The Best Headphone Equalizer For 2024

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InLine AmpEQ 99201I Hi-Res Audio Headphone Amplifier and Equalizer
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1. Best Overall: InLine AmpEQ 99201I Hi-Res Audio Headphone Amplifier and Equalizer

Enjoy your music with a new way of enjoying it. The InLine AmpEQ HiFi headphone amplifier features a built in 3-band equalizer as well as a loudness control to adjust your favorite pieces to your liking. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Syba Sonic SD-DAC63106 Stereo 3 Band Tone Control

The SYBA SD-DAC63016 3-band Tone Control Pre-Amp with Built-in Headphone Amplifier is unique among audiophile designs because of its 3-band "Tri-Tone", equalizer, while most Hi-Fi equipment has been forgotten over the years. Read Review

3. Best Portable: RadioShack Stereo Amplified Listener with 3-Band Equalizer

The sound amplifier from RadioShack amplifies ambient noises to create a more immersive experience. It's ideal for outdoor activities, nature hikes, and large lecture rooms, where it's difficult to hear the speaker. Read Review

4. Best Compatible: GOgroove Phono Preamp EQ with 3 Band Equalizer

With input gain, you can control the level of the sound going into the preamp, and the indicator light lets you know when it's on. Read Review

5. Best Versatile: Audiopipe EQ-909X 9 Band Equalizer

This unit has settings for Treble, Bass, and Mid-range which you can easily adjust to your preference. Read Review

Whether you’re a music lover or just a regular user, the experience of listening to music on headphones is something that always leaves you wanting something more. That’s why most people look out for ways to make their headphones sound better.

The lack of clarity and balance in sound performance can be disappointing and annoying at the same time. Luckily, there are several ways to improve your headphone listening experience. Using an equalizer app on your phone or computer makes a world of difference when it comes to listening pleasure with headphones.

In this blog, we'll walk you through our selections of the best headphone equalizers. Our InLine AmpEQ 99201I Hi-Res Audio Headphone Amplifier and Equalizer is a great option with its top-notch circuit for better volume and audio quality enhancement.

As there aren't many equalizers made especially for headphones, our list also includes some amazing alternatives. Although they are called 'amplifiers' or preamplifiers', these devices still perform as well as equalizers.

Our Top Picks

  • 2x 3.5 mm stereo jack input line-in.
  • Headphone Amplifier with 3-band equalizer
  • Loudness switch and switch for equalizer
  • 1x 3.5 mm stereo jack output headphones.
TOP Choice #2 Syba Sonic SD-DAC63106 Stereo 3 Band Tone Control
Our Score:
  • 3 way equalizing: Treble, Middle, and Bass
  • Independent Op-Amp for each channel to minimize the crosstalk
  • Direct switch for by-pass hardware tone control
  • Quad Op-Amp design
  • Audio channel balance control trim range 10dB+
TOP Choice #3 RadioShack Stereo Amplified Listener with 3-Band Equalizer
Our Score:
  • Conveniently Placed Controls: Everything about this personal amplifier is designed for ease of use. It even features a Left/Right balance knob to let you adjust the balance between the left and right ears. Dual microphones accurately reproduce sounds above, on either side of, and in front of you to give you an accurate sense of sound location.
  • Easy Plug-And-Play Operation: No lengthy set-up required to begin using this stereo amplified listener. Simply insert 2 AAA batteries (not included) and plug in your headphone or earphones (also not included) and you are ready to go. It is truly that easy.
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Portable: This personal amplifier measures just 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.7 inches, making it easy to carry in your pocket. A convenient neck strap is included. Powered with 2 AAA batteries (not included), you can take this personal sound amplification device with you anywhere.
  • Amplifies The Sounds Around You: RadioShack’s sound amplifier takes the sounds in your environment and boosts them for a more immersive experience. It’s perfect for field trips, nature walks, large lecture halls or churches where you can’t hear the speaker well. Also handy for a private TV listening device when you are with someone that prefers a lower volume level.
  • Built-In 3-Band Equalizer: This Hi-Fi sound amplifier has a 3-position equalizer control that lets you customize the amplification for your environment. It gives you control over 900Hz, 3KHz, and 6KHz ranges separately so you can easily customize for listening to speech, music, or other sounds captured by the super-sensitive stereo microphones.
  • TOP OF THE LINE CIRCUIT boost your turntable's phono audio level up to a more speaker/stereo line level, giving you better volume and increased sound quality
  • INPUT GAIN allows you to control the level of the sound going into the preamp helping eliminate sound distortion | POWER INDICATOR LIGHT lets you know when the preamp is turned on/off
  • CUSTOM SOUND LEVELS are great for all genres of music including rock , rap , jazz and more | FILTER BUTTON rolls off the low end and helps eliminates turntable rumble | 3 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY
  • RCA & DIN CONNECTION hooks up to your record player , mixer or recording unit for smooth audio | PLUG YOUR HEADPHONES directly into the 1/4 headphone port and adjust sound with the monitor level knob
  • 3 BAND EQUALIZER makes this a 2-in-1 product (preamplifier and equalizer) for your record player. A simple interface allows you to easily adjust sound levels with the treble, mid and bass controls
5 Audiopipe EQ-909X 9 Band Equalizer
Our Score:
  • Audiopipe 9 Band Equalizer
6 Rolls EQ570 Audio Equalizer
Our Score:
Bellari Audio
  • Input Impedance: 47k
  • Output Impedance: 47 ohms
  • Power supply included
  • THD: .003% @ 1KHz
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz to 154kHz
  • Loudness switch and switch for equalizer
  • 2x 3.5 mm stereo jack input line-in.
  • Headphone Amplifier with 3-band equalizer
  • 1x 3.5 mm stereo jack output headphones.
  • Loki Mini+ transforms your system without getting in the way, or making itself known. Uses a single, discrete, current-feedback gain stage, coupled to passive LC filters for 3 bands, plus a gyrator for the bass.
  • Designed and built in the USA.
  • Loki Mini+ helps you adjust for imperfections and/or tune your system to the way you want it to sound. Bands: 20Hz, 400Hz, 2kHz, 8kHz. Adjustment: +/-12dB at 20Hz and 8kHz, +/-6dB at 400Hz and 2kHz. Includes a 100% passive bypass setting to offer the transparency and flexibility you need.
  • Includes a USA power adapter intended for use ONLY in countries with 115VAC wall voltage such as the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Adapter will not work in 230VAC countries.
  • Loki Mini+ uses LC filtering for very low hiss, but the inductors may pick up hum from other electronics. If you run into hum problems, move Loki Mini+ away from other electronics and try it with a different source.
9 Fosi Audio Q4 Headphone Amplifier
Our Score:
Fosi Audio
  • Come with 5V USB power supply cable, optical cable, USB type B cable and 18-month warranty; Full metallic shell to ensure high quality
  • 160mW RMS(32 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 KHz, 0.01% THD), with bass and treble control can be used as preamp or volume controller for your PC/MAC/Computer
  • Mini Compact D/A converter, stream bit-perfect 24bit/192KHz HD with low jitter, with output protect circuit, safe for your expensive audio system
  • Fosi Audio Q4 is designed with PC-USB/optical inputs and coaxial and RCA/3.5MM headphone outputs can fit with most home audio system.(Q4 do not support Microphone). RCA output can be connected to amplifier or powered speakers on your desktop; Built-in Hi-Fi headphone amp chip can drive most 16 Ohm to 200 Ohm headphones
  • Easy to set up, no special software, app, or driver to install, a true plug-and-play digital audio adapter
  • With 3 kinds of audio input(Bluetooth/USB/RCA) and 2 kinds of output(RCA/3.5mm headphone), P1 can be used as HiFi tube Preamp, USB DAC or headphone amp with HiFi clear, warm, dynamic, sweet tube sound, bringing extremely high-quality listening experience.
  • Adopting NE5532 op amp+classic 47 headphone amp architecture which can drive 32-300 ohms headphones, and a bypass switch is specially designed to turn on/off the tone control, more convenient to enjoy original sound or obtain more delicate sound with treble and bass control knob, adding much fun and higher playability.
  • Exquisite appearance with proper size, blue and orange light decorating vacuum tube, makes it fashionable and attractive, bringing wonderful auditory and visual enjoyment, very suitable for home and desktop audio system.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (QCC3034) supporting APTX-HD lossless transmission. PC-USB (CM6642) supporting 24bit 192KHz and compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux system, matching well with many audio devices such as iPod, Phone, MP3 players, TV, Blu-ray players, Echo Dot, CD players, etc.
  • Douk Audio P1 Preamp has been acclaimed by countless audiophiles worldwide, now we upgrade 6J5 to JAN5654 / GE5654 tubes according to many audiophiles' feedback, the sound quality will be greatly improved.
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What to Look For in a best headphone equalizer?

You may have some trouble making a purchase if you don't research it thoroughly. You are expected to invest time and focus on best headphone equalizer before investing in them. Usually, it will take you a long time to research a favorite product. But rest assured, we are here to assist you with your best headphone equalizer issue, no matter what time of day or night.

Although choosing a product is complicated, it will be more accessible and more available to everyone with today's information technology network. You are now given available sources of information such as famous websites, sale forums, or even customer's feedback. It can be said that information from these sources about best headphone equalizer will be beneficial to you.

So now you are expected to focus on needed criteria about best headphone equalizer. All of them will come with your investment. 

Bipolar Switching

The unique system uses twice the number of quadrants than traditional systems to increase voltage output.

Parametric Equalizers

These equalizers are a step beyond the more standard graphic equalizers. They allow for more adjustment in terms of bandwidth control and primary frequency.

Adjustment Range

Decibels are often used to measure ranges. The higher the range, the greater the ability to reduce or increase certain ranges.

Spectrum Analyzer

They are used on higher-end equipment as they provide real-time measurement of the audio signal. These allow you to see the frequencies of your frequency.


You can achieve finer control with more bands. Every band corresponds to a specific frequency, however, it is important that you know which frequencies each one represents, since it may vary depending on your equalizer. The definition of a middle-range in an equalizer may differ from the one used by another.

Sound Processors

The equalizer also has a higher end part that adjusts its settings based on noise in your car.


Some frequency ranges can be amplified, passed or reduced by audio filters. This is done by using a frequency-dependent amplifier circuit. An audio equalizer can adjust your music and remove or modify certain sounds with the filters.


These controls control lower and higher frequency that could disrupt music. You can reach more frequencies if the decibel range is larger.



Will This EQ Be Rack-mounted Or Used On A Console

You can buy all of the PMQs listed above in rack-mountable 1U or 2U models. You can purchase multiple units of this type at one time, but it will cost more. However, you could order a customized-fitted box and put them all together. There are two types of MBCs: analog or digital. Make sure that your console can support an analog model. Although not essential, it is best to purchase equipment that works well together.

Do I Need To Equalize With Expensive Speakers?

You don't have to buy the most expensive speakers to use your audio equalizer. You can get just as much value from middle-range speakers as you will with high-end ones. Be careful with equalizing. If you aren't careful, your equalizer could cause damage to your speakers. You could damage your speakers if you have accidentally set the output level to the wrong place. You can check for damage by playing the sound through your speakers at a higher volume. The speaker may be damaged if the volume is too low. Modern speakers are capable of handling short-term distortion. Listen carefully.

What Is Equalization?

Equalization, from a musical perspective, is the act of changing the frequencies and sounds of a song. You've likely heard most of these frequencies at one time or another. Sound frequencies can be described as terms such as bass and treble. There are many instruments that can be found in any musical composition. The music might sound fantastic to the casual listener, but it could sound off for professionals. Audio equalizers are used to remove or filter certain frequencies in order to create a perfect harmony.

Should I Use The Presets?

Presets are great for novice users. The presets allow you to choose between rock and metal as well as any other musical style. These are not meant to be used for guidance when first using an equalizer.

Do I Need An Audio Equalizer?

It's a difficult question that will be influenced by how obsessed you are about music. While the average person won't think about equalizing music, audiophiles may. A newbie should take it slow, particularly if creating or recording music or mixing songs. A slight tweak can make a huge difference in the sound and it may not be for the best.

What Is My Budget?

Graphic equalizers are available for purchase from $50 to $25,000, depending on the number of channels and features included. The price of graphic equalizers will rise significantly if you require more channels than 8. You will also need to have the ability to adjust all your parameters (high pass, low pass, volume, etc.) using your console without having to move faders. Expect to spend between $200 and $25,000

What Is The Physical Size Of The EQs?

Although this may sound obvious, I have seen many people make the same mistake. If you have a rack case or console, make sure it has sufficient space for the new EQs. Make sure you measure the equipment before buying. Then compare the measurements to your rack/console. Engineers these days are working on a tight budget and needing minimal equipment so any additional weight or size can be problematic.

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