The Best Projector On A Budget For 2023

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Best Projector On A Budget
Best Projector On A Budget

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: AuKing Mini Projector

The AuKing Mini Projector is the perfect choice for home entertainment. It features a 9500 Lumens brightness, 1080p Full HD resolution, and superior color accuracy. Its small and lightweight design makes this projector easy to take wherever you go. Read Review

2. Runner Up: HOMPOW Portable Projector

The HOMPOW Portable Projector is a powerful and versatile device that offers the best viewing experience. This projector features a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080, a brightness of 9500L, and a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 10000:1. Read Review

3. Best Quality: F-506 Video Projector

The Fangor-506 Video Projector is the perfect choice for home theaters and offices. Featuring a native resolution of 1920x1080 and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, this projector delivers sharp and detailed HD images with vibrant colors and deep blacks. Read Review

4. Best Technology: BIGASUO HD Bluetooth Projector

The BIGASUO HD Bluetooth Projector is a powerful, versatile device for home entertainment. It has an HD resolution for a brighter, sharper image and built-in Bluetooth for streaming content from your favorite devices. Read Review

5. Best Efficient: GROVIEW WiFi Bluetooth Projector

This GROVIEW WiFi Bluetooth Projector is perfect for any outdoor entertainment setup. You can enjoy high-quality gaming and video streaming with 5/2.4G dual-band WiFi for quick and smooth smartphone syncing. Read Review

Are you in the market for a budget projector? With the wide selection of projectors available, finding the one that best fits your needs can be hard. You can enjoy a high-quality viewing experience without breaking the bank with the right projector. To help you find the best projector on a budget, we've rounded up the top-rated models that offer bright and clear images while staying affordable.

We've evaluated each projector's features, specs, performance, and overall value to determine the best one for various budgets. Whether you're looking for a projector for your home theater or a portable model for business presentations, you can find the perfect one to fit your needs without breaking the bank. Read on to learn more about the best projector on a budget and find the right one for you.

After lots of research based on customer feedback, we think the best projector on a budget is AuKing Mini Projector. This 200-inch projector features 9500 lumens for remarkable image quality. You can also check out the HOMPOW Portable Projector. We have provided you with a detailed buyer's guide and many other good choices to decide which is best for your requirements.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 AuKing Mini Projector
Our Score:

With the projector's 9500 Lumens and 1080p Full HD resolution, every detail on the screen is accurately restored to deliver an authentic and color-vibrant viewing effect. Its latest color reproduction technology ensures sharp, detailed images that will mesmerize you. Also, you can enjoy an enormous screen size of up to 200 inches and a projection distance of 3.2ft to 16.4ft, making it perfect for a movie night with family and friends. 

Moreover, the powerful cooling system cools the bulb's heat effectively, extending the lamp's life to 55,000 hours, making the projector more durable than previous models. Thanks to advanced noise reduction technology, the fan noise of the AuKing Upgraded projector is reduced by 80%. Plus, with HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB interfaces, it can be connected to smartphones, laptops, pads, USB drives, and TV boxes, making it a perfect choice for on-the-go entertainment. However, the audio quality of this device could be better. 

TOP Choice #2 HOMPOW Portable Projector
Our Score:

With a resolution of 1920*1080, a brightness of 9500L, and a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 10000:1, this projector delivers a clear, bright, and rich picture that will elevate your viewing experience to the next level. With built-in dual HiFi stereo surround speakers, the projector provides excellent audio fidelity without needing external speakers. Moreover, this Bluetooth projector can connect to headphones, speakers, and other audio equipment, allowing you to enjoy a cinema-level surround sound experience right in your home.

It offers a 50-300-inch projection display at a projection distance of 5.41-18.4 feet, with a 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio, 50-100% zoom function, and 15° keystone distortion correction. This feature-packed projector is perfect for both home theaters and outdoor movie nights. Also, it is equipped with HDMI, AV, USB, and 3.5mm headphone interfaces. Plus, it is compatible with various devices such as TV Box, TV Stick, Laptops, Tablets, and USB Flash Drives. It is a versatile option for most daily home theater requirements—whether you're enjoying a movie night, gaming with friends, or hosting a party. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a written instruction manual. 

TOP Choice #3 F-506 Video Projector
Our Score:

With a native resolution of 1920*1080 and a contrast ratio 10000:1, it delivers crystal clear and detailed HD images. The projector's innovative high-refraction six layers glassed lens further enhances the video experience, making it perfect for home entertainment. Also, it features the latest WiFi connecting function compatible with both IOS and Android systems, eliminating the need for troublesome conversion cables. A one-time WiFi connection is all it takes to connect your device with this Bluetooth projector, providing ultimate convenience.

Moreover, built-in stereo surround speakers offer a pleasurable audio experience with every detail of sound effects restored to perfection. In addition, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect your ideal Bluetooth speaker wirelessly at any time. This outdoor movie projector is versatile and comes with HDMI, AV, VGA, SD Card port, and USB Flash Drive compatibility. It allows you to use it with devices such as Laptops, PCs, Chromebook, Tablets, MICRO SD cards, USB Flash drives, Pad, Phones, and Android Smartphones. Nevertheless, this projector may be hard to set up. 

4 BIGASUO HD Bluetooth Projector
Our Score:

This Bigasuo Projector is a versatile device that combines the functions of a home video projector and a DVD player. It allows you to directly play movies from your favorite discs on the big screen, eliminating the need for an additional DVD player. It means that you get double the benefits with just one mini projector! With native 720P resolution (1280 x720) and an 8000:1 contrast ratio, this HD 1080P-supported projector delivers high-quality images with rich colors and higher picture reproduction, thanks to its high-quality coated lenses. 

Moreover, this LCD projector can be paired with super decoding ability and a high-definition display screen to create a better picture quality, providing an immersive experience that will leave you amazed. It also has two powerful built-in speakers, providing HIFI sound while watching movies on a full 200-inch screen. In addition, the projector has multiple input options, including HDMI, AV, VGA, and Micro SD Card ports, making it widely compatible with most devices like laptops, PCs, USB flash drives, and PS4s. Nonetheless, the Bluetooth feature of this device may sometimes not work well. 

5 GROVIEW WiFi Bluetooth Projector
Our Score:

With native 1080P resolution, high brightness (15000 lux 490 ANSI lm), and high contrast (12000:1), this tremendous portable projector provides clear, detailed images perfect for movies, gaming, and presentations. Its LED light and LCD technology deliver a cinematic viewing experience with support for 4K ultra HD video, making it the ideal choice for those who crave a big-screen experience from the comfort of their home.

In addition, this projector has 5/2.4G dual-band WiFi, allowing for high-quality and speedy gaming and video streaming. And you can easily sync your smartphone for a smooth and quick wireless connection, creating a cinematic ambiance by hanging the HD projector in your living room or bedroom. Furthermore, it has built-in 5W dual stereo speakers and an SRS sound system that provides powerful, clear, and dynamic audio to enhance your viewing experience. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect the 1080P projector to your Bluetooth speakers without cords and wires. Although it looks great in the dark, this projector's image quality could be better in light. 

6 Dxyiitoo Native 1080P Projector
Our Score:

The Dxyiitoo WiFi projector supports the "Airplay" and "Screen Mirroring" functions, allowing easy and flexible connectivity with iOS and Android systems. You can easily play your favorite videos and apps on your phone and project them onto the big screen. With native 1920x1080p resolution and compatibility with 4K, the Dxyiitoo projector delivers stunning and vibrant image quality with 9500 lumens and an ultra-high contrast ratio 10000:1. 

Moreover, you can enjoy an immersive home theater experience with a screen display of up to 300 inches without compromising eye protection. Also, it is designed with an efficient heat dissipation system that significantly reduces fan noise, ensuring a comfortable and uninterrupted viewing experience. Plus, the built-in dual-speaker system provides excellent sound quality, eliminating the need for external speakers. For even more flexibility, the projector is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to connect various Bluetooth speakers easily and make your party or movie night more enjoyable. Unfortunately, it doesn't have an autofocus feature. 

7 Roconia 12000LM Movie Projector
Our Score:

With the native 1920*1080P resolution, 12000 lumens brightness, and an improved color contrast ratio of 10000:1, this Roconia projector delivers natural, dynamic, and color-vibrant images that will leave you in awe. Its giant 300" screen size provides an immersive viewing experience and protects your eyes by keeping your viewing distance safe. Moreover, you can enjoy easy and stable connectivity with Roconia's dual-band WiFi projector, which supports 2.4G and 5G connections. 

You can connect the projector to your iOS or Android device through the "Screen Mirroring" or "Airplay" function and stream your favorite movies, videos, games, and apps directly on the big screen. In addition, with Roconia's latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, you can effortlessly connect your Bluetooth speaker wirelessly or even connect your phone as a speaker. The dual HiFi stereo speakers and SRS audio system also deliver high-quality sound and clear tones, providing an exceptional sound experience. Nonetheless, the device's UI could be better.

8 FUDONI Portable Outdoor Projector
Our Score:

[5G WiFi and 5.1 Bluetooth Function] Thanks to 5G and 2.4G Dual-Band WiFi function, the projector with WiFi and Bluetooth enjoys a faster wireless speed, wider range, and smoother transmission than other 2.4G single-band projectors. Within 5 seconds it gets connected successfully. With the help of 5.1 Bluetooth chip you can connect the projector with the Bluetooth speaker to improve sound at a party or outdoor entertainment as it offers a stable and fast speed.

[Neat Portable Size and Various Uses] This outdoor projector is only 3.63lb, it’s portable and can be carried anywhere like the yard, garden, garage, RVs, camping, etc. A portable power station can power the video projector easily if you are using it outdoors (with a 100 inches screen in the box). It is ideal for online classes, yoga exercises, and assisting tailors and painters in creating artwork.

[Multiple Interfaces and Compatibility] The WiFi projector makes your home electronic devices more dynamic and useful and it is compatible with iPhone, Android phone, Laptop, PC, tablet, Xbox, TV Stick, Roku, Chromecast, DVD, Gaming device, USB Drive, external speaker, earphone, etc. as it contains multiple ports like USB, HDMI, VGA, Audio, AV, and TF card ports.

☀ 【Faster and Stable 5G WiFi Connection】This outdoor projector uses the latest 5G WiFi technology, you can mirror your iOS and Android devices with the 5G wifi, so you can watch videos or play games smoother and more stable. Ultra-fast 5G WiFi guarantees no lagging while phone gaming and watching YouTube. (Attention: If you want to watch videos which has copyrights, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc, you need to connect via HDMI, fire tv stick, Roku, or Chrome-cast).

☀ 【Native 1080P FHD Resolution&4K Supported】Most of the similar projectors on the market use a 720P LCD screen, but our V68 mini projector uses a native 1080P Full HD LCD screen, which improves the projected image quality to 1920*1080 resolution. Moreover, we have adopted the technology that supports 4K video source, so that this movie projector can support 4K video at the maximum.

☀ 【Wider Compatibility】 This 1080P HD projector is featured with multiple ports for ease of use, including a HDMI, USB, SD and AV interface. It's the perfect solution for a wide variety of inputs including but not limited to TV Stick/Box, Chrome-cast, Roku-Stick, Game Console, PCs, Smartphone & Laptops, DVD player, SD card and USB Sticks, External Speaker etc.

10 UUO 4K Projector
Our Score:

【High Brightness Image】The home projector has upgraded to 7200 lumens.And it adopts patented color reproduction technology to achieve high brightness and color gamut balance, which perfectly showing the vividness and color of the original image.

【Excellent Sound Quality】The home theater projector is equipped with built-in speaker.The speaker can restore the sound quality to the maximumis to highlight the movie atmosphere and provide a good viewing experience.No matter outdoors or at home,you can enjoy your vivid movie time.

【Support 4k HD】The 4k projector uses Enhanced Pixel technology to provide 1920x1080P native resolution and 8000:1 contrast ratio, effectively reducing pixel compression loss,which provides better Outdoor home movie experience.

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What to Look For in a best projector on a budget?

We're sure you've purchased something and afterward regretted it. We are all concerned about the items we purchase. The easiest method to prevent these concerns is to conduct a thorough study before purchasing the best projector on a budget.

That is also why we decided to introduce this post in order to provide you with advice on how to avoid buying errors when selecting the best projector on a budget.

Connection Methods

Many home projectors have multiple connections options. Most new models have HDMI connectivity. This is a good thing because HDMI supports 1080p video. Standard, larger projectors come with full-size HDMI ports. However, smaller projectors like pico and palmtop have micro or mini HDMI ports. These ports require separate cables that are usually included with each projector.
Component video, composite video and S-Video all make up the most common connections on large projectors. We're also seeing more projectors that offer direct USB connection to computers via a USB cable. A growing variety of projectors now have USB Type-C ports. The majority of USB-C ports can be used to transfer data or video using the DisplayPort protocol. Most USB-C ports support USB Power Delivery (USB PD), which means that a plugged in projector can supply 100 watts of power to charge a device or to charge it using a USB-C cable (assuming the device is capable of charging over USB-C).

Projection Tech

Projectors can be either LCD-based, or they use a Texas Instruments DLP chip (Digital Light Processing), along with a laser or LED or LCOS light source.
DLP projectors with single-chip DLP chips could be subject to the so-called "rainbow effect." Sometimes, tiny, bright flashes with rainbow-like colors may appear, especially in dark scenes. Some DLP projectors have a minimal effect, while others can produce a distracting result, especially when there are bright areas against shady backgrounds. The rainbow effect is not a problem with LCD projectors, which are safer if someone in your household has sensitive eyes. There are many DLP projectors that produce excellent images.

Light Source

Projectors are moving away from lamps being used as light sources and using lasers and LEDs. At the moment there is a benefit to each option.
For longer periods of time, LEDs and lasers retain a greater percentage of their original brightness. While all light sources eventually lose their brightness, lamps lose the most in 500 hours. Then, they slowly decline over time. The brightness of LEDs and lasers will decrease more slowly over the course of their lifetimes.


Although projectors have the ability to scale images either up or down it is best not to do so as this can cause distortions. Any projector resolution above and beyond WUXGA (1.920 by 1.200 pixels) should be matched to the source that you intend to attach it most frequently, which is a computer or other electronic equipment.
The calculation for projectors that have 4K ultra high definition (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) is slightly different.


You should consider how easily the projector must be carried. There are many sizes and weights of portable projectors. Some can be small enough to slip into a pocket or large enough to mount on a wall. You can take a portable projector with you to work, as well as a gaming or entertainment projector, to your friend's home or backyard to set up for movie nights. Make sure the projector is both appropriate in size and weight. You should ensure that your projector has enough battery life if you are far from power outlets.


Projector brightness is not uniform. Brighter isn’t always better.
The ambient lighting level, size and material of your projector screen will all affect the brightness. You should buy a professional seller if you are installing a projector in a permanent location, such as at your home, to ensure that you get the best image brightness and the correct screen material.

Contrast Ratio

The ratio of brightness from the brightest white to the darkness of black a projector produces is called the contrast ratio. However, the rating of the projector will not usually be affected by it. A higher contrast ratio, which is the difference between how bright a projector can produce and how dark it can display, produces vivid, striking colors, and more detail in shadows. This is most important in video, film, and two-dimensional photos that are photorealistic.
Contrast ratings can only be used to measure in dark rooms. They don't give any information about ambient lighting. Unusually dark blacks in the projector will result in lower contrast. A brighter projector will perform well in home theaters, but not in living rooms or offices.


What is the difference between a DLP and LCD projector?

DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors use a chip with thousands of microscopic mirrors to create an image. In contrast, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projectors use liquid crystal cells to display pictures. DLP projectors are usually more affordable, while LCD projectors provide better image quality.

What kind of projector should I buy if I'm on a budget?

If you're on a budget, you should look for projectors that use LED or DLP technology. LED projectors typically offer lower price points than DLP projectors but tend to have lower brightness levels. DLP projectors are more expensive but provide higher brightness levels, which is excellent for larger rooms.

What are the most important considerations when buying a projector on a budget?

When buying a projector on a budget, it is essential to consider the projector's image quality, brightness, connectivity, and resolution. Image quality should be a priority since it will affect the visibility of the projected image. The projector's brightness should also be considered, as this will determine the level of clarity and detail in the projected image. Additionally, it would be best to consider the connectivity options available, such as HDMI, VGA, and USB, as these will determine what devices you can connect to the projector. Finally, it is essential to consider the projector's resolution; higher-resolution projectors will provide a more precise and sharper image.

Is it possible to get a good projector on a budget?

Yes, it is possible to get a good projector on a budget. Many budget-friendly projectors provide good image quality, brightness, connectivity, and resolution. Shopping around and comparing different models and prices is essential to ensure you get the best value for your money. Additionally, purchasing a used or refurbished projector can be a great way to get a good-quality projector at a lower price.


Finally, the best projector on a budget may be readily used and offers a range of options to meet your needs. When looking for another kind of best projector on a budget, which we recommend  FATORK Mini Projector, all of these characteristics are significant. 

We've combed through all of this data in order to assist you in making the best decision possible. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help you discover the best projector on a budget in the comments section below!

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