HDMI port.

What is the best projector for a dark bedroom?

For a dark bedroom, you should look for a projector with a high contrast ratio, such as one with a ratio of 3000:1 or higher. You should also look for a projector with a high lumens rating, such as one with a rating of 2500 lumens or higher, in order to ensure a bright enough image.

How far should I place the projector from the wall in my bedroom?

The distance from the projector to the wall will depend on the size of the image you want to project. Generally, the projector should be placed between 1.5 to 2.5 times the image width away from the wall in order to get the best image quality.


In short, we’ve included all the most outstanding best projector for bedroom found on the market during this time. Simultaneously, the detailed description and useful tips for best projector for bedroom selection are shown with clarity. In case you cannot afford these options, then the XGIMI Projector will be your new buddy. If you want more information about the best projector for bedroom, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always here to support you guys!


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