The Best Smallest Printer For 2024

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Best Smallest Printer
Best Smallest Printer

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: HP OfficeJet 250 Printer

This all-in-one wonder redefines convenience, offering many features to meet your on-the-go printing needs. Its compact design and wireless capabilities make it the perfect companion for the modern professional. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Canon Ivy 2 Mini Printer

Capture and immortalize moments instantly with the Canon Ivy 2 Mini Printer. This sleek device elevates your photo-printing experience, allowing you to print and customize your memories directly from your smartphone. Read Review

3. Best Display: Canon® PIXMA™ TR150 Printer

Meet the Canon PIXMA TR150 Printer, a sleek and compact companion designed for professionals on the move. This wireless portable printer ensures high-quality printing without needing an AC outlet, making it a versatile choice for various printing needs. Read Review

4. Best Reliable: JADENS Printer

This cost-effective, ink-free marvel ensures hassle-free, portable printing on the go. From emergency scenarios to business checks, it's your reliable companion for all your printing needs. Read Review

5. Best Speed: Epson Workforce WF-110 Printer

Experience the epitome of portable printing with the Epson Workforce WF-110. Its sleek design and wireless connectivity make it the perfect companion for business professionals on the move, ensuring fast and effortless printing wherever your work takes you. Read Review

In a world where technology continues to shrink in size while increasing in functionality, it comes as no surprise that the printing industry has also seen a rise in compact yet powerful devices. The demand for smaller printers has been steadily growing, with consumers and businesses alike seeking out the best options for their limited space and on-the-go printing needs. From portable photo printers to mini wireless printers, the market is flooded with choices, making it difficult to determine which one truly stands out as the best smallest printer.

In this article, we will explore some of the top contenders in the small printer category, considering factors such as size, performance, connectivity, and overall value. Whether you're a frequent traveler looking for a compact printer to take on the road or simply in need of a space-saving solution for your home office, we've got you covered. Join us as we delve into the world of mini printers and uncover the best options available for those who prioritize size without sacrificing quality.

Our team had to focus on researching for 16 hours to get such results for readers. This type of study uses customer star ratings and customer interviews on their product experiences. As a result, we think the best smallest printer is HP OfficeJet 250 Printer. It boasts the essential functions of scanning, copying, and easy printing from your laptop or mobile devices. We also show the other fantastic alternatives with a complete guide below, worth your consideration.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 HP OfficeJet 250 Printer
Our Score:

The HP OfficeJet 250 Printer boasts the essential functions of scanning, copying, and easy printing from your laptop or mobile devices. The convenience extends further with mobile printing, facilitated by the free HP ePrint app. The Bluetooth smart technology and Wi-Fi Direct compatibility allow you to print from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Its compact design ensures easy portability, fitting snugly in your car, backpack, or any other space you desire.

Moreover, charging interruptions are minimized thanks to the long-lasting, rechargeable battery at home, in your car, or in the office. The AC power source charges within 90 minutes while the printer is off, ensuring you are always ready for action. Its 2.65-inch color touchscreen streamlines the printing, scanning, and copying processes, providing a quick and efficient experience. Plus, the 10-page automatic document feeder enables hands-free handling of multipage documents.

However, the red section of the ink cartridge may not work well sometimes. But this slight inconvenience is mitigated by the overall excellence of the printer's performance and portability.

TOP Choice #2 Canon Ivy 2 Mini Printer
Our Score:

The Canon Ivy 2 Mini Printer takes photo printing to a new level of simplicity and style. With the Canon Mini Print App, printing and customizing your photos directly from your smartphone becomes a breeze. The revolutionary ZINK (Zero Ink) technology eliminates ink, utilizing colorful dye-based crystals embedded within the paper for vibrant prints.

The PEEL & STICK lets you place photos anywhere on your favorite surfaces. The improved print quality in the IVY 2 Mini Printer enhances skin tone colors, photo contrast, and sharpness, delivering visually stunning results. Enhanced connectivity is also good with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, enabling seamless mobile printing from compatible smartphone devices. Nevertheless, it's important to note that the paper loading section can sometimes be a bit temperamental. But this minor quirk doesn't overshadow the printer's overall efficiency and the joy it brings to instant photo printing.

TOP Choice #3 Canon® PIXMA™ TR150 Printer
Our Score:

The PIXMA TR150 by Canon redefines portable printing, seamlessly transitioning from home to the beyond. This product delivers high-quality prints with impressive speed. Whether you're crafting documents, flyers, sales materials, or borderless photos, this printer ensures each piece is a work of precision and detail. Its versatility extends to wireless printing, allowing seamless connectivity with tablets, smartphones, computers, and the cloud.

Navigating the PIXMA TR150 is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive 1.44-inch OLED display. This feature-rich interface not only simplifies the printing process but also enables you to save up to five custom templates for quick access. The convenience of having these templates readily available at your fingertips elevates the efficiency of your printing tasks. Unfortunately, it's not compatible with MacBook Pro devices. However, for those with other devices, this compact and intuitive printer proves to be an invaluable asset.

4 JADENS Printer
Our Score:

Cost-effective and ink-free, the JADENS Printer is a game-changer for everyday printing needs. The advanced thermal technology allows you to print recipes, forms, letters, assignments, study materials, and travel documents without breaking the bank. Whether in your car, backpacking, or on a business trip, the JADENS portable printer is a reliable companion. It effortlessly prints emergency documents, contracts, office paperwork, inventory lists, business checks, shipping labels, and boarding passes.

Printing quality is crisp, ensuring your documents are clear and professional. The long battery life of 3 hours and 360 sheets on a single charge, coupled with a remarkable 90-day standby time, caters to the needs of busy businessmen and students. Setting up the JADENS Printer is a breeze, with seamless Bluetooth or USB connectivity to smart devices and laptops. A five-minute setup time from unboxing to printing makes it incredibly user-friendly. Just keep in mind that you should download the app in advance for smartphone printing and install the driver for laptops.

The Epson Workforce WF-110 is a powerful mobile printer designed for professionals who need to print on the go. Its sleek and ultra-light design makes it easily transportable in bags and briefcases, ensuring worry-free printing wherever business takes you. Rechargeable via USB or AC adapter, this printer boasts impressive print volume, especially when paired with the optional external accessory battery. Built-in wireless connectivity and Wi-Fi Direct allow you to quickly print presentations, invoices, contracts, and more from your iPad, iPhone, tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

While the quoted print speeds are impressive using AC power, the battery-powered print speeds are still respectable at 3.5 ISO ppm (black) and 2.0 ISO ppm (color). The convenience of wireless printing, coupled with Wi-Fi Direct, makes it a versatile option for professionals who rely on printing on the go. Nonetheless, this printer only accepts genuine Epson-brand cartridges. Other brands of ink cartridges and supplies are not compatible, even if described as such, and may not function properly.

6 Brother MFC-J1010DW Printer
Our Score:

Compact, economical, and efficient – the Brother MFC-J1010DW is a perfect fit for small spaces and budgets. When it comes to performance, ensure optimal and uncompromising results by choosing Brother Genuine LC401 Standard or LC401XL High-Yield replacement cartridges. The Refresh EZ Print Subscription Service further guarantees you never run out of ink, offering savings of up to 50%.

This inkjet all-in-one delivers full functionality with fast print and scan speeds, making it a valuable addition to any home, home office, or small office space. Besides, the Brother Mobile Connect App simplifies onscreen menu navigation for printing, copying, scanning, and printer management directly from your mobile device, putting the power of printing at your fingertips.

Versatile paper handling and duplex printing add to the printer's appeal. The 20-page capacity automatic document feeder allows quick copying and scanning of various media, while the 150-sheet capacity adjustable paper tray minimizes the need for frequent refills. The only downside is that it can be a bit noisy when printing. 

Our Score:

The POOOLITECH Printer provides a compact design that seamlessly fits into your bag or suitcase, ensuring printing freedom wherever you go. With its built-in roll paper, equivalent to approximately 24 A4 sheets, the need for carrying extra paper becomes obsolete. The Bluetooth Wireless capability also offers high compatibility with iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Type-C connectivity with laptops and PCs.

Its wireless printing functionality, coupled with the built-in battery, empowers you to print effortlessly without being tethered to cables. Whether you're in the car, engaged in business discussions, printing reports at hospitals, producing papers at university, or creating menus at home, this portable printer is your versatile printing companion. The minor drawback is that it is pretty hard to connect to the laptop. But you can get used to it after some use, so you don't need to worry about that.

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What to Look For in a best smallest printer?

We're sure you've purchased something and afterward regretted it. We are all concerned about the items we purchase. The easiest method to prevent these concerns is to conduct a thorough study before purchasing the best smallest printer.

That is also why we decided to introduce this post in order to provide you with advice on how to avoid buying errors when selecting the best smallest printer.

Photo Printing

Although any printer will produce an image, it is unlikely that you would want it to be hung on your wall. Printers that are more optimized for printing photos in higher resolutions, larger formats, and larger sizes may be available. Many printers with extra colors do a better job of reproducing digital images. Some photo printers can make prints out of digital images better than others, particularly if you are using specialty inks that won't smudge and fade, along with premium, four- to five-star-rated photo paper.

Duplex Printing

Printers that can print on both sides of the page automatically are full-duplex. This is not something everyone will need, but duplex printers can be useful in an office or at home. This feature will save you a lot of paper and make your pocketbook happy. To eliminate ink bleed through, full-duplex printing using an inkjet printer may require you to use thicker papers (28 lb instead of 20 lb).

Inkjet Vs. Laser

The inkjet printers are more capable of producing precise colors. This makes them ideal for photo and graphic printing. The laser printers can produce text quickly and are usuallyer per page. The thermal printer uses special paper instead of using external ink/laser carts.

Multifunction Printers

These printers have become very popular in both small and large offices. They can print, copy and scan and even fax all from one device.


Before you make any purchases for home office accessories, this is the place to start. Some printers are designed to be mobile, others for more rigid tasks. Before you pull the trigger on an potentially bulky machine, make sure to measure your space carefully.


Most printers now have wireless connectivity. This allows you to send files over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth rather than directly plugging into your printer's USB port. Some printers can print from memory cards, USB flash drives and other wireless printing options, such as AirPrint for printing directly from an iMac or MacBook.

Print Speed

Some printers may be speed demons, but not all. There are two speeds that many printers can report: the time it takes to print the first page, and then the pages per minute (PPM) after it starts printing. Print speed may not matter if you don't print often, but it is arguably the most critical feature for those who print frequently. Remember that it will take more time to create full-color, high-resolution photos using a home printer than to print a page with mainly text.


How do I set up my printer?

To set up your printer, first unpack it and remove all packaging materials. Connect the power cord and turn on the printer. Install the ink cartridges or toner, load paper into the input tray, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

Why is my printer not printing?

There could be several reasons why your printer is not printing, such as a paper jam, low ink or toner levels, connectivity issues, or a software problem. Check for any error messages on the printer display or computer screen, and refer to the printer's user manual for troubleshooting steps.

How do I connect my printer to a wireless network?

To connect your printer to a wireless network, go to the printer's settings menu and select the Wi-Fi option. Choose your network from the list of available networks and enter the password. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

How do I scan a document with my printer?

To scan a document with your printer, place the document face down on the scanner glass or in the automatic document feeder. Open the scanning software on your computer and select the scan option. Choose the desired scan settings, such as color or resolution, and click on the scan button to start the scanning process.

How do I replace ink cartridges or toner in my printer?

 To replace ink cartridges or toner in your printer, open the printer cover or access panel and locate the old cartridges or toner. Remove the old cartridges or toner by pressing down on the release tab and pulling them out. Insert the new cartridges or toner in the correct slots and push them in until they click into place. Close the cover or access panel and follow the on-screen instructions to align the cartridges or toner.


Finally, the best smallest printer may be readily used and offers a range of options to meet your needs. When looking for another kind of best smallest printer, which we recommend  POOOLITECH Printer, all of these characteristics are significant. 

We've combed through all of this data in order to assist you in making the best decision possible. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help you discover the best smallest printer in the comments section below!

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